Spectacular Christmas Gifts of Musical Carousel Boxes

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Gorgeous handcrafted Carousel Music Boxes can take your memories back to childhood, the delightful merry-go-round that took the horses and you the rider to a big, circular ride.

These beautiful carousel rides in Great Britain and many other countries where about a revolving circular platform that gave space to wooden animals and seats that were used by people for fun rides in amusement parks.

I am forever fascinated by “Merry Go Round”, even when I was a kid; I loved to watch the horses going round the periphery in a circular motion. Carousel music boxes are similar to the “Merry Go Round”. In Merry Go Round, the horses move in a complete circle, at the same time they move up and down with the kids waving and shouting at the top of their voices.

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What is Carousel Anyway?


Carousel in fact refers to a cluster of machines which usually have a slit in the center and a platform of circle or oval formation. A carousel resembles a platform that is spinning with force on top of rollers that act like ball bearings carrying and supporting it.

These ball bearings have a specific function allowing the carousel to spin around in a circle under the influence of centripetal force. It is a delicate balance of spinning forces and laws of circular motion, much of it depending upon the movement around the central axis. Over the years, I have loved and moved by the magic of carousel, watching it with awe and interest.

Carousel Quote

I feel the carousel starting slowly
And going faster and faster: desk, papers, books,
Photographs of friends, the window and the trees
Merging in one neutral band that surrounds
Me on all sides, everywhere I look.

John Ashbery (b. 1927), U.S. poet, critic. "Self–Portrait in a Convex Mirror."

Handcrafted Christmas Carousel Boxes


You can find many such stunning art pieces on the wonderful online store of Amazon.  You would love to revel in the magic of one of its kind carousel music boxes that are painted in pewter gold with vintage style designs and antique horses going up and down with the beats of heart-rending music.

Delicately carved carousel music boxes with porcelain, brightly colored wheels painted with roses, Christmas holiday music boxes with Santa and reindeer and the wonderfully carved carousel music box of Oz from the Bradford Exchange, all of them dwell on the wonders of science. Handcrafted with perfection, the music boxes bring in the imagination of the artists.

The stunning trinket boxes are hand crafted and hand painted with some of the most popular characters. Hidden animated characters bring in life the miraculous carousel units as they go up and down with dazzling shades. It is as if the vast canopy of the collectible comes to life while your eyes feast on the treasured entities revealing themselves going around in circular motion.

Over the years, I have loved and moved by the magic of carousel, watching it with curiosity and enthusiasm.


Carousel Music Boxes


Superbly handcrafted of intricately-faceted real crystal, the animated carousel music boxes are absolutely gorgeous and elaborate. You can gift this stunning piece to your daughter with the front side with personalized message, the beauty of the music box is enhanced with golden accents to coordinate with the charm of music melodies.

Some of these musical boxes grace heartfelt warm sentiments that will bring joy to your loved one while playing heart touching sweet melodies. Priceless and crystal heirloom artifacts, some of them are so good that they can be retained as antiques and souvenirs.

Carousel Gifts for Xmas Online


No one is more perfect and endearing than your little gracious granddaughter! This is the right time to show your concern with a token of your love that's as wonderful and mysterious as she is with this classic piece of musical carousel that houses hand painted characters and a Christmas scene. Many of these pieces are limited editions, so grab yourself a rare piece of artistry that is definitely going to delight your little girl with wide open eyes. Match it with her blue eyes or the rainbow color she loves, match it with the bow of the dress that she is in love with or any object she adores. You are sure to become the favourite Grandpa or Grandma ever.

An astounding variety of carousels with variations such as holiday village Xmas party, animated parachute rides and ballerinas dancing up and down can add to your figurine collections. Life like realistic yet fantasy filled, whimsical additions suspended on a circular platform shimmering in tiny LED lights can glow spectacularly on Christmas night. Take a ride with them in the winter festival with melodious Christmas carols and classic songs. The nostalgic, lively sceneries will take you down the memory lanes when you were a kid and loved the wonderful rides on a carousel.

Your favourite Carousel gift?

Christmas Carousel on YouTube

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DerdriuMarriner on 02/08/2023

In particular, I appreciate the ferris-wheel and horse carousel music boxes. The Nativity and the parachute-seated carousels also enchant me.

Would ceramic, metal or wood carousels be most valuable and most valued?

Mira on 12/12/2013

First time I see carousel music boxes. I can see why people thought to invent them. They preserve much of the spirit of fairgrounds.

ologsinquito on 12/12/2013

Carousels are so much fun. The pink one would be perfect for a little girl.

KathleenDuffy on 12/12/2013

Absolutely beautiful. Very magical!

AbbyFitz on 12/11/2013

I love music boxes. I used to collect them. These would be great gifts for a collector

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