Some of my Favorite Sheep Paintings

by Ragtimelil

You might laugh, but I do like to look at livestock in paintings, especially in the older style. Here's some of my favorite paintings of sheep

Part of the charm of paintings of sheep is the peaceful pastoral scenes. That’s also one of the reasons I used to like to stand and watch my own flock of sheep. If the painting happens to have a sheepdog in it, so much the better

A good friend of mine was a painter and did quite a few paintings of sheep. I wish I had bought one that particularly struck my fancy, but it sold before I could even think about buying it. I'm not the only one who likes sheep.

The Shepherdess

Johann Hofner April 30, 1832 - June 29, 1913 was a painter of animals and farm scenes. His rendition of the Shepherdess is a very well-known painting. The sheep looks like a few I’ve had and the expression of a ewe concerned about her lamb is all too familiar.

The Cornfield

by John Constable (1776 – 1837)

And here’s one with the dog bringing the sheep to the shepherd but being a little distracted by the boys.

Constable was an innovator in the way he portrayed light. Snubbed in his home country of England, he was very influential in France

La Bergere

by Jean-François Millet (October 4, 1814 – January 20, 1875)


Jean-François Millet was a well-known French painter famous for his paintings of peasant farmers. He started out as a portrait painter but soon returned to his heritage painting famous canvases such as The Sower and the Angelus. His paintings influenced Vincent Van Gogh and Claude Monet.

Since he was French, the dog looks less like a border collie and more like some of the French herding breeds.

Bringing Home the Sheep

by Ernest Charles Walbourn (16 February 1872 Dalston, Middlesex - 1927)

 Ernest Charles Walbourn was an English painter of farm scenes. His father also owned land in Australia so it's not surprising that he knew a thing or two about sheep.

I’d love to live in some of the cottages he portrayed.

A Ram and a Sheep

by Johan Wenzel Peter

This is one I really liked, but wasn't able to find out any thing about the artist. 


by Chris Palmer

Sheep have always been a favorite subject of folk artists. I have done some myself, But here is a nice one. I was not able to find out anything about this artist either.

Tiptoe Through the Bluebells

by Sam Toft


Another delightful painting by Sam Toft sometimes described as a whimsy prone artist.  Her mixed media paintings are sold in galleries in her homeland, the UK , and in the United States.

Ragtimelil's Zazzle Store

I've done a couple of my own sheep paintings. Nothing like the masters, but I enjoyed the results. I've put a couple of them up on my new Zazzle store for your viewing pleasure.

Updated: 07/15/2012, Ragtimelil
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Ragtimelil on 08/24/2012

There's a lot of sheep trials in Canada. I never made it up there but friends of mine did.

sheilamarie on 08/23/2012

I love sheep, too. I raised them years ago in Quebec and they still have a special place in my heart. They taught me a lot.

Ragtimelil on 07/20/2012

Funny. I had a friend who made her living carving chickens out of wood. She really was quite good. And they sold like crazy. Guess you're not alone!

BrendaReeves on 07/20/2012

I don't find this strange at all. I love chickens. I find it very relaxing and therapuetic to watch them. I have plans for chickens in my Zazzle store.

Ragtimelil on 07/16/2012

Wow. I should have asked you instead of trying to look it up. Thanks for all the info on Constable.
I personally am drawn to the sheep. She's worried about her babies. I've done the same thing, carrying the lambs away to get mom to come into the barn so they can stay close for a couple of days. Sometimes new mothers won't recognize their own lambs unless you keep them confined for a day or two. Once they bond, they go back out and the ewe knows, without a doubt, which lambs are hers.

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