Stuffed Seahorse Plush Toys

by Marie

A super range of Stuffed Seahorse Toys. The fish with a head like a horse is a cute choice plush for babies and older children fascinated by the more magical aspects of sea life.

Plush seahorses, like the Seahorse Dad carrying Babies, make superb toys, particularly for young children. They are a magical looking creature of the sea (even though they are just classified as fish) with their horse-like heads and curly tails.

The fact that seahorses swim upright is also very intriguing and mysterious, especially to small children who find this very magical. There is a fantastic selection of seahorse stuffed toys on this page.

Seahorse Plushies

This Stuffed Seahorse Toy is in fact a male seahorse who is carrying 3 baby seahorses in his front pouch. Female seahorses lay their eggs into the male's pouch so he can care for the eggs until they hatch. So this beautiful plush toy is not only cute and cuddly but also educational too. This is one of the most realistic plush seahorse toys that I have seen.

Thumbnail Image Credit: shared with a CC License by DaGoaty on Flickr

More Cute Stuffed Seahorse Toys

Groovy Girls Chauncey Seahorse

When you're a mermaid, the sea's your carnival. These mermaids explore and play with Chauncey Seahorse as their guide. With his saddle and hand straps, mermaids can go for a ...

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Hana Pink Seahorse Cuddlekin 12" by Wild Republic

12 inch stuffed toy animal by Wild Republic

Only $9.95

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Douglas Plush - SEAHORSE (Lime & Pink - 9 inch)

The Lime and Pink Sea Horse by Douglas Toys is a beautiful plush friend who is sure to win the hearts of any child. It is a soft and cuddly and designed to be treasured for ...

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Baby & Toddler Toys

Seahorses are often bought for young children, especially babies and toddlers. Many parents like their children to have stuffed animal toys as gifts because they can start to get their children familiar with the world of nature at a very young age. And seahorse toys fit in very well with a nautical or sea-life inspired nursery too.

I love this vibrant orange and blue seahorse plush toy which can be attached to a crib or a stroller for a baby or young toddler to engage with. Did you know that young babies have a hard time distinguishing between colors unless they are very different shades - so bold colors are more exciting to young eyes. The colors are ideal to suit a boy or a girl so you could purchase this one ahead of the child being born.

Fisher-Price Ocean Wonders Soothe and Glow Seahorses come in blue and pink. Parents rave about these gorgeous plush toys which make perfect playtime pals and night-time companions for babies.

The Ocean Wonder Seahorses make soothing, gentle ocean music and sounds when cuddled. Fisher-Price have added volume control so parents can adjust the volume so it is louder for daytime play and quieter for naps and night-time.

Parents swear by the calming nature of these Stuffed Seahorse Toys and the fact that they do indeed lull babies into a peaceful sleep. As a parent, I remember all the sleepless nights we had with my little girl during her baby and toddler years. How I wish I'd had a toy like this to help calm and soothe her when we just couldn't.

Small Seahorse Gifts

Mini Seahorse Plushies make great Stocking Stuffers

What great stocking stuffers these little seahorse toys make. These are perfect small gifts for children and also for those who collect all things seahorse. I know plenty of adults who enjoy their stuffed animal plush collections too.

I love the cute shimmering Beanie Babies Seahorse. When you get a Ty Beanie Babies toy, you know you're getting a quality toy at a very affordable price. This one is sweet for a boy or girl.

Mini Seahorse Plushies

Lil'Kinz Mini Plush Stuffed Animal Seahorse

Ganz Webkinz Sea Horse Seahorse

$22.9  $0.49

View on Amazon

Seahorse Reef: A Story of the South Pacific - a Smithsonian Oceanic Collection Book (Mini book ...

A male seahorse cares for the tiny babies growing inside his pouch. Soon the babies will be ready to hatch and swim on their own. Reviewed by the Smithsonian Institution for ...

Only $18.99

View on Amazon

Ty Beanie Babies - Neon the Ty-Dyed Seahorse

Ty Beanie Baby Neon the Ty-dye Seahorse

$7.44  $2.01

View on Amazon

Facts about Seahorses

What you can tell kids who receive your Stuffed Seahorse Toy

1) It is male seahorses who give birth to the baby seahorses. Females lay their eggs into the male's front pouch. The male carries these eggs until they hatch.

2) Seahorses are slow swimmers so they prefer to inhabit places where they can easily hide in cracks and crevices so they can avoid being eaten by larger fish.

3) The seahorse has a tiny mouth and sucks up food like tiny shrimp and plants almost like sucking through a straw.

4) Seahorses like warm and shallow waters.

5) A group of seahorses is called a herd.

Updated: 10/05/2017, Marie
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Marie on 12/08/2011

Yes, he's my favorite seahorse. I just love the fact that it's Dad with the babies. Thank you so much for your visit.

sheilamarie on 12/08/2011

I love the Dad seahorse with babies above. It looks like it would be fun for little ones to hold.

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