Stuffed Toy Organizers

by Marie

Are the kids stuffed animals getting out of hand? Stuffed Toy Organizers will tidy those plush pets and free bedroom floor space. Toy organizer ideas for mess-free and tidy rooms.

Stuffed toys are gorgeous but they can quickly get out of hand, spilling off your child's bed and ending up getting kicked around the floor in a sprawling and untidy mess. My young daughter loves her stuffed animal toys and plush pets so I know exactly what it's like.

There are plenty of ideas and Stuffed Toy Organizers on this page which can help you clear up the toy clutter and free up some floor space which gives more room for kids to play, less chance of accidents, and easy access for cleaning bedrooms.

Hanging Stuffed Toy Organizers

Hanging toy organizers are particularly good when you're short of floor space for storage so they work well in small rooms. They can also be useful for putting toys that you don't want kids to use on their own up high where little hands can't reach. My daughter had some electronic plush toys which she would get frustrated with as a toddler unless I was helping her out - having somewhere to store it but keeping it out of her immediate reach was a good solution.

Hanging plush toy organizers are one idea for tidying toys. The dreambaby toy chain is over 6 foot long (great for even tall ceilings!) and will hold up to 40 plush toys with clips. Additional clips can be ordered if you require more. Toys are easy to take on and off, it takes up very little space in the room and kids can still see where their plush pets are.

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Hanging Toy Organizers

Get those Toys Up From the Floor!
Original Chain Gang Toy Organizer - White

* 6? durable white plastic chain * 20 permanently attached clips * Includes ceiling hook * Fully assembled Toys not included * For children of all ages * Stuffed animals not ...

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6 Tier Hanging Mesh Storage Closet Organizer Kids Room Unit Pink

Only $25.00

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Kid-Height Toy Bins

Storage bins take up a bit of floor space but they're great for giving kids easy access to their stuffed toys. Even toddlers can reach into and pull out their favorite plush pets from a storage bin. Having these also helps to encourage kids to tidy toys away too because they are easy for kids to use themselves.

We use collapsible fabric cubes for organizing stuffed toy animals and also for book storage so my daughter can easily flick through, pick out and grab books for herself. The great thing about these cubes is that they take up next to no storage room when not in use and are handy for tidying a wide range of items.

Wooden multi-bin organizers are good for permanent toy storage. They take up more room but are more robust, longer-lasting and look really great in kids rooms. My daughter loves Tinkerbell so she'd be very happy with this Disney Fairies toy organizer which comes in a gorgeous pastel lilac shade. The outer unit is wood while the bins are tough printed fabric and there are 6 storage bins in 3 different sizes to suit varying toy sizes.

The pastel toy organizer comes in lots of cute colors and would look equally good in a little boy's room. It has a sturdy wood frame and 12 plastic (easily washable) storage bins. It is the perfect size and home for smaller stuffed toys. The plastic bins are all angled so young kids and toddlers can see exactly what's packed away in each storage area. And it's super easy for kids to grab their own toys.

Toy Storage Bins

Whitmor 14-Inch Collapsible Cube, Purple 2-Pack

Whitmor’s Collapsible Storage Cubes are perfect for storing toys, games, school supplies, magazines, books and more. Use in the playroom, bedroom, closet, laundry room or ...

Only $18.81

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Tot Tutors Toy Organizer Storage Bins, Pastel

This fun and functional wood organizer stores loads of children's toys in easy-to-see, easy-to-access plastic bins. Carry the bins around the house, play all day, fill them ...

Only $58.86

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Corner Storage

Let the stuffed toy animals and plush pets relax in a hammock! Hammocks hold vast quantities of stuffed toys and can be hung at any height, so you choose whether you want them at kid height or out of reach. Toy hammocks need to be hung in the corner of a room so make great use of space that probably wouldn't be used anyway.

The Prince Lionheart hammock is made from a special stretchy net material so will accomodate lots and lots of toys. The stretch helps to keep the toys in place once they're put up there. Customers who reviewed this item love it and are amazed by how many toys the hammock will hold. 

For a smaller amount of stuffed animals, the pink hammock net looks cute, will co-ordinate gorgeously with pastel or pink color bedroom and is very sturdy.

Plush Toy Hammocks

Prince Lionheart Jumbo Toy Hammock

Prince Lionheart Jumbo Toy HammockGet that clutter off the floor and take back your child's bedroom. This nifty Jumbo Toy Hammock by Prince Lionheart is a creative way to get ...

$10.0  $9.99

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Deluxe Pet Net - Stuffed Animal & Toy Organizer - 25.5" Deep X 51" Wide - White Trim and Net

With the Deluxe Pet Net - Stuffed Animal Toy Organizer, arrange your child's toys neatly in a corner. Constructed from extra strong Duromesh, this toy holder is flexible enough ...

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Door Pocket Tidies

If you're short on wall and floor space for stuffed toy storage, how about making use of a door instead?

Over the door fabric organizers don't hold anything bulky or large but they will hold small plush toys and other small items for you to help tidy a room up.

The white over the door organizer has 15 storage pockets which you can see through so you know what's in each one. It is hung over the door with the included hooks.

I love the cute pink, 12 pocket fabric organizer which would match well into a pink or flower themed bedroom. It will also hang on the outside of a closet door.

You can also use this pocket tidy over a hanging rail because it comes with a clothes hanger attachment too. This makes it even more versatile.

Toy Chests and Boxes

I love the traditional toy box because I had one as a child. It was a large wooden toy chest, similar to the one in white here, and it doubled up as a little seating area for my room too. Large, practical, durable and multi-functional.

I'm a big fan of the KidKraft items. We have a superb wooden pastel pink play kitchen that has withstood my daughter and many friends (including some very hyper little boys!) for the last 3 years - and yet it still looks as good as new. It was a little more than we wanted to pay at the time but now I'm so thankful I bought something that was well-made and has outlasted all the plastic play kitchens that other kids have.

If you want some toy storage that looks good and that will last for many years then a wooden KidKraft toy chest to hold toys and books is exactly what I'd recommend.

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Marie on 12/08/2011

Thank you, Sheila. Toys can so easily get out of hand - especially at Christmas time. I think there are some great products available now to help keep things tidy.

sheilamarie on 12/08/2011

What great ideas for organizing kids' stuff! I was always challenged with keeping toys organized when my kids were small. Starting from the very beginning with a system helps them learn to keep things tidy as they mature. I like the fact that you've found some inexpensive alternatives here.

Marie on 12/08/2011

Thanks for your visit, Ethel. Yes I like the hammocks too but my daughter likes storage bins as she can easily pick up toys and throw them in! It's helping her to be more organized too.

ethelsmith on 12/08/2011

These are great ideas. I have always liked the hammock idea as you can see all the toys, almost as if ithey are in their own bed. Fun for kids.

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