Smurfs Birthday Party Supplies

by lobobrandon

If you're planning a themed Birthday party based on the Smurfs, you're surely going to need adequate Smurfs Birthday Party Supplies.

Smurfs, tiny blue creatures as they may be, are a great hit amongst kids of all ages. The movies and cartoons based on them are really entertaining and fun to watch. If your child loves them, then why not celebrate a birthday based on the Smurfs?

There’s a lot that you can do when it comes to hosting a themed birthday party and they’re really easy to organize as you already know what the party is supposed to focus on.

So, let’s take a look at some of the Smurfs Birthday Party Supplies that you’re going to need in order to host an entertaining and fun filled birthday bash.

Smurfy Invites

The first thing that you need to consider when it comes to birthday parties or any party for that matter, are the invites. Therefore, the first thing on your list of Smurfs Birthday Party Supplies would be themed invites.

There's no need to buy themed invites, but if you're looking forward to making it a perfect celebration, you'd need to do this. You could also create your very own customized card and print them out yourself.

The set below consists of 8 invites along with envelopes.

Entire Smurf Party Kits

If you're in a hurry and don't have the time, to sit and pick each and every party accessory independently, here are a few Smurfs Birthday Party Supplies from Hallmark. 

Basically, these sets are made to suit parties with 8 guests, if at all there are more you can buy accordingly. Therefore, in one set a table cover is included whereas it's not in the other. So, you could either skip the table cover altogether or just buy it once rather than twice if you have more than 8 guests.

What else you'd find in these sets:

Napkins - there are a total of 16 lunch napkins, two for each person.

Paper Cups - there are a total of 8 paper cups, each of them with a capacity of 9oz.

Paper Dessert plates - There are a total of 8 paper plates each of them square shaped and they're large enough for any party.

Smurfs Napkins

All parties are going to need napkins and therefore the next item on your list of smurfs birthday party supplies would have to be napkins. 

Usually for any party, you should have at least 3 napkins for each person - this way you'd never fall short. Any excess could always be used by the family later on. But, having less than the number required would be a party spoiler. 

Each of the napkin sets below consists of 16 paper lunch napkins and they are all 5 inch squares.

Smurfy Cups

Every party is definitely going to have some sort of Juices or Cold Drinks. Therefore, you need to make sure that you've got cups to serve the same. Even though it's not a necessity, it would be great if you could get some Smurfs birthday party themed cups like the ones below:

Smurfy Party Plates

When you shop for Smurfs Birthday Party Supplies plates definitely need to be on the list

Whenever you host a themed birthday party for your child, no matter which birthday it is, you're looking forward to make this day special and memorable. Pictures would be taken and albums would be filled. 

But, in order to get a real smile on your childs face, the party needs to be perfect. Therefore, dinner plates too should be based on the theme. Cups and tissues need not be theme based if you already have some at home; but, plates would have to definitely be focused on the theme. 

Take a look at some of the options of Square paper plates focusing on Smurfette and Papa Smurf as well as Jokey Smurf

Smurf Table Cover

A Smurfy Party would surely benefit when the dinner table is decorated using a Smurf based Table Cover. The one shown below measures 12.5X7 inches and is ideal for decorative purposes.

Smurf Cupcake Rings

When you consider Smurfs birthday party supplies, people often tend to forget cup cake rings. Every Birthday party has to have cake! Usually kids parties offer cupcakes and therefore to brighten up the day and move in accordance with the chosen theme, you should opt for Smurfy Cupcake rings. 

The one shown below consists of 12 cupcake rings - 4 of each kind and each of them measures 1.5 inches and fit standard cupcakes.

Smurfs Birthday Banner

Wish your child a joyous and fabulous birthday, by spreading a large banner across your wall or dinner table. You could take plenty of pictures of your child along with his friends and your family in front of the banner - they'd make great pictures.

Each of the banners below measures 10 feet long and are ideal for all birthday celebrations.

Smurfs Treat Bags

Want to say thank you to your little guests? If so, you're going to need goody bags. This would be the last of the Smurfs birthday party supplies as the goody bags are only given when people are leaving. 

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lobobrandon on 08/23/2012

I've watched it, unless there's another new one :) Will check it out today. Thanks for the info

katiem2 on 08/23/2012

I love the smurfs. These are all great items for the perfect party. You know what would be a nice addition? The smurf movie that recently came out, bet it's on dvd by now. :)K

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