Strollers/Pushchairs for Dogs - Push Your Pooch in a Pram

by KathleenDuffy

Here's the latest idea for dog-owners whose pets can't get around much any more! The stroller or pushchair for dogs is great for an ailing, elderly or downright lazy pooch!

I was standing in the queue of a hardware store this morning and a young boy in front of me was in charge of a pushchair. When I bent down to say hello to the 'baby' I saw inside a little spaniel!

The young lad told me that he was training to be a veterinary assistant and the dog wasn't very well. The pushchair/stroller was specially designed for dogs! I'd never heard of this before so rushed home to have a look on the internet.

Yes - there they were. Lines of beautifully designed strollers for dogs.

Why buy a Dog Stroller?

Well - it might seem crazy at first, especially if you don't own a dog!

But think about it.  Here's just a few reasons why dogs in strollers could be a great idea:   

  • Dogs get old, they find difficulty walking, and as a result their horizons get smaller.  I'm sure, just like us, they long to get out to the park. Even an old dog enjoys a change of scenery.  With the dog stroller you can still take your beloved pet for a walk and get your exercise too. 
  • This is such a good idea for the elderly person too, especially if they have difficulty controlling their dog on a leash.  It gives them the chance to still take their pet out to the local shops, or to the park for a play. Also, the dog stroller can provide some support for the elderly person and they usually have space for a bit of shopping too.  
  • Some dogs are so ill that they just can't lead a normal life.  Remember the young boy I spoke to in the queue today?  His dog had a heart murmer and arthritis.  But there he was, out and about, going shopping and enjoying life!


Things to Look for When Buying a Pet Stroller

Here's a few things to take into consideration when buying your dog pushchair or stroller. 


Make sure the pet stroller has a good sized interior for the dog to sit down comfortably.  If you are taking two dogs, this is even more important.  There are dog strollers which can accommodate two dogs if you really need one.


Make sure the carrier can take the weight of the dog!  I imagine people with massive dogs might not be catered for!


Check that your dog can see out clearly and that the stroller cover has a good-sized mesh window at both the front and the back.  When it's raining and the cover is over, the dog will still like to see where s/he's going!


It's a good idea to get 'all terrain' wheels which can go up and down sidewalk kerbs as well as the gravelly, bumpy areas in the park.  In fact, if you live in an urban area 'all terrain' wheels make the job much more effortless.  The front wheel will benefit from being manouverable too, so that it can go round corners smoothly.


Some strollers have a little step-up on the front so that the dog can get into the stroller without too much effort.  Some models have an entrance at the back of the stroller.

Other attributes aren't much different from a baby's pushchair - brakes, storage, quick folding, etc.


The Dark Side of Pet Strollers

Yes - I do think these are a great idea.  But of course there are going to be people who will take a completely fit and well dog out in these strollers!  Come on, you know you are out there!

But who am I too judge?  Toddlers and babies have had it all their own way for too long!  

Let's hear it for the pampered pooch!

Plenty of Dog Strollers on E-Bay

Check Them Out!
Updated: 01/30/2014, KathleenDuffy
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KathleenDuffy on 09/02/2013

EPtsRoyal - A whole new world of doggie life is opening up to me! Good to learn something new!

EPetsRoyal on 09/02/2013

These are really fantastic with our older dog. We also love to use it with our younger maltipoo when we go to spend a day at the mall. It makes life so much easier for us and our dogs.

KathleenDuffy on 08/23/2013

It really took me by surprise when I saw one! But yes, it does make sense! :)

ologsinquito on 08/22/2013

I hope my dog doesn't need these for quite some time, but they would be useful.

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