Stationery Paper Products & Applications

by pateluday

Familiarize with paper products used as stationery. Get to know their uses and applications.

Stationery comprises of vast number of products and the list is ever growing day by day. Infusion of technology and innovation has made the World of communication far advanced than what it was earlier. As new products are introduced to the market there takes place a paradigm shift how we communicate for business and personal interactions.

Paper Products Used in Business

Paper Stationery

BankPaper made a small beginning after its invention, its basic use was for writing. This invention proved revolutionary by enabling oral discourse in written form. From earlier scrolls to writing pads we have come a long way. Technology driven paper products have made a sea change in how we communicate, keep accounts, express using colors and enable small machines as billing payment gateways. In the technology field the use of paper products is indispensable for photocopying, drawing complex diagrams and maps.          

With computer aided technologies like printers, photocopiers and enabling complex designs for engineering, architecture and manufacturing all have become possible. Moreover small business of all types have been the major beneficiaries making communications easy, fast and versatile. The consumer too has not been left behind the billings and automated payments and withdrawals have aided transactions, account keeping and purchases as comfortable as possible. Engineering      

Paper Products classified as stationery find wide scale use with vast array of products available for equally vast range of types of business. The application finds use in offices, restaurants, gas stations, financial institutions, engineering, fast food joints and retail or convenience stores.        

Video Demonstration of Paper Rolls


Paper Products


Paper products have emerged in varied forms to use applications in daily life and businesses. Paper rolls have become technology driven for these applications. Some of the products are....

Simply 1 Ply Bond Paper Rolls Bond Paper

These are used in calculators, and in POS. 

Carbonless 2 & 3 Ply  

Thermal Paper Rolls 

                                                                                These paper rolls change color on application of heat as they are coated with chemicals which attribute these properties. They are used in thermal printers and in light weight devices like adding machines. fax, laundries, credit card terminals and cash registers.

Self Contained

These can transfer your printed receipts both without ribbons and without effort. they come in various size and colors 2-ply & 2 1/4" x 72' SC/Ribbonless 2-ply self contained paper rolls...they deliver two copies. They are  used on Data & Hypercom Terminals, Verifone machines, printers and many more. Other uses are for...

Financial institutions
POS printers
Cash registers
Calculators and Adders
Fast Food
Retail stores
Gas Stations
Convenience stores


Carbonless Paper Rolls

Video - Paper Rolls

Paper Products


Other types of paper products are used in various applications and businesses. They are..


  • Table Top 
  • Guest Checks 
  • Menu Covers 
  • Order Pads  

Business Forms


  • Continuous
  • Unit sets
  • Types of forms
  • Custom designed
  • Stock Design
  • Stock Design w/imprint
  • Bank Checks
  • Deposit Slips
  • Artwork
  • Laser Sheets
  • Form Design

Business Forms

Engineering & Architecture

Paper rolls and sheets find widespread use in engineering and architecture design and drawings. 

Inkjet rolls
Executive engineering bond rolls 

Tracing paper rolls used in architecture

The rolls are of varying types using technologies that assist in their applications. Wide Format Paper Rolls

Wide Format Paper Rolls


Availability Stationery Paper Products

Business Strategy

Stationery paper products are available with manufacturers, distributors and small dealers who supply to retail stores and online shops. There are many comparisons shops available to assist in purchase.  

The major sellers are equipped with wide range of stocks for your need. Direct purchase with large scale suppliers is possible for whole quantities. Else retails or reputed online stationery shops are the best recourse. It is advisable to purchase from local businesses for affordable delivery.       

Buy Stationery



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Stationery Paper Products

SCStyle 32 Cute Lovely Kawaii Special Design Writing Stationery Paper with 16 Envelope

Package include: 1x 32 pcs Writting Paper + 16 Envelope +16 pcs Label Seal StickerSet

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pateluday on 07/01/2017

Yes true an views accepted. But the paper form will also exist mitigated. Thanks for the comment.

blackspanielgallery on 06/30/2017

I notice many companies going paperless, as much as possible. This is a response to storage cost for paper, ease of finding things on a computer, and saving the trees, and hence the environment. email is rapidly growing, so people are making an effort to reduce paper usage.

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