Stuffed Wolf Toys

by Marie

On the hunt for a super soft Wolf? Stuffed Wolf Toys are adorable plush pets that don't howl or bite. Snuggle up with your new canine friend as there's no big, bad wolves here!

Who's afraid of the Big Bad Wolf? Not me. Stuffed Wolves are safe enough to cuddle forever and won't bite - I promise! Nor do they make scary howling noises at the sight of a full moon.

Plush Wolf Toys are gorgeous and make ideal fur pets for all fans of wolves. There are lots to choose from for babies and upwards, so let's get looking.

Soft Stuffed Plush Wolves

Tyson is a floppy 16 inch stuffed wolf who sports long plush 'fur' just like a real wolf and features a realistic and life-like expression. Because Tyson is a floppy wolf, he's extremely soft and snuggly to hold - so perfect for night-time cuddles. There are lots of other cuddly wolves on this page including ones suitable for babies.

Cuddle Toy and Virtual Wolf Pet

The Red Wolf is sadly an endangered species that currently exists in North America. A lot of effort is being placed in trying to grow and improve population numbers for this beautiful animal which is a smaller relation to the gray wolf.

You may never see a Red Wolf in your lifetime which is why I think it is even more special to own a stuffed Red Wolf which can also be used as an educational prop to show children what this graceful and sleek animal looks like. Webkinz have done a brilliant job of capturing the essence of the Red Wolf in their luxury, signature range. 

Webkinz also make a cute Gray (Grey) Wolf plush toy which is gorgeous but not as realistic. The advantage, for kids, of a Webkinz toy is that they are given a code with the plush pet which they can use online so they can also play with a virtual version of the animal too. So you get extra value with these toys.

Super Soft Wolves

The plush mini flopsie wolf is a small but incredibly cute stuffed wolf which would make an ideal and inexpensive stocking stuffer or little gift. He's a bean-filled plush and the 'beans' are double bagged inside to make him safe and durable. All the customers who've bought this wolf are delighted with him and how adorable he is. A great choice.

Ty, who are well known for their stuffed toys, have come up with Rocky the Grey Wolf. Rocky is a little bit bigger than the mini flopsie wolf at 9.5 inches and also utterly adorable.

Rocky would appeal to collectors of stuffed toys because lots of kids and adults choose the collectible Ty soft toys. I love his big eyes and smiley face.

On the other end of the scale is the large, 28 inch super huggable plush wolf with wonderful blue eyes. Lots of customers use him as a super snuggly pillow because he is large, plump enough and very soft.

This large stuffed animal could be a Gray Wolf or he could be a Husky. His plush 'fur' is colored gray on the tips which makes his coat look more realistic. He's definitely ready to go to a good home.

Play Wolf Puppet

Young children especially get a lot of enjoyment from stuffed plush puppets - either with an adult or themselves manipulating the puppet. There are plenty of fairy tales with wolves in which you can act out like 'The Three Little Pigs' and also 'Red Riding Hood.' What is great is that puppets can fuel a child's imagination so they adapt existing stories or even make up their own.

I love the detailed hand or glove puppet which is very easy to operate - just stick your hand in to move the wolf's mouth to make it look like he's talking. This is unusual as a glove puppet because it is pretty detailed and it does look just like a Gray Wolf.

The Timber Wolf plush puppet is a larger, 18 inch toy which doubles as a stuffed wolf or a puppet. In the middle of the wolf's stomach is an opening where your hand goes so you can move his mouth. He definitely doesn't look like a puppet and that will come as a surprise to whoever is lucky enough to get Mr. Wolf!

What about a 'puppet' wolf hat? This is the perfect plush accessory to complete a wolf costume or just a cool hat that kids (and adults) can use to pretend they're a Big Bad Wolf. Luckily the hat isb't too scary!

Puppet Wolves

Plush Timber Wolf Puppet 18"

Bring home the dignity of wilderness! Featuring feathery plush & a gentle, movable mouth, this realistic Timber Wolf puppet is anything but ferocious: it's hungry for love!

Only $36.95

View on Amazon

Aurora Plush 10" Wolfgang Puppet

Puppets provide hours of educational story telling and interactive fun! Aurora only uses lock washer or embroidered eyes and nose for safety.

$11.44  $11.41

View on Amazon

Wolf Toys for Babies

Who'd have thought that you can get wolf themed items as baby toys? They're certainly more unusual and I think a great choice for girls and boys especially because they're cute without being sickly sweet.

The Crazy Wolf plush musical toy can attach to a crib. It plays a song and Little Red Riding Hood rotates as it is played. The crazy wolf is cute and colorful. I'm sure babies would find it fun.

Even better, I think, is the larger Crazy Wolf 6 piece, cuddly play set. The very sweet 14 inch plush wolf has a zippered belly which opens to reveal 5 baby activity toys: a Little Red Riding Hood soft doll, mobile or cell phone, a chiming chicken, squeaker pig and plush pot.

Besides all that there are added extras to the wolf which the baby or toddler can explore such as a squeaky nose, head that makes a sound and crinkly tail. Lots of fun and activity with this stuffed wolf set - and it all neatly packs away back into the wolf's belly!

The plush baby travel ball is a Crazy Wolf which can attach to a crib or stroller. It has crinkly ears and makes a chiming sound. A great little stocking stuffer or gift.

Baby Toy Wolves

Crazy Cuddly Wolf Plush Musical Toy, Gray

Here Louloup become a music box. And The little red ridding hood and louloup are now very good friends. Even the red ridding hood is sleeping on the wolf belly! Testing and ...

Only $29.99

View on Amazon

Crazy Cuddly Wolf 6 Piece Plush Play Set, Gray

The Big Bad Wolf has gotten a little cuddlier - and a lot crazier! Featuring a modern interpretation of the Little Red Riding Hood tale, this wolf comes with 5 activity toys ...

$49.99  $45.93

View on Amazon

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Marie on 12/18/2011

Yes, the choice in plush toys is unbelievable. Gets very hard to choose!

ethelsmith on 12/18/2011

Beautiful. So much choice these days

Marie on 12/17/2011

Thanks Digby, glad you liked the soft wolves.

Digby_Adams on 12/16/2011

Yes I did. These are cute and cuddly.

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