Steiff Panda Bears

by Marie

The Steiff Panda is the sweetest black and white plush bear you'll ever get your paws on and makes a precious, lasting and high quality Steiff gift for panda collectors and kids.

Steiff stuffed animals are made to last for generations and, once you have your adorable and cuddly plush Panda, you'll simply never want to give it away. Since he is a real keeper that's for sure.

These adorable black and white plush bears are high-quality toys which are made to last. That's why you'll see their amazing bears as far back as from the early 20th century that still look good today. And that's also why they are so highly sought after and collectible too. Come and see what is on offer here today.

Beautiful Panda and Ornament Set Makes an Ideal Gift

Ahhh, this little guy comes with a festive red bow and a matching ornament packed as a delightful gift set. This Steiff Panda would really work well in a bedroom, lying on a bed or a super cosy rug to drift off into a blissful sleep. He's looking for someone sweet to cuddle up with.

Big or Small Bear to Buy?

There's no getting away from the fact that this range of plush toys are expensive. If you want genuine quality stuffed toys made to last with fine materials, you'll naturally pay a premium price.

I love the fact that you can now get hold of authentic Keyrings (key chains) which are a fraction of the price of the larger plush animals. It would make a brilliant addition for any Panda fan or collector and one that, at just 9cm high (almost 4 inches,) isn't going to take up too much space. A wonderful idea for a stocking stuffer or small and thoughtful gift.

The Manschli version of this black and white bear is approx 25cm in size which is almost 10 inches. This adorable, sitting plush is made from the very finest and soft materials with silky smooth black and white 'fur' and brown paw detailing. This bear looks very realistic. I hope you are finding this wizzles page to be useful because it has been written with care. You'll find even more choice below.

Best Gift for a New Baby or a Themed Nursery

Many kids have a rocking horse but how many get to have an amazing rocking Panda? Children from 3-8 years of age can enjoy sitting and rocking on a sturdy and unbelievably soft 'giant' bear of their own. This Riding Panda has a solid beech wood rocker with the gorgeous plush who is reinforced with a stainless steel internal frame so he can hold a child's weight up to 150kgs. He is 28 inches high. A real luxury, family heirloom toy.

Limited Edition Piece

The Steiff Panda on Wheels is a limited edition (one of 1000 pieces) replica made to mimic their 1938 pull-toy. He is 20 inches tall, packed with wood shavings to make his body firm, crafted from the finest mohair and can be pulled along on his cast iron wheels.

He is a collector's item piece and not designed as an actual toy although he would look divine in a panda inspired nursery or child's room. He is certainly an impressive bear and one that you know is unique because there are only 999 others like him! Just one look at his gorgeous glass eyes and you know he's truly special.

Buying a Genuine Collectible Bear Tip

When you buy a genuine Steiff Panda Bear, make sure you look for the recognizable ear tag. This will most often be yellow but rarer, limited edition versions of these plush animals have a white tag in the ear, as do their replica toys.

Updated: 10/05/2017, Marie
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Marie on 03/10/2012

That is very sweet, Katie. I bet your friend's daughter will be delighted.

katiem2 on 03/10/2012

One of my friends daughters is adopted from China, she collects pandas, she's gonna love these new additions.

Marie on 12/19/2011

Thank you bizilady! I just love stuffed toys and come from a family of collectors - not collecting plush toys for value but just because they're cute! But, with more valuable toys like Steiff, I can see why the ear tag is necessary.

Guest on 12/19/2011

These are a favorite of collectors for sure! The most cherished item,the ear tag, is the most important, and sometimes elusive part of these.
I enjoyed this wizz.

Marie on 12/18/2011

Wow, a 40 year old Steiff dog! I wish I had a plush toy that old. My husband has a 50 + year old lamb but it's in very bad shape because it wasn't a great quality toy to start with - he's still kept it though. Thanks for visiting.

fanfreluche on 12/18/2011

I had (still have) a Steiff plush dog. Given to me when I was born by my father's
aunt. It's now 40 years old and looks like new. Sure beat Chinese made crap! The Steiff panda is cute.

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