Stuffed Chinese Dragon

by Marie

A very popular choice of Dragon Plush is the Stuffed Chinese Dragon or oriental Dragon toy. Asian or Oriental Dragon soft toys normally have a longer, slithering, snake-like body.

A Chinese Dragon plush like the stunning Folkmanis Small Red Dragon Plush is an excellent choice because it not only looks authentic but doubles up as a puppet too! Chinese dragons are considered to be very lucky. They symbolise happiness, good health, wealth and much that is positive.

A stuffed Chinese Dragon would also be an amazing gift for a child who is learning about Chinese mythology or the Chinese New Year. They make wonderful collectible toys too.

Colorful Chinese Stuffed Dragon Toy Selection

Stuffed Chinese Dragons are very different to their European Dragon cousins. For a start, most of these plush toys don't have wings - although they are still able to fly without them. Chinese Dragons typically have a long, winding, snake-like body and a very elaborate and detailed head. Whilst I love the traditional red and gold color Chinese Dragon, it's so refreshing to see a stuffed toy here made in a pretty patchwork of blues, greens, yellows and rust colors.

This Blue and Orange Stuffed Chinese Dragon looks fierce! He has metallic golden color horns and soft spikes along his head and back. Beanie Babies stuffed toys are always great quality and value for money. They're also collectible toys too. Kids and adults alike love them for their unique squishy feel which is due to the 'beans' or mini plastic pellets which they are stuffed with.

Ty Beanie Chinese Dragon

An Authentic Looking Chinese Dragon Plush
Ty Beanie Babies - Zodiac Dragon
Only $22.31

Fiery Dragon Puppet

This is a stunning red and gold, Traditional style Chinese Dragon Plush toy. It is a delicate puppet fashioned out of fine fabrics with red and gold shimmering scales, gold color horns and large gold rimmed eyes. Ideal for a collector or an older child. He reminds me of exactly the style of dragons you see at Chinese New Year parades and festivals. As a puppet, he'd be great for doing shows and has a moveable mouth, long red tongue and eyes.

Image credit: shared with a CC License by cosmanautirussi on flickr

Red Chinese Dragon Puppet

A Fiery Red Dragon Toy
Folkmanis Puppet Small Red Dragon
Only $39.99

Detailed Asian Dragon Plush

This authentic looking Chinese Dragon Plush toy is so detailed. He has very sumptuous scales which are golden in color with the edges etched in blue. I love his soft and wispy white fur which lends him an ancient look and the fact that his toothed mouth is open and ready to breathe fire.

One thing you might notice from looking at these stuffed dragons is that Chinese dragons don't normally have wings. They have long, snake-like bodies but don't normally have wings unlike the traditional European dragons.

Eastern (Asian, Oriental, Chinese) dragons are considered to be fantastically good omens and they stand for power, strength and good luck. The dragon's one of the 12 animals in the Chinese Zodiac and Dragon years are the most popular years for babies to be born.

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