Shining Jewel of Pench River

by pateluday

Pench National Park in Central India is one of the top most destination for tiger tourism. It is home to the tiger and many other mammals.

The biodiversity hub is nurtured by the Pench River after which the park is named. Incidentally these are the jungles in which Mowgli the Wolf Child roamed free. The book penned by Rudyard Kipling is an iconic presentation of esoteric jungle life. Nothing can match the imagination and creativity of "Jungle Book" and the portrayal of the denizens of forest. The book sketches a vivid landscape of the animal kingdom in the Seonee Hills made famous by the author.

River Pench

Pench River Photo
Pench River Photo

Mowgli The Wolf Child


It was a chance discovery by an English Officer Lt.Moor that brought to highlight the association of man child with a wolf pack. This could have been a chance adoption by the pack of an abandoned human child perhaps construed as one's own by error or association.   

The story somehow reached the author who painted a vivid picture of life in the jungles of Seonee Hills. He sketched the  of escapades the the wolf child in the animal kingdom stretching the fascinating story as far as his imagination could. The wolf pack at the forefront fostered the child, but he had many other friends as well as enemies.   

Sher Khan, Kaa are his prime enemies with an eye on his flesh. Not all carnivores vie for his flesh for Bagheera the black panther is his mate along with Baloo the bear. Life is tough in Pench and regular hunts yield much desired meals for Mowgli and the wolf pack.    

As in any book with happy ending Mowgli meets his mate a sweet effervescent young village girl. And much to the dismay of saddened Bagheera and Baloo he joins the human kind and settles down in the village. The story does not end here...much desired episodes conjectured with the ground  situation can be visualized and penned depending upon your capacity to write....

Welcome to Pench National Park... 


Wild Dog

Canid at Pench

Pench River

An Ecosystem

The Wainganga River originates from the Mahdeo Hills in Madhya Pradesh. Kanhan River is its tributery from which the Pench River bifurcates at Chinddwara District and flows across Pench National Park. It is the life line of the ecosystem and nurtures an amazing biodiversity that has become a hub of tourists attraction. Those fond of wildlife frequently visit this tiger reserve to experience wild safaris and see the tiger in its natural habitat. 

Life at Pench River flourishes through all the seasons albeit it dries at many places during the hot summers but nevertheless offers succor to all life forms.

The Totlah Doh Dam at Pench is inundated throughout the year and is home to many shore and wetland birds. Many species of turtles, tortoise and fishes can be seen here. It is also home for the marsh crocodile which can be seen with luck.    

Bengal Tiger

Photo of Tiger
Photo of Tiger

The Contemporary Era

Story Continues

Your rendezvous at Pench National Park with Sher Khan is assured with some luck. As you score the Jungles of Seonee you can visualize the happenings as narrated in the "Jungle Book". With the best of your imagination you could visualize and create another mind boggling and fascinating story of jungle life with the man child as hero. 

The safaris at Pench are exciting and the sight of the tiger and other enchanting mammals can thrill you to the bones. Bison, sloth bear and leopard are most desired to see animals besides the tiger.   

Bird life at Pench is terrific and can yield a robust check list for birders. Vultures, raptors, passerine, wetland and shore birds can be seen in plentiful just pack a binoculars and a bird book or hire a naturalist. 

In hot summers best stretch for sighting big cats and major mammals is the Pench River. During this season it supports lots of bird life at its shores. Hence the river in the park is a hub of activities and those in search of wild animals and avian should hang around. 

The safaris are organised and subject to a permit. Please book your permit in advance if you wish for excursions which are allowed in open jeeps only.  

Peacock Dance

Mating Ritual Video

Bison and Tiger


Tourism at Pench

Tiger Safaris

Those with permits can go for excursions in the park in designated zones. The reputed hotels in Pench Tiger Park usually provide a trained naturalist. The naturalist along with the forest guide

 is able to assist tourists in search for big game and the birds.   

The safaris are organized during the early morning hours and late evening. For wildlife photographers and film makers full day rides are also available but you need to pay more. Village walks, nature treks, bird watching and local sightseeing are organised by the holiday resorts that provide you with luxury accommodations.    

The park is closed during the monsoons. 

You can reach Pench from Nagpur Airport connected with New Delhi and Mumbai in India. The National Park is also connected to Jabalpur Airport by road. Kanha National Park is about four hours drive.   

Updated: 12/22/2019, pateluday
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pateluday on 12/14/2019

Jungle Book is based on jungles of Pench and Kanha as they where contiguous during Kipling's time!

Veronica on 12/14/2019

I certainly didn't know about the true links to The Jungle Book . TY .

pateluday on 12/13/2019

Thanks Veronica!

Veronica on 10/19/2019

What a beautiful post and the videos are stunning . Thank you for this. I had not heard of this before.

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