Star Wars Toys for Girls

by SusanM

Finding Star Wars toys for girls

The Star Wars saga is not just for boys. Girls also love Star Wars. Many girls will enjoy the standard Star Wars toys. But these are targeted towards boys not girls.

There are a few toys around that are more suited to girls than the standard Star Wars toys. So if you're looking for a more girl-y gift for a young Star Wars fan try one of these ideas.

Star Wars Coloring in

Coloring in is a quiet activity kids love. It's good for both boys and girls depending on the coloring pages or book.

These Star Wars coloring pages are very popular with both boys and girls. So if you're looking for a gift for a girl who loves Star Wars it's a good choice. 

If you give it as a gift it's also a wonderful idea to wrap a box of nice crayons or markers with the coloring pages. I usually give Crayola ones because of the bright colors and smooth feel when you are coloring or drawing with them. Amazon has an excellent range of Crayola. 

Star Wars Soft Toys

Soft toys are a hit with girls because they are so cute and cuddly. Soft toys can also be comforting. Luckily you can find these in Star Wars characters so girls don't have to miss out. 

The Underground Toys range has some excellent Talking Plush Star Wars toys. The Chewbacca and R2D2 are the cutest I think and are good choice for a girl. Cuteness is important with soft toys. So your daughter will be more excited if the soft toy has a cute look. Cute toys are also more cuddly. 

The Yoda Pillow Plush is the cutest Yoda soft toy I could find and another good idea for a gift. 

It can also be helpful to find out what characters your daughter loves. I really liked R2D2 and Yoda as a child. I would have loved a R2D2 or Yoda soft toy but they weren't available when I was a child unfortunately. 

Star Wars Princesses

Many girls love anything about princesses. This can be really helpful for you when choosing the right Star Wars toy for a girl. There are two very important princesses in Star Wars - Princess Leia and Princess Amidala. These are main characters and vital to the Star Wars story. Girls usually like the girl characters a little more than the boy characters too. This is because they can relate to them more. They can even imagine themselves as Princess Leia or Princess Amidala. 

So toys about the Star Wars princesses are a good gift choice. 

Star Wars Operation Game

Operation is a classic toy love by kids.

This Star Wars version features R2D2.

Perfect for girls because R2D2 is such a cute little Star Wars character. 

Star Wars Lego for Girls

Lego is a good choice. But many of the Lego Star Wars sets are made for boys. Girls might find these fun too. But there is a Lego Star Wars set that is good for girls. The Lego Milenium Falcon has Princess Leia among the characters. This makes it more fun for girls because it's not a "boys only" starship crew. Princess Leia helps your daughter imagine lots more stories where the girl can be brave, adventurous, kind or strong. The girl can be the hero of the crew.

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Updated: 09/04/2012, SusanM
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