Spiritual and Christian Religious Gifts for Christmas

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Its Christmas time and perhaps you are lost again. Perhaps, you are in need of finding the right stuff – Christian Religious Gifts for monks and nuns!!

If you got to know a priest and you are in a dilemma because you just can’t gift him anything, as they are abided by the rules, think again – there are gifts that will delight the renounced ones. What can you give to people who have renounced the world? It ought to be a gift that they do not hesitate to accept, and at the same time, the gift should be appropriate, pleasant and religious?

What can be the best religious gifts for people who like to receive spiritual gifts? Every individual is different and has different tastes. For instance if you happen to know a Catholic nun who is celebrating a special day; what on earth is the best gift and what do you want to give to her? They have vowed to live their lives in stringent ways and a materialistic gift would be the worst thing to bestow.

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Best Ideas of Christian Religious Gifts for Christmas

Maybe you want to buy a gift to your kid’s teacher or headmistress. What can be the best present for her which does not seem ostentatious and at the same time looks appropriate.

Perhaps you want to buy a spiritual gift for your aged Aunt or Grandfather, what would really delight them. Or you want to show gratitude to your boss, a mentor or colleague and want to give a gift with spiritual bend. In such cases I have to say that this thankful gesture is very thoughtful and gratifying, it really brings satisfaction and immense pleasure to give somebody a religious gift. Try it out and see for yourself.

Religious Gifts

Here are some ideas that have crossed my mind and have actually materialized. I have been thinking -what else can you give a person or a charity other than the donation money.  I am sharing a list of ideas that sprung in my head when I started pondering about it –

  1. Religious Books
  2. Homemade Religious Gifts
  3. Personalized Religious Gifts
  4. Religious Gift Baskets
  5. Religious Wall Art and Posters
  6. Blessings Plaque
  7. Angel Sculptures, Garden Statues and Figurines
  8. Candle holders
  9. Jewelry Pendants , Christian bracelets
  10. Amazon Gift Cards
  11. Blessings mugs and platters

Last Minute Religious Gifts


It has so happened that I had to rush for an unprecedented event in my life from office on a colleague’s kid christening ceremony. I was deep in a mess and had lot of sorting office work to be done in my office, I had little time and I did not feel like shoving some fast cash in an envelope and getting rid of the responsibility. Fortunately with help from several reviews on the internet, I could zero out on some great baby’s religious story books that could make a great bedtime story for the kid. I bought an adorable pink and blue basket, because I was not sure whether it was a boy or a girl (I kind of forgot), and got my story books placed nicely and the gift looked neat and impressive.

The Right Spiritual and Religious Gifts

If you are planning to give a gift basket, I would suggest that the baskets should be age and gender neutral if you are not sure and need not be too expensive. Amazon gift cards can be great option in case you are not able to decide what to present. Christmas decorations for home, religious blessings plaques and candle holders are really good gifts because they can be used immediately.

Religious books for quotes and Bible can be very appropriate Christian religious gifts.  Catholic Christian communion cup and candlesticks would be unique gifts for pastors. Religious pendants and necklaces make great gifts. Pageant baby dresses for baptism look awesome on the infants and are useful gifts too. People love to receive angel figurines and religious posters for gifts and I am sure you too. This could a long way in fostering the relations and an act of appreciation.

Religious Gifts on YouTube

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DerdriuMarriner on 10/13/2022

Your subheading Religious Gifts has a helpful 11 items. In particular, I like numbers 7 and 8, respectively regarding angel sculptures and candle holders.

What would be some examples for your third suggestion, Personalized Religious Gifts?

ologsinquito on 01/15/2014

Some of these would also make great gifts during other times of the year as well. The music box is beautiful, and would be appropriate for a little girl's First Holy Communion.

Guest on 12/10/2013

My ex-vicar was a completely modern man: Anglican, married dad of two teens, a fitness fanatic who worked as a business consultant in addition to his 'vicaring' as he called it, and was not averse to meeting new parishioners in the pub if it was more comfortable for them. I gave him one of the new religious T-shirts for Christmas one year, the one with the quote 'God grant me the serenity...' He thought it was very appropriate, as he and his wife both used to take their dog collars off when driving, in case the urge overtook them to respond in kind to some of the idiotic driving they saw! Dear Rev John, he did so much for me. He combined the best of both worlds and I shall never forget him.

younghopes on 12/10/2013

Great post, i never knew we could have gifts for monks too

Tolovaj on 12/10/2013

It is really hard to miss the spirit of Christmas with Thomas Kinkade's designs:)

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