Beach Wedding Stationery With Starfish

by dustytoes

Starfish, or sea stars, are one of the most sought after beach treasures, and engaged couples love to use them to represent their love for the ocean.

We absolutely love it when we stumble across a starfish at the beach. It is rare to find a bleached one (not living) all in one piece since they are fragile and usually break apart from the wave action. I think the fact that they are a rare find is what makes them so popular to collect, and popular for wedding invitations and stationery.

With some imagination, starfish can look like people with their five appendages and engaged couples love to use them in their decorating to represent their love for the ocean.

Lagoon Blue is a Favorite Color to Depict the Sea

Blue-green has always been a beautiful color to depict the sea and it serves beach themed weddings well.  The "Lagoon Blue" design line at Sandpiper Wedding has many products featuring this tropical hue.  It is perfect for combining with white sea stars and white, custom text.

Invitations have matching stamps and stickers, and now the new paper napkins and favor boxes can be made to match as well.

Recently a whimsical swirl border was added for couple's wanting a more fun look to their invitations.

Blue Green Invitations, Postage Stamps and Stickers

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Radiant Orchid is the 2014 Color of the Year

The pretty purple color called radiant orchid has been named "color of the year" for 2014 by Pantone.  Various shades of purple are often requested by brides for their wedding stationery or flower color.

Our new design features radiant orchid with a starfish border.  We have three examples of wording and invitation sizes and matching reply cards, save the date, thank you notes and postage stamps (U.S.).  And more items will be added.

Choose Rounded Corners on Invitations

Horizontal Stationery With Lots of Sea Stars

Many starfish decorate this paper which is perfect for any tropical or summer themed marriage ceremony.

Below is a horizontal paper design with many starfish. This 5x7 inch paper has a background of sea stars as well as a diagonal line of them. In the center two images together represent the bride and groom. Wording has the couple inviting guests. All text is aligned right except for the name and address of the location of the event.

The Starfish Couple stationery set has many matching items.

About Ordering Wedding Stationery

The wedding stationery on this page comes from the print-on-demand site.  Designers will add their own unique images to paper and create text templates for the customer to use and add their own information.

Each shop-keeper atZazzle will set his or her own royalty as they choose, so prices will vary.  Also the paper choice will reflect a change in price, with basic paper being the least expensive and the metallic type costing more.  Rounded corners are an option too.  All invitations will come with plain white envelopes.  

Although your order will be placed through an individual store, the items will be shipped by Zazzle.  If returns or exchanges need to be made, you will do that through the Zazzle site and not with the shop you purchased from. 

Also, please be aware that it is up to you, the customer, to proofread all text added to any product.  Zazzle does not proofread anything before shipping.

Personal Postage Stamps

What a great idea - personalize your own postage stamps!  Personal postage is easy to create using ready-to-use templates.  Themed stamps coordinate with a beach wedding or tropical celebration.  Save the date cards with postage to match are an exciting addition to your marriage announcements. 

Customize to your hearts content and make your mailings super unique.


Starfish Gathering

Blue, white and brown sea stars gather together at the edge of this invitation set.

Pretty starfish from the sea gather together at the edge of this 5x7 inch wedding invitation with a tropical theme which is named, "Starfish Gathering".

Light blue and brown images have template text to match with the bride's and groom's names set apart in blue, along with the name of the venue.  All the other text is brown. 

As always, there is a paper choice of linen, felt cream, recycled or metallic, as well as basic white.

We don't offer samples, but Zazzle will accept returns or replacements within 30 days of any unused items.  A minimum order is ten for the invitations - any size.

Marriage Announcements

Couples who elope and have private ceremonies will need to announce the marriage.

The couple who chooses to forgo the big, expensive wedding event and get married on their own will want to announce the happy event.

These marriage announcement cards are perfect for doing so.  With a photo template, it's fun to share a picture along with the happy news.

Private Wedding Photo Announcements

Notify everyone of the new Mr. and Mrs..

Bridal Shower Paper

Bridal or wedding shower invitations can also have the starfish theme.  Combine sea life with the bride's favorite colors, or her chosen wedding theme.  You will find images of tropical ocean water, beach sand combined with custom text on many sizes of invitations.  At Sandpiper Wedding we will happily create an invitation just for you.  

This 5x7 inch size can have rounded corners, a scalloped edge, bracket shape, and other options.

Sending out save the date cards

Send out save-the-date cards months in advance of the wedding day.  How far in advance should they be sent?  That depends on the type of wedding.  Up to a year for destination weddings, so those who will travel long distances will have plenty of time to make arrangements.  Usually six months is enough time, but use your own judgement as you will be the best judge of timing.  The more info guests have ahead of time, the better.

Postcards are very affordable.  Magnets are popular.  And paper save-the-date announcements (come with envelopes and a choice of specialty paper) can achieve a more elegant look.

Affordable, Tropical Save-the-Date Postcards

Custom Ceremony Programs

Wedding programs can come in shapes such as fans, round, or die cut to suit a wedding theme.  Program templates can be flat or folded.  Z-fold or tri-foldtype programs will have text on three areas and open like an accordion.  At the Sandpiper Wedding store we have tri-fold programs with printing and images on one side of the paper and the programs will be folded after they are purchased.

Book type, folded programs have text templates on four sides.  They are affordable and easy to customize with all ceremony info plus a thank you message or reception information.


Heart in Sand Tri-Fold / Accordion Fold Program

Upload all your ceremony text and fold it after purchase.

Private Wedding, Party After

A private ceremony held far from home, means celebrating with family and friends after the honeymoon is over.

Planning a beach wedding will mean travel is involved in most cases.  Many couples will have a private ceremony in their favorite location, with either just the two of them or a few close friends or family members present.  If that's the case, they may choose to party after the wedding with a reception once they are home from the honeymoon.

Cards that do double duty as a wedding announcement and reception invitation post-wedding are what you'll need for that occasion. 

Wording for such an event can be something like this:

Name & Name were married on [date] in [place]

You are invited to celebrate the joyous occasion with a party for the newlyweds

on [date] at [place] and time.

Wedding Announcement and Reception Party Invitation in One

Easily add a picture from your private wedding.

Combine White Hydrangea Flowers and a Big Starfish

Pale blue and white wedding paper.

Hydrangea flowers and starfish are images I have always used separately to create unique wedding invitation suites. Then, I thought, why not combine them for a bride who loves both! So, our new design for summer weddings incorporates a white, pencil sea star with white hydrangea flowers.

The Seaside Garden design is perfect for couples who want to combine their love for the sea with pretty white wedding flowers.

This hydrangea is called "Blushing Bride" and the photo and graphic design is ours alone.

Featured on a light blue background, this image can also be found on a wedding program, seating cards and more.

Wedding Breakfast or Brunch Cards

Invite close freinds and family members to a morning meal with the couple, either before or after the wedding.

Some traditions call for a gathering of close family members and the wedding party to enjoy a breakfast either before the marriage or the morning after the wedding.

Wedding Brunch & Wedding Breakfast invitations to use to invite special guests or family only to do some celebrating either the morning of the wedding or the morning after.

This paper has lots of custom areas of text to be used to invite specific people.  This invitation would go out separately to just the few people included in the celebration.


Wedding Brunch

Invitations to a before or after, brunch or breakfast, with the couple.

Candy Starfish That Look Like the Real Thing!

Among the many types of sweets offered at Andie's Specialty Sweets shop, you'll find realistic looking starfish.

edible starfishIf you'd like to decorate your sweet treats with elements from the ocean that are completely edible, look no further than Andie's Specialty Sweets shop at Etsy.

They create the most incredibly realistic items that are made to be eaten!

I can see them being added to a wedding cake, cupcakes, or used as stand alone favors - just add a thank you tag!

Besides starfish, they have very realistic looking  seashells, sand dollars, lollipops, and colorful beach glass made from sugar, and sometimes chocolate. (photo is from Andie's Specialty Sweets at Etsy - used with permission.)

Table Seating, Place Cards, and Escort Cards

How will you seat your wedding guests at the reception?

Unless your wedding reception will be very small and casual, you will want to make it easy for wedding guests to find their way to their table at the reception.

This can be done in a number of ways, but one popular option is to have escort cards placed near the entrance to the room, tent or hall containing guests' names (usually in alphabetical order) and the table name or number.  This will easily direct them to be seated, by locating their table where the number will be prominently displayed.  Some couple's use a seating chart instead.

Modern brides have come up with unique ways to display the cards, and you will find lots of info online to give you ideas, such as placing them in a box of beach sand, or gluing the cards to seashells.

Double-Sided Table Number Cards Decorated With Starfish

Use the templates to add numbers to both sides of these heavy stock cards.
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Saying "Thank You" To Guests and Members of the Wedding Party

Be sure to include everyone who helped make your day special when writing thank you notes.

Once the wedding and honeymoon is over, you may be breathing a sigh of relief and hoping that life will become more calm and relaxing.  And it should, but you will have one more time-consuming task to undertake - writing the "thank you" cards!  Send notes of thanks as soon as possible after the honeymoon is over.  That is when it's time to get down to business and begin your life together.  And speaking of togetherness, both of you should work on writing the notes since you both were the recipients of the gifts. 

Have some wine and make an evening of it and reminisce as you come up with thoughtful wording for each individual card.  A simple, "Thanks for the gift" just doesn't cut it, neither does a pre-printed card - unless you also add a personal note with it.  And don't forget to thank the members of the wedding party, officiant, musicians, etc., if you haven't already.

If you need some inspiration, whether you will be thanking guests for their gifts, or bridesmaids for all their support, I have an Example "Thank You" Wording page to get you started.

Custom Wedding Thank You Notes

Click to view this one and others like it.
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Celebrate a Christmas Wedding in the Tropics

The bride and groom are doing the inviting, but it can be customized with any wording.

Christmas wedding sets that also contain a tropical theme are a bit difficult to find, but we have a few designs to choose from at Sandpiper Wedding.

The newest wedding set features pretty bright blue combined with silver ornaments and sea life.  Starfish, sand dollars and sea horses create the tropical theme for a wedding in December.

We also have other stationery sets with starfish and holly.


Tropical Christmas Paper

Click on any item to see more of the items in the sets.
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katiem2 on 09/22/2012

I shared this with my bf, we've decided if we EVER get married again it would def be a beach wedding, after thinking about it for a while we decided we could have a mock wedding and enjoy all the fun on the beach including a mock honeymoon. This is good for a fun date weekend too. :)K

katiem2 on 05/15/2012

So many people love the beach, it is such a romantic place and a perfect spot for the perfect wedding. Love the invitations. Great ideas for a unforgettable wedding and the honey moon could take place without travel indeed, you'd be there already. I like it!

dustytoes on 05/07/2012

Tolovaj - yes, brides are looking for some very unique ways to invite guests these days. Thank you!

Tolovaj on 05/07/2012

Starfish for wedding invitations? Surprising, but lovely idea. I wish I knew there are so original options for invitation out there when I was marrying...
Well done!

dustytoes on 04/10/2012

Thanks very much Brenda.

BrendaReeves on 04/10/2012

These are beautiful and I love what you've done with your Zazzle shop.

ethelsmith on 04/06/2012

We are about to celebrate our 40 year wedding anniversary this December so no I am not planning such a wedding, or any for that atter. I have to say though times have changed and in the invitation stakes for the better. Some great ideas here thanks

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