Solar Power and Energy Efficient Christmas Lights

by blackspanielgallery

Christmas decorative lights can be easily found in low energy LEDs, but did you know there are now solar power, environmentally friendly decorative light readily available?

LED lights are the current technology, and with just a small amount of electrical energy can glow brightly. There is no filament to break, nor is there a colored layer to wear off. The LED itself emits light of a given color when a voltage is applied across it. What happens is there is an electron that is dislodged, and when another electron is captured by the semiconductor it emits a distinct frequency.

Since there is little current through an LED light, there is very little power used, but the brightness is unmatched for the energy needed to cause the glow.

Another advantage is LED light bulbs are long lasting. There is not much to burn out, and they do not fade.

When LEDs are used with solar technology the lights can add so much without doing environmental damage, while saving money.

Different Colors Are Available

Each of the actual LED diodes involved emit light of a certain frequency, or a narrow band of frequencies.  Some colors combine multiple different colors from different diodes.  The frequency determines the color for each diode, so the LED light bulbs are not all the same color as each other.  Yet, it is very easy to match colors.  The material of the diode itself determines the color emitted.


LED Light Bulbs are bright, so outdoor light sets can really be noticed.  They can really catch the eye.  And, it is possible to mix colors in the same string. 


LED Lights Come in a Variety of Kinds of Strings and Floodlights

Outdoor decorating used to be that each string of lights was placed in a bush, or wherever you wanted it.  Then, light nets made decorating easier if you do not mind the even spacing that results.  Yes, the lights will not all be bunched up in one place, but they look too uniform if just tossed onto a bush or wrapped around a tree.   Another type of light string is the icicle light set, and the more modern version of drapes.


LED lights come for many different kinds of string, but not all.  For the icicle light strings, a white or blue light is often used.


Some outdoor decorations require spotlights that focus a large quantity of light onto one spot.  Some spotlights need to be white, others are colored.  LEDs do this job remarkably well.  Their brightness makes lower wattage lights a good replacement for energy gobbling filament lights. 


The speed at which an LED reacts to voltage changes makes alternating color displays possible.


So, going to LEDs can help you save money, and help the ecology at the same time. 


Solar Light Systems

Because LED lights use so little energy, they can be compatible with solar power which is stored in a rather small battery.  Look for Christmas light sets with rechargeable batteries and a small solar panel, and let the sun charge the lights during the day.  Look at the directions on placement and orientation of the solar panel, and follow the directions.  Solar LEDs can really be a great way to save, and your decorations will be kept lit without using more commercial power. 


First, these lights come with their with their own solar unit, so you do not need to have solar power to your entire house to use them.  And, they are easy to find.  Solar powered LED lights are now common.  Finally, you do not have to replace what you have.  Just add, and slowly replace your old strings of lights.  Since these are stand alone light systems, you do not plug them into other strings, so there is no compatibility issue.

Indoor Use

Where Solar Will Not Be Practical

Yes, LEDs can be used on you Christmas tree.  They do not get very hot.  Just read the package for any potential problems, but there most likely will be none.  Just do not allow children or pets to swallow the bulbs.  


Light sets designed for indoor use may not be waterproof, or may have insulation that gets brittle in cold temperatures.  even of not exposed to rain, fog and dew might still affect them. 


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Updated: 11/17/2019, blackspanielgallery
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blackspanielgallery on 07/18/2015

I was surprised as to how many different ones are now available.

CruiseReady on 07/18/2015

Wow! I had no idea that solar powered Christmas were available. I never would have even thought to look for them. Thank you for bringing them to our attention. They sound just perfect for stringing in our palm trees!

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