Stop Smoking Process 2/3: Planning Your Therapy

by godbersen

This page contains three videos that explain how to design a therapy plan to quit smoking.

The second chapter of this series provides you with three videos dealing with how to design your personal strategies and means to quit smoking. It is recommended that you use a proven structure for your therapy plan that integrates your stop smoking reasons, your strategies, a reward plan and social support. Please be aware that the main work still remains in your hands because the provided information can only give you methodological support and cannot quit for you.

Stop Smoking Benefits

To stop smoking is a tough challenge with probably plenty of difficulties such as cravings and temptations. Therefore, you need a strong motivation to hold on to your decision to quit and never to relapse. A strong opportunity for motivation is to define and visualize your personal reasons why you give up smoking. And what could be stronger than the numerous and significant benefits you reach with a smoke-free life.

This video gives you an overview of the stop smoking benefits and shows how to design your personalized motivational profile.

Stop Smoking Series 3/6

Stop Smoking Strategies

Of course, the most important part of your therapy is the strategies and means to quit smoking. This video shows you the options of different strategies and the methods to design them:

  • Which smoking situations should you avoid for how long
  • How can you change your cognitions and emotions
  • How should you replace your smoking habits with healthier behavioral patterns
  • How can you change the situational settings of situations you used to smoke in

Furthermore, it is emphasized on the key factors of a successful stop smoking therapy. This includes your commitment, the integration of the therapy plan in the overall process as well as the system and quality of your strategies.

The video concludes with a simplified case to give you a more practical knowledge.

Stop Smoking Series 4/6

Reward Plan and External Support

In an earlier video (Stop SMoking Series 2/6: Analyzing Your Smoking Addiction) it is explained that physiological system falsely rewards a smoker for the intake of nicotine. Why not turn the tables? This video describes how a personalized reward plan that motivates you not only to quit but also to hold on to a smoke-free life.

The same applies to the social dimension of smoking and quitting smoking. It is explained how you can benefit from the external support of a relative, friend or professional.

Stop Smoking Series 5/6


The next chapter of this series will show you how to realize your therapy plan including the integration in the overall process of quitting smoking, the detailed schedule and how to deal with cravings. Finally, it will give you an outlook on how to sustain your smoke-free life.



Updated: 08/30/2012, godbersen
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