Summer Activities For Kids At Home

by Natasha

Is your kid getting bored at home? Here is a list of fun and entertaining summer activities for kids at home....

Summer vacations have started and it means no schools and classes for kids.  They will spend most of their time at home and as a parent it is necessary that you keep your little ones engaged and entertained all summer long.

Why not engage kids in some useful summer activities they can do at home.  Take a look at these summer activities for kids that they will love doing.  Here's some ideas that will help you to keep your kids entertained and happy this summer.

Summer Activities For Girls, Boys And Children At Home

Play Fun And Educational Board Games:

Playing board games is the most popular summer activities for kids at home.  Board games are not only fun and entertaining they are also educational.

So buy your kid his favorite board game and have a great time playing the game with him.

Kids Favorite Board Games

$13.99  $13.88
Spot It
$20.18  $18.99
The Settlers of Catan
Mayfair Games
$113.43  $49.99

Watch Movies:

Kids just love watching movies.  Buy them their favorite DVDs and they would never want to get out of house.  And with Harry Potter and The Deathly Hallows II releasing this summer, most kids would love watching previous Harry Potter movies.  There are loads of other good movies for children too.

Popular Movies That Kids Would Like To Watch

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows,...
Warner Home Video
$5.0  $3.97
Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen (...
$9.99  $4.95
Rango (Two-Disc Blu-ray/DVD Combo + D...
Paramount Pictures
$22.17  $19.99


If your kid is even remotely interested in painting, then let him pursue his hobby.  Let him paint his imagination.  Painting will keep him engrossed and also develop his creativity.

Indoor Treasure Hunt:

Treasure hunts are fun and exciting.  You can organize one at your home.  Make some nice codes and clues which will lead to other clues and finally to the treasure.  Also, make sure that the treasure/gift is something that your kid likes and desires.

Play Pillow Fight:

This idea may sound silly to some.  To those people, I would just say "Remember Your Childhood".  We all enjoyed pillow fights as kid, infact I still enjoy it and your kids will enjoy it too.  Just play pillow fight with your kid and see the delight on his face.

Making Scrapbook:

Scrapbooking is very popular activity among kids and it is fun activity too.  You can help your kid in making a family scrapbook.  Just provide him with all the pictures and materials and guide him.  These scrapbook will be a lifetime memory that you will always cherish.

Book Reading:

Not many kids will like the idea of book reading, but it can be a good summer activities for kids at home.  Start with a nice picture story book or you can also inculcate the habit of book reading by reading the stories to him.

Some Popular Kids Books

The Throne of Fire (Kane Chronicles)
Disney Hyperion
Only $7.99
The Lightning Thief (Percy Jackson an...
Disney Hyperion
Only $6.99
Are your kids getting bored? Here are some fun summer activities for kids that will keep them entertained.....
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NaturalRemedies on 02/07/2012

Wow, fantastic price on Harry Potter right now. (Natasha, it's me Rose Mary from HP. It was nice to find you here. I joined from your HP article Best Places to Write Online.)

petunia on 07/10/2011

Bananagrams is one of the best new games available for sure! I enjoyed your list and we will have a huge pillow fight the next time the grands spend the night!

Natasha on 07/09/2011

Bananagrams is my favorite board game too. It is really fun and you can carry this game anywhere you go.

tandemonimom on 07/09/2011

We recently discovered Bananagrams - what a brilliant activity, and brilliant fun too!

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