Sketching Cool Cars Caricatures for Hobby

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Learn how to draw modern, vintage, antique cars and turn it into a hobby or profession. You can kick start from model car books.

Start with pencil car drawings, car caricatures, cartoon cars and take it to the next level of maturity.

Welcome to the addiction of drawing, sketching and painting cars. This page is dedicated to artists who love cars to draw, design, distort and make cartoons. Learning to draw the awesome, exotic, vintage or modern cars and wonder that is called car.

There are some people in this world who love to drive cars, some who love to buy cars and some others who are addicted to drawing car caricatures, cartoons and pencil car drawings.

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Caricatures and Cartoon Cars


You must have landed on this page for three obvious reasons - either you are a car expert (driving or sketching or owning), a car enthusiast or a novice, whatever class you belong to, you will certainly find inspiration for cool cars.

Either to draw or to admire the antique and vintage cars pictures; if not; at the least you can dream of being an exotic car owner. If you do not belong to any of these, you might perhaps have crash landed here to find the best compilation of car drawings in the world or the dream car you want to purchase.

How to draw Cartoons and Caricatures?


Caricature is a portrait which is exaggerated by the artist for its unique features and subtle focus. It is up to the cartoon artist to make the caricature funny or keep it normal.

Before trying to draw cartoons, learn basic drawing skills and then hone it to sketching caricatures. It is a fun art, not only it is entertaining; it can give you the satisfaction and bring your creativity to the fun and weird side of art. The career can be rewarding too, there is a demand for this niche in industry.

Pencil Car Drawings

Turn Your Passion into Hobby or Profession

Drawing cars can turn into a very lucrative passion. From a part-time hobby, you can evolve into one of the reputed professional caricature artists who are rare, gifted and talented artisans. 



There are many artists who love drawing caricatures of automobiles, faces, flowers, animals, arts and politicians and many of them have made it as a full-time hobby or profession.



You can choose your niche; each caricature artist has his own style of defining art and the extra-ordinary platform and freedom of an artist. One can even become a cartoon artist and specialize in this field turning it into a part time profession.




Knowing your capability, passion and expertise is a must for success. Fortune generally smiles on people who are creative, original and who strive for uniqueness and better performance.


Car Caricature and Cartoon Artist

Drawing car caricatures, car cartoons, vintage and antique cars can be fun. If you take some drawing lessons first, you can easily pick up from there. Pencil car drawings are great for practice. Once you have mastered it, you can graduate to car caricatures and cartoons.

Books can certainly help to establish yourself as a Car Caricature and Cartoon Artist, should you want to pursue this art.

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DerdriuMarriner on 12/31/2022

Your very first image, of bedroom decor for the car enthusiast is quite dramatic with the black, blue, red and white color scheme that matches the wall and its car decal.

Additionally, it seems to me that the mug and the outdoor tablecloth would appeal to a young audience...but in fact also to just about any age ;-D!

The pink Mercedes Benz for children would seem like quite the crowd-pleaser. But would the remote control be for the underage driver or -- ;-D -- for the undoubtedly legal driving-aged parents to make sure there's no crashing into furniture and walls or trying to go down and up stairs?

blackspanielgallery on 08/13/2018

When I draw a car on he board for my classes I have to label the front. My art is not there at all.

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