Smart Knives for Kitchen

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Life is easy if you have the proper tools in kitchen. Sharp knives for kitchen are the best appliances in kitchen no smart cook can deny.

Like any other skill, culinary expertise is required to create delicious meals. Popular techniques of using knives includes slicing, mincing, chopping, flattening in addition to various other activities like peeling and dicing.

Sharp knives are the best friends of a professional chef, a skilled housewife and cook.

Believe it or not, for me the knives are the essential appliances for kitchen. The sharper and acute they are, the quicker they cut through. Chopping down the vegetables and poultry in miraculous pieces of thin, rectangular, triangular and sleek cuts of deliciousness is simple if you have sharp knives. It might be that if you don't know how to use them right, you will end up eventually messing the dinner table. But if you are adept and an expert in cutting and chopping, these set of razor sharp knives for kitchen will surely turn out the best meals at table.

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The Many Facets of Knife


Knives can turn the tender stew to a terrific dish with spicy green chillies, and diced tomatoes. The sandwiches can be turned into a favor fiery flavor with the knives doing their job with the cucumber, cheese and capsicum. Salads look heavenly adorned with perfect pieces of parmesan cheese, eggs, almonds, apple, walnuts and rainbow colored vegetables and fruits – all because of the goodness of knives.

Sharp Knives for Kitchen

Sharp Knives for Kitchen
Sharp Knives for Kitchen
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Features of Knives

Knife Sets for the Kitchen

Learning to cut, slice, and chop like a pro is not easy, even seasoned housewives limit themselves with a handful of knives and lose the opportunity of cooking many culinary recipes in the absence of the right knives. There are many more usages and utilities of knives than the common ones like cutting and chopping greens and vegetables.

There is more to the story of knife. Mincing and dicing the veggies with knife, peeling the skin and being used as a cutlery with fork on the dinner table are just some of the few grand uses of these magnificent kitchen knives. Soft and tender knives are used to cut the bread and butter. Sharp ones are used to chop meat and poultry. The crystal edged knives have multi-purpose utilities in the kitchen and moreover they are house-wife friendly. 

Right Way of Using Knife


A good knife will aid you in preparing a sumptuous meal of baked potato soup with chopped potato chunks, bacon, sour cream and cheddar cheese. In contrast, slicing a mango for the mango custard or a mango ice-cream can also be done with delicate handling of knife.


While cutting, pay attention to the blade, it should be aimed down to cut the veggies and not your fingers. Let the knife do its job while you pay attention to details. Carefully place the vegetables and bring them into sharp focus and range of the knife. You don’t have to change your stead and push around the table to cover the entire slab; you can adjust and do that without your moving and changing position across the table.


I just remember a cooking class in which the participant girl, probably her first one, raced down the table in a hurry to cut the vegetable which jumped out of her reach towards the end of the table. Luckily there was no accident but don’t give the Lady Luck another chance.


 For heaven’s sake, bring the vegetable back to the table; don’t go around charging it with a knife around the periphery of the room. Remember, running around will not the spice up the coconut soup but jazzing it  with mushrooms, scallions, spicy lime and an expert dicing and chopping will.



There’s a right way of using knives and that has to be done both carefully and correctly. Remember that you have to be on the right side of these gorgeous and terrific knives because they have the power of getting you bruised and cut.


Knife Maintenance

Retaining and Cleaning Knives


While chopping vegetables use good quality bamboo cutting boards, they work best because bamboo is eco friendly, it will not warp, crack or split and it is natural and anti-bacterial. For cleaning knives, use mild detergents for cleaning the blades, wash them off with plenty of lukewarm water. Rinse and dry them immediately after proper washing to remove stains.

What should you be looking while buying Knives?

Best Cooking Knife Sets

While buying knives consider the following –

  • Do you want to procure knives for heavy duty work such as slicing meat and poultry?

       Perhaps you need to go for high quality knives that are sturdy and sharper.


  • Do you use different methods for cutting vegetables and garnishing salads?

       Try knives that chop and slice really thin.


  • Do you want a knife for cutting bread and bakery products?

       Obviously you need a different knife for cutting bread than the usual stuff.


  • Do you need cutlery set for dining?

       The cutlery set consist not only of soft and smooth knives, they also come with spoons and             fork.


  • Do you need a knife block and a knife sharpener?

       This will certainly help in keeping knives safe and sound. Longevity and durability is also                 ensured if you handle them properly and place them in their proper location.

Knife Blocks


Knife Block sets are a great way of arranging and storing your knives. The block looks clean and pleasing. The interiors are made in such a way that the storage has smooth interiors and they do not blur the sharpness of the blades. You can put all knives together whether they are large chef’s knives, steak knives, butcher’s knives or small knives. They look sleek and tidy especially if you have a large assortment of knives and struggle to find the right one at right time.

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Ceramic Knives


The latest generation of cutlery uses ceramic knives which have razor sharp blades for precision cutting and dicing. Analogous to hard diamonds they are tough and can cut vegetables, fruits and boneless meats beautifully. Moreover ceramic knives do not rust, corrode and defy bacteria. They are proven to be healthier and hygienic compared to steel. Not only are they light weight and ergonomic, they do not interact with food.

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Mira on 10/26/2014

I haven't tried ceramic knives but I've seen them on cooking shows. I've seen knives that peel vegetables as well, or run parallel lines in the skin of cucumbers and other vegetables. I'd like a knife like that as a gift.

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