Sorting and selling stamp kiloware

by fanfreluche

Some tips about sorting stamp kiloware and how to maximize your profit if you plan selling your stamp kiloware

I love stamp kiloware

If you are like me you love stamp kiloware and must refrain yourself from buying too much of them. Personally, I do not collect worldwide stamps. I specialized in a few area. So logically, I should not be buying stamp kiloware. Yet I do. I even run a blog almost entirely dedicated to kiloware. I browse Ebay almost daily looking at kiloware. I talk about kiloware on philatelic discussion boards. I am a kiloware addict.

So, what do I do with all those kilos of stamps on paper I don't really collect? I sort, make piles, look at them, make more piles and tell myself I won't buy them anymore. Until next time. And there is always a next time.

So the point of this page is to share a few tips on the best way to sort and prepare your kiloware either for soaking and adding to your collection, or to resell for (maybe) profit. Or both: keep what you need, resell the rest.

stamp kiloware
stamp kiloware

Do you buy kiloware?

How do I sort my kiloware

Part 1: a few things to avoid
  • Never ever soak your stamps before sorting them. You will loose time and may also damage some of the stamps. Pre-sorting your stamps will allow you to remove the damage ones, colored paper that may damage other stamps and excess paper that will make soaking time longer.
  • Don't use the kitchen table. It is a waste of time if you have to remove the stamps from the table for the meals! Use your desk, or better a small camping table, set it in a place with good lighting and leave it there until the work is done.
  • Don't wait too long before starting to sort your kiloware lots. Otherwise they accumulate and the job will be overwhelming! You will get discouraged, packed everything and sell for a loss. As soon as you buy a lot, try working on it.
Part 2: tips about sorting your kiloware

This is my own mehod. There is no "good" method, yours is as good as mine. But I am sharing my kiloware sorting method with you (you can share yours in the guestbook below).

  • While I work the stamp kiloware bag or box, I remove all damage stamps, I also trim close and remove double paper.
  • I sort stamps in country pile over the table
  • For countries I know I won't get that many stamps I make a mix pile that will end up containing only 1 or 2 stamps of each rare countries.
  • For the countries I will soak, I set aside colored paper
  • If it's a kiloware I plan to resell, I remove all the ultra common stuff so I can offer high quality mixture
  • I also set aside uncancelled stamps from a couple of countries such as Canada, USA, Australia, Great Britain. These can be soaked and sell under face as postage.
  • I also set aside the unusual slogan cancel. Some stamp collectors buy them.
  • Once I am done with a kiloware bag, I pack every little pile of stamps in zip lock until I am ready to sell or soak them.
Sorting your kiloware into little piles
Sorting your kiloware into little piles
Close cut kiloware
Close cut kiloware

Prepare your kiloware to sell online

  • Be honest in your description. If you have cherry-picked the lot, make it clear
  • Load good clear scans, the more the better
  • Country kiloware sell well. If you have followed my advice your stamps should already be sorted by country
  • read: why is my kilware not selling as high as it should
Updated: 09/24/2011, fanfreluche
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Sam on 01/27/2012

Lovely article! I used to collect stamps when I was younger, it was kind of a family hobby, and we used the same methods to sort through things. And how we hated the colored silk paper that sometimes hit somewhere and ruined a whole batch! Thanks for the memories ;-)

zteve on 09/25/2011


petunia on 09/25/2011

Great tips. I don't collect stamps, but I do coupon and I can certainly use some of your super tips for that hobby/activity, too!

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