Why You Should Start Making Your Own Homemade Shampoo

by tombok

Look at a few very good reasons why you should start making your own homemade shampoo.

Have you ever thought about making your own homemade shampoo? You don't need to be an expert, anyone can do it and there are good reasons for having a go.

Producing your own natural beauty products has grown to be really popular today and certainly homemade shampoo is amongst the easiest ways to start learning. Now this rise in popularity may be put down to a couple of aspects that include green awareness, cost benefits and even the spread of knowledge via the online world, giving more and more people access to recipes and techniques. Most people begin through curiosity after seeing a recipe in some magazine or online site, but once you begin to try it out you might never go back to buying regular shampoo and beauty products. Let us look into some of the reasons why making your own homemade shampoo is definitely a great idea.

Help the Environment by Making Your Own Shampoo

For me personally, the use of unhealthy chemical substances in well-known hair shampoos ought to be the main reason to consider preparing your own. Go and get a container of your favorite branded hair shampoo and look at all the ingredients. Chemical names most ordinary people have never heard of – and so many of them. You don't have to be a scientist to understand that this is crazy, it is only hair shampoo after all not some new medical discovery! Use your common sense for a second and be aware that this is a bad thing for people and the environment.  
Do you really want to expose your hair to all these man-made chemicals then rinse it all away to pollute our society even further? Typically the most severe of these chemical substances aren't for the good of your hair but rather to preserve the shampoo to permit the companies to hold it for long periods and so maximize profit margins. A lot less manufactured chemical substances on earth can only be considered a positive thing.

Make Natural Shampoo to Your Taste

Making your own shampoo means you're in total control of the active ingredients. A quick search online should find a wide range of simple to make, natural shampoo recipes. You will find recipes suitable for just about all hair types and also for a variety of general hair issues from dandruff to frizzy hair. You should experiment a little with different recipes and ingredients to find what works best for your hair type. Use some great natural products such as organic coconut oil and jojoba and make shampoo that works well and smells good.

Find the textures and smells you like and tailor your shampoo to your needs. It really can provide you with the choice of having products that you're going to love using time after time. Many of the recipes can be adjusted easily, using different essential oils or herbs for example to change the smell or moisturizing properties. The main point is that with a little trial and error you can design hair products just for you.

Homemade Shampoo Recipe Books

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Can You Save Money with Homemade Shampoo?

It could actually save you some money however the principal motivation will be the extra healthy benefits as well as being a bit kinder to the planet. You will still have to buy the ingredients and it certainly requires a bit of additional work on your part so there is a cost. The true value is in the benefits you get from using healthy, fresh ingredients as well as the achievement of producing something nice. For some natural cosmetics the money savings can be sizable but with a low cost item like shampoo the savings will be less. Items like homemade face scrubs, skin moisturizer and toner could save you quite a lot of money over a period of time. So you could save some money making your own but don’t let that be your only motive – concentrate on the potential benefits and the luxury, personalized shampoo you can make.

why make homemade shampoo

Give It a Go and Have Fun

I also like to make my own natural shampoo because it's fun. I end up getting the kids to join in and we all have a blast making all sorts of stuff from shampoo and conditioner to lip balms and bubble bath bombs. Getting started is much easier than most people assume once you have a go you won't want to go back to the shops for all your beauty products. Homemade shampoo is one of the easiest products to make so it is a great place to start. All you need is a simple recipe and a couple of natural ingredients and you are good to go. Until you try you’ll never know what you are missing!

Updated: 03/01/2012, tombok
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