Simple Christmas Decorations: Lightshow Projectors

by blackspanielgallery

Make your decorating for Christmas or other special events easier and safer while expending little effort.

When decorating for Christmas there are several considerations that must be made. How safe is the process of decorating? This is especially a valid question with outdoor decorations that will be high, such as decorating the second floor of a two-story home. How expensive will the decoration be to use? This concerns the power consumption of any light display. And, how much impact will the decoration have on the environment. Excessive use of electricity is not just an expense, it can be harmful to the environment.

Lightshow Projectors

The Simple Answer That Solves the Safety Issue

Projecting lights can brighten up a home well above the ground.  And, a lightshow projector can be placed at ground level.  Imagine decorating twenty feet above the ground without using a ladder.  This offers a safety feature that using a ladder cannot compete with.


As a second safety feature there is no danger of having the wiring strung across the face of your home to potentially short out and start a fire.  Only one electrical cord which is laid out to the light is in use.  Yes, it can short out if you damage it, or leave a connection where water can enter, but it really reduces the points of contact with your home.


Of course you will be trading off added electrical safety for a potential tripping hazard, so clearly mark the path of the electrical cord so no one falls over it.


Projecting Lights

The Same Simple Answer Saves Electricity

Select the projecting lights carefully and choose LED lights.  LED lights give bright luminosity while consuming very little electricity.  They are inexpensive to operate.  So you can add just one light feature and decorate an entire face of a home all at once.  Many cover an area of up to fifty feet. 


Saving electricity is easier on the environment.  LED lights not only use little electricity, but operate at cooler temperatures.   They are environmentally friendly, which is important with the current danger of global warming. 



These lights can be used with several different designs.  They are versatile.  The points illuminated on the surface can actually move in a pattern, unlike lights physically attached to the surface of the building. 


The lights can be set up quickly, so decorating for a party at any time of the year is possible.  There is little effort in setting these up.  And, for the busy person who already has too much to do in a day this is a major advantage.


They can be adapted to indoor use.  Some come with a three leg stand that collapses to a single stake.  Indoors the stand is used, while outdoors the stake might be selected if the surface is sod. 


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Updated: 11/17/2019, blackspanielgallery
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