Soccer is something that we need

by rodica7

Soccer is a lovely game which gives us action, fun and a lot of friendship. To play it we need basic equipment. This are soccer cleats, balls, jerseys, shorts and socks.

Do you play soccer? Yes, no? I'm asking that because if you are playing it like I do, I'm 100% you know that the feeling is brilliant. This is a sport which is played all around the world and it is the most popular. There is sure a reason why is the most popular. It makes happines, joy and love around people. In this article I will talk about my experiences, feelings and different soccer equipment that I use.

Soccer is in my heart!

Soccer is in my heart
Soccer is in my heart

My feelings and experiences

Not easy, but wonderful

To me soccer is like a drug. I just cannot be without it. I'm playing soccer here in Slovenia at 2nd league. Don't know where Slovenia is? It borders to Italy, Croatia, Austria and Hungary. The league is semi-professional. Some of teams and players make a living from it, others play for a little or no money. There are mostly the second type of players. I'm also this second type of a player.

Continuing what I started to say before I really love soccer. Even when I'm not playing it, when the league is over, I go out and play alone or with friends. I also attend to different soccer tournament. Usually there are indoor tournaments. Beside all of this I check and follow all the biggest leagues in the world. I follow Serie A, Bundesliga, La Liga, English Premier League and Prva Slovenska Nogometna Liga. The last one is the first league in Slovenia. To be honest, I mostly follow and check Serie A, because there is my favorite team.

Which is my favorite team? It is Inter of course. I started to admire this club since I was a child. My brother immpresed me. He is also their fan, but he doesn't follow them so much as once. I once really want to go to San Siro their main stadium to watch a game. I would love to go when "derby della Madonina" is present. This is when two city rivals play. In this case Inter and Milan.

Slovenia is here

Equipment and other things

Cleats, balls....

You want to play soccer good and show others what you can do? Here is one thing you sure should have. This is good equipment. Without good equipment, you also cannot play soccer good, I experienced this on my own. I tried and played with many soccer cleats, balls, jerseys and shin pads and I can really confirm that good and quality equipment is necessary to play good. Not only good, but also save. By having quality equipment (here I mean cleats, shin pads) you can surely avoid also to injuries.

Soccer cleats are very important for your ball control. I once bought cheap cleats and I really felt the difference. They were really bad. I could even play with them and I was a completely different player. I have to be fair, I played really bad that time.

Yes, here I want also to add that my favorite brand when I'm buying cleats is Adidas. I like them because I have a wider feet and they just fit me perfectly. If there is a possibility I always look for Adidas Predator soccer cleats.

Soccer balls are also important and they can also affect on game and how you play. Most times the more costly balls are better, but if you watch and check good, you can also find ones that are quality and not so expensive.

We need a good soccer ball!

Adidas Brazuca is a good ball!
Adidas Brazuca soccer ball
Adidas Brazuca soccer ball

Do you have a good soccer ball?

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I love it again!

To sum up, I think you now know how I like soccer and I hope there are also other persons who love it like me. By playing soccer I have made a lot of new friendship which will never die. All in all I have almost just good experience with soccer. My bad experience was when I got injured, I torn my ligaments, that was really a hard time in my life, but live goes on. I had an operation and I now play soccer like before. Work hard, because hard work pays off!

Hard Work Pays Off!

Don't give up!
Don't give up!
Updated: 01/02/2015, rodica7
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