Special Decorative Light Strings for Holidays and Party Themes

by blackspanielgallery

There are many specialty light sets that can be an added decoration for a theme party, and many can also have holiday uses.

When I was young light strings came in two varieties, those that went out all at once when just one lightbulb burned out, and those that when a lightbulb burned out only that one bulb went dark. Of course back in those days all lights had filaments, and the current through a thin tungsten wire caused the lightbulb to glow.

The light strings that went out all at once were wired in series, where the current flowed through the lightbulbs one after the other. If a filament burned out the electrical path would be broken, and the whole string would go out. The ones that operated independently were wired in parallel, so the current passed through each light bulb from one side of the circuit to the other independently. If one lightbulb burned out the rest were still passing current, so they would still light up.

All of the lightbulbs had an appearance to mimic that of a candle, a glass shape that was widest near the base and tapered towards the tip. The ones that went out all at once were narrower than the others. And, the color of the ones that went out one at a time wore their colors thin and showed spots after years of use.

The bulbs were not interchangeable, since they had different size sockets that they had to fit.

Introduction Image: Yoda light set on Amazon. This product is shown below.

The Special Bulbs

Lightbulbs of Years Gone by, and Still Available Today

Bubble Lights existed for both kinds of light strings.  They were long, liquid filled bulbs that also had a larger reservoir of liquid at their bases, and a light within the base.  The liquid was colored, and they came in a nice range of colors.  When the light was on a few minutes the heat would vaporize some of the liquid which would make bubbles that would rise through the tubes.  The vapor would then cool and go back to the liquid state, so a constant stream of bubbles would be visible as long as the lights were turned on.  Some people bought entire strings of bubble lights.  Of course, care had to be taken that the tubes were always oriented upwards.


These bubble lights are attractive, and still can be purchased.  Just make certain you have a light set that can accommodate them if they do not come with a light string.

Modern Light Sets

Available for Many Holidays and Party Themes

Today we have smaller lights, and much cooler lights.  Having cooler lights allows covering the light bulbs without the same high risk of fire that would have existed with older style lightbulbs.  

Theme Specialty Lights

Add Lights to Your Decorations

There are a number of Christmas theme light sets available, which are also great for theme party decorations.  Disney Mickey Mouse and Disney Minnie Mouse,light sets all exist, and can be used on the main Christmas tree, on a specialty Christmas tree, or for a special party.  Other light sets include Star Wars themes of R2D2, C3PO, Yoda, and Storm Troopers.  There are Doctor Who Tardis shaped lights, and the Beatles Yellow Submarine light strings.   Some of these are less useful on a Christmas tree, such as Storm Trooper light sets, but work for parties.  So, not ever decorative light set should be used at Christmas, use your judgement.


Halloween Lights

There are light sets that clearly are Halloween decorations.  Christmas trees with Star Wars androids is about as far as one can stretch things.  Scary lights are by their design relegated to Halloween.  Yet, if you are having a Halloween party they make great decorations.  String them from a ceiling or lay them across a mantle and get your guests marveling at how creative you are.  Make that party special.


For a children’s Halloween party consider the Mickey Mouse Halloween light set.

Luau Light Sets

So, you have a luau planned.  And, you are thinking only hanging lanterns are available.  Well, other exciting option do now exist.

Flower Lei Light Set

Luau Lights to Brighten Things Up
Flower Lei Garland Light String Party Light Set

And Many More

There are many more decorative light sets available.  But, some have disappeared.  I no longer can find a couple of Disney light sets that were there a year ago.  Perhaps it is because of slow sales, or perhaps it was that they were not licensed.  In any event, more have come out, and a few have gone away.



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Updated: 12/11/2019, blackspanielgallery
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blackspanielgallery on 07/04/2015

Those are probably new. I did not see them in the past. I like to include these light sets into my theme party articles. so I do look for them.

CruiseReady on 07/04/2015

Oh, I DO like the flower set of lights. How perfect they would be on patio or poolside!

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