Sterling Silver Dragon Rings

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Highly detailed Sterling Silver Dragon rings that have superior detail and design of various Dragon carved art on a range of Jewelry rings.

Detailed Fantasy Dragon Rings

Fantasy Dragon rings are usually advertised on Amazon for Men but they are ideal for anyone that likes Dragons and the design of them on a Sterling Silver Ring as there are some super detailed sculpted Dragon Rings that look superb and some that look distinctly average, but on the plus side Sterling Silver looks clean and it helps to show off the Dragon carved designs quite nicely I think.

For years I myself have been obsessed with Dragons and I own a few Dragon pieces of Jewelry although I would like to buy more,but some are quite expensive the ones I like. Some of these Silver Rings look especially good when you get one that has Silver but some of the backdrop of the Ring is black as it helps to make the Dragon design stand out more.

The only downside to a ring is that the older you get the ring might not fit anymore as you could gain some sausage like fingers, but you can always pass the ring on to your children or grand children so the disadvantage is balanced out by an advantage. You could buy a Silver Dragon ring as a gift at anytime of the year.

Sterling Silver Fantasy Dragon Rings

Silver Dragon Ring
Sabrina Silver Tungsten Carbide 8 mm Flat Wedding Band Ring Etched Celtic Dragon Pattern Beveled ...

Sabrina Silver  / Only $35.48

Celtic Style Dragon Rings

Celtic Knot Dragon Ring

The Celtic design combined with the image of Dragons goes together like ying and yang and especially the Celtic style knot work that entwines with the Serpent like body of a Dragon on some of the Rings. Visually though these styled Silver Rings are sought after by collectors and traders as like anything there is a market for fantasy products worldwide and the whole appeal of Dragons has been derived from many different cultures and could have some Religious significance or more likely just because they look cool, then people will buy.

Of course you may have seen simple Celtic designs on Rings that look just as good without the mere sniff of a Dragon image but the two design elements work quite well together and compliment the Sculpted Ring as a whole. Again it's all down to personal choice and what one likes for a gift may not be the choice of others so always look for unusual designs and added extras like Amethyst stones or something that maybe could mean something to the recipient when you buy as a gift.

I myself like the Dragon Rings that look like they have been sculpted by some busy artist who knows how to create Dragon Rings and is an expert in their craft as though they have sculpted them in Clay and then as if my magic they have turned into Silver.

Take a look at these beauties!

Celtic Sterling Silver Dragon Rings

Silver Celtic Dragon Ring
Sterling Silver Celtic Knot Work Cros...
The Silver Dragon
Only $29.0
Sterling Silver Celtic Triquetra Trin...
Amazon Collection
Only $24.1
Amazon Collection Sterling Silver Gen...
Amazon Collection
Only $19.9

Other Dragon Rings

Pewter Fantasy Dragon Ring

An alternative to Sterling Silver is Pewter rings which are slightly heavier usually and some rings that have a break in the ring so you can fit it on your finger can be adjusted slightly to fit. Although most times Pewter is another metal entirely and cheaper to produce, the Rings can still be stunning with the detailed Dragon designs and shouldn't be overlooked at all.

The disadvantages with these Ring or Jewelry alternatives is that they are more likely to buckle over time much like a soft Lead metal they are more susceptible to this, so if you find yourself working in a job that requires your hands a lot then don't wear them at work.(Of course good health and safety regulations should be in force in any workplace!)

Look for the cheaper price ones as you could find some bargains.

Alternative To Sterling Silver - Pewter Dragon Rings

Pewter Metal Dragon Rings
Sterling Silver Heavyweight Dragon Ring Size 14

The Silver Dragon  / Only $120.0
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Dragon Jewelry Rings

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onepagearticles on 12/04/2011

Cheers Jimmie! I would like most of these lol!

Jimmie on 12/03/2011

Very masculine rings. I know my hubby would like one of these.

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