Skylanders Sidekicks

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If you are looking for rare Skylanders toys, look no further than the new Skylanders Sidekicks.

Skylanders Sidekicks are fast becoming the talk of the web.

Piggy backing on the massive world wide appeal of the Skylanders video game, players and collectors alike now have an opportunity to buy rare Skylanders that are not available in any store.

Learn how to buy your own Skylanders Sidekicks below!

What are Skylanders Sidekicks

Rare Skylanders for Sale

Skylanders SidekicksWhat do you get when you combine a fun and entertaining video game with highly collectible action figures?

One thing you get for certain is a massive following and increasing popularity.

With collectors, however, it is always important to keep them wanting more. This summer Activision has teamed up with Frito Lay to provide just such an event.

Skylanders Sidekicks

When it comes to collecting action figures, some toys will naturally be more popular than others. Limit their availability and you are sure to create a massive secondary market. As such, you can almost be certain that these Skylanders Sidekicks will be among the most sought after toy on the market.

How to Buy Skylanders Sidekicks

Rare Skylanders for Sale

What Skylanders Sidekicks Will Be Available?

From what I have been able to learn, the first Skylanders Sidekicks to be released will be Trigger Snappy, Whisper Elf, Gil Runt, and Terrabite. While it is certainly true that all of these Skylanders characters will be popular, I have my heart set of Whisper Elf (the side kick of the massively popular Stealth Elf).

You can, however, be virtually assured that additional Sidekicks will be released once the demand for these rare Skylanders has been appropriately demonstrated.

How to Buy These Ultra Rare Skylanders Toys?

You cannot buy these toys in stores. Instead you can only get them buy participating in Frito Lay's mail in promotion. Here are the steps you will need to complete:

  1. Buy a bag of specially marked Frito Lay Chips (I am going to buy the variety packs...YUMMMMM)
  2. Cut out the original UPC from the bag. Copies are, unfortunately, not allowed. This way they can make sure you buy at least four bags (the number of Sidekicks available).
  3. Fill out the enclosed form indicating which figure you want most (on a a scale of one to four). The bad thing about this promotion is that you are not guaranteed to get the figure you want most. It really depends on the demand for that specific Skylanders figure.
  4. Send a money order or check, made payable to Frito Lay Skylanders Offer to:
     PO Box 3005 Young America, MN 55558-3005

How Many Skylanders Sidekicks Frito Lay Offers Can I Redeem?

The short answer is four per household; which really stinks for families that have more than one child that collects these figures.

There are, however, a few sneaky ways to get around this. One easy way is to simply ask your neighbor if you can send a few to their house. If they do not have kids, they will most likely do this for you with no problems.

Additionally, you will probably want to get them to write the checks in their names in case someone actually checks that type of information.

Updated: 01/08/2013, costumeideas
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