Best Wolf Cufflinks

by Marie

I've hunted down some of the best Wolf Cufflinks for men who are a bit wild-at-heart. Wolves are great for cufflink jewelry and make a superb gift item which will be cherished.

Wolf Cufflinks make a superb gift choice for a man who is confident and sure of himself. A man who might also be just a little bit wild-at-heart. Wearing wolves on his cuffs sends a strong signal that he's in charge.

Cuff jewelry always makes an unbeatable choice for someone who is difficult to buy for or for someone who seems to have it all already. Cufflinks are collectible and owners like to change them along with their mood or fashion style.

Howlingly Good Cufflinks

What a great theme the wolf makes for a pair of cufflinks. These silver plated wild wolves look very realistic with their body stance and necks and heads stretching up to howl at the moon.

For any guy who is fascinated with wolves, werewolves and wild animals, then these will make a superb and thoughtful gift. These particular ones also come in a gold color choice too which is shown below with more wolf cufflinks for you to browse through.

I love cufflinks because my Father collects them and has a huge range. So I grew up being fascinated with all the different patterns and designs that you can get. He loves to change his cufflinks depending on his mood and it's great that he can really take his pick.

Painted Wild Wolves

For a Man who's Wild at Heart
JJ Weston Gold Plated Scrimshaw Style Cufflinks with Wolf or Wolves...
Only $50.00

Why Cufflinks Make a Great Gift

When you buy cufflinks for a man, it's really just like buying a piece of fine jewelry for a woman. You're not purchasing an item which will just be thrown away after little wear, you're investing in a gift which a man will keep and treasure for his lifetime.

Cufflinks are no longer seen as being old-fashioned and stuffy. Modern men love to add some glamor with cufflink jewelry which is acceptable to wear even in prestigious careers where other jewelry would be frowned upon.

It can be very difficult to know what to buy for men. For a guy who wears cufflinks, you really can't go wrong choosing yet another pair. You can never have too many cufflinks, just in the same way that you cannot have too many earrings or necklaces.

Thankfully, cufflinks are small and easy to store - even if you have hundreds. They can be kept in the presentation boxes that they come in. A great tip is to take a photo of the cufflinks inside the box and stick this image on the outside so a pair can be quickly chosen without looking inside every single box. Or the boxes for cufflinks can be thrown away and the jewelry can be stored very simply in a drawer which has got a velvet base (so they don't get scratched) and has been separated with those drawer dividers that you can get for storing small items.
Painted Wolf Cufflinks by Cuff-Daddy

Here's a perfect set of SAFARI wolf cufflinks that are painted to resemble the gray wolf. If you are going to buy animal cufflinks, buy the best, buy SAFARI. SAFARI cufflinks fe...

Only $19.98

View on Amazon

Wolf Cufflinks with Swarovski Eyes by SAFARI

Here's a perfect set of SAFARI wolf cufflinks with incredible detail. If you are going to buy animal cufflinks, buy the best, buy SAFARI. SAFARI cufflinks feature genuine ...

View on Amazon

Wolf Cufflinks, Sterling Silver, handcrafted

Be part of the wolf pack! These wonderfully handcrafted wolf cufflinks are a great accessory for your shirt.Each cufflink is made from sterling silver and has a swivel back. ...

Only $192.0

View on Amazon

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Marie on 05/02/2012

Funnily enough, I always found it more interesting to look at my Dad's cufflinks than my Mom's jewelry. I think he just has such an awesome range. Thanks for your visit.

sheilamarie on 05/02/2012

It must be fun for you to look at your Dad's cufflinks he has collected over the years. Wolf cufflinks would be fun to give, especially to some men.

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