September 6th is Read a Book Day; What Are Your Favorite Books?

by barbarab

Do you feel reading is old fashioned? In a world with the web and online education is the act of reading fading into obscurity? If so, where do writer's such as ourselves fit in?

What is your first book memory?

Many people have ‘first’ memories; how old they were when such and such happened, now dig up your memory of your first books. The ones who are reading this page are all readers because they are all writers; the two are inescapable, so all of us love books and the act of reading. Some of us may have fallen in love with a ‘Kindle’ for sure but we cannot go long without consuming a book in one form or another.

Some of us may be part of the” read a book a day” group, some may read only one genre or some may read several books at a time but we all love the act itself of reading.

Discovering there is a National Read a Book Day or World Book Day will come as no surprise. Oprah Winfrey has always asked actors to make a list of seven of their favorite books and the list is as eclectic as the actors themselves are.  The list is called the ‘bookshelf’.  For example, Ben
Affleck’s Bookshelf or Cate Blancett’s Bookshelf and so on.  Also of no surprise was finding that not one of my personal favorites on their list!

Everyone has a first memory and chances are no one will have identical memories. Every bookaholic will have a favorite book and chances are none of the favorite books of bookaholics will be identical.

Which seven books would go on your favorite list?

Ah...the joy of all things books!

How do you like to read and where do you like to do it?

Since the first book, The Bible, was printed to the ability to download a book onto a Kindle,  iPad
or a personal computer millions upon millions of books have come into being. Were you aware that downloading books to your computer is possible? I didn’t know it but then, I like books themselves. I don’t care if they are old and musty or so new the pages are difficult to turn, I just like the physical book itself compared to reading off a computer of any kind. Funny isn’t it because all of us spend so much time reading or typing or just looking through the internet on various devices. When it comes time to eat, though, find me with a fork in one hand and a book in the other. What? OK, here’s the thing see, I have a hiatal hernia and it must be a proven fact that reading aids in digestion. So what is your favorite reading place?

How would you like your book?

Seven favorite books

I couldn't resist it, an urge to stand with great actors, but here are my favorite seven books. I agree with Gyneth Paltrow seven is not nearly enough. Of all the books I have ever read my favorite book is The Hobbit; conversely, my favorite author is Charles de Lint, not Tolkien. Go figure.

1. Gone With the Wind by Margaret Mitchell. One does not have to be southern, either, to love this book and it does not reflect the south but it is a good read. The heroine, Scarlett, has such clay feet it is a wonder she is able to stand at all.

2. A Wrinkle in Time by Madeleine L'Engle. I was lucky enough to find Ms L'Engle in my early teens and from her works I found a great love of fantasy and science fiction.

3. The Book of Ruth. When I read Ben Afflecks list and saw the book of Matthew listed I just smiled, my belief in good restored once again! Being southern (even though no longer) and a one time Eastern Star, this book was a given.

4. Moonheart by Carles de Lint. Of all authors, this Canadian author is my favorite, even more than Tolkien (Gasp!) Mr de Lint makes one feel that what one has secretly believed is real, just waiting for one to step sideways and there it is!

5. Tolkiens Hobbit and the Trilogy. Whatever is written about these four books is true only for the person who wrote it. Reading Tolkien is different for every person and he opens a different door in every person as well.

6. Stranger in a Strange Land by Robert A Heinland. Even more of a philosphy tudy than Dune, this story will wake you up.

7. Grimms Fairy Tales. Sweet and safe these tales are not, they drive home conscience with a ten penny nail!

 What are your seven favorite books?


Updated: 09/06/2011, barbarab
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barbarab on 09/07/2011

thats OK Caroline! I put Ruth on there; what else is that but a reference to life, love and family :)

ohcaroline on 09/07/2011

My favorite books are mostly reference books...ones I go back to often.

barbarab on 09/06/2011

well Hagenz, I admit I wouldnt checking out a kindle myself! But push to shove, its gotta be paper and cloth bind for me

Hagenz on 09/06/2011

Great article! I voted for the real books, but must admit ... I do own a Kindle ...

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