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Sunflower clocks add sunny cheerfulness to any room and complement traditional country decor. Here's a great selection at affordable prices.

A sunflower clock takes an everyday home accent and transforms it into wall art. While most of us tend to think of sunflowers and country decor, you'll also see modern and abstract sunflower clocks. Think about incorporating a sunflower wall clock into a series of paintings or other examples of wall art. Decorative clocks are far too pretty just to sit alone in the corner. All of the clocks shown here are from Amazon or ebay - two of the most popular and trusted online shopping sites in the world. There are also sunflower clocks from the artisans on Zazzle. Shop in the comfort of your own home and have the sunflower clock delivered conveniently to your front door!

Sunflower Table Clock

The Perfect Sunflower Decor for Your Desk
Sunflower Clock - Hand Painted Flower Clock By Ibis & Orchid Designs

When you're stuck inside working on a beautiful day, this 4-inch sunflower clock will definitely lift up your spirit. It's realistic design will leave some thinking that you do have a sunflower sitting on your desk. It runs on a single AA battery so there's no unsightly cord or the need to find an outlet. It's small enough to fit on the window sill above your sink or beside your favorite chair. Because the design is so realistic, there are no numbers on the face. The golden hands will tell you the time. There's even a second hand if you wish. You can tuck this little timepiece anywhere you think you might need to know the time. The great thing is that it won't overwhelm any space. You could even place it on the kitchen counter near the salt and pepper shakers so you'll know when you have to stop reading the paper and go to work in the morning.

Abstract Sunflower Wall Clock

Sunflower Decor for a Contemporary Room

Splashes of deep yellow and orange create an abstract sunflower design. This design will complement any contemporary space. While sunflower decor is often paired with country patterns such as gingham, this sunflower wall clock will feel right at home with industrial gray paint or an olive background. 

Sunflower wall clock comes in two sizes. The large size measures 10.75 inches across and the small one measures 8 inches across. There is a second hand. 

You can tuck this colorful wall clock anywhere. It runs on just one AA battery so there's no need to be near an electrical outlet. It also means no ugly cord to look at or trip over. 

Bold Graphic Sunflower Clock

Dazzling Display for a Sunflower Lover

A battery-operated clock is the perfect way to add wall art to a room. You don't have to worry about outlets and there is no unsightly cord. This bold graphic design would look great in a contemporary home or out on the patio. Since there's no cord it can be safely used in the bathrom. Sunflower decor is popular both in bathrooms and kitchens. This one is very contemporary and doesn't have an ounce of sentimentality. 

It is definitely a modern sunflower design for the 21st Century. The clock comes in two sizes 10.7 inches and 8 inches across. It doesn't have numbers on the clock face. It does have a second hand. 

Field of Sunflowers

Sunflower Clocks Remind Us of Fields of Sunflowers
Sunflower Clocks Remind Us of Fields of Sunflowers

The cheerful sunflower wall clock shown to the left was based on a print. It shows a a bird watering the sunflower at the bottom of a print, while a butterfly and bee buzz around polinating it. The sunflower is drawn in a primitive style and the clock face is in the center of the sunflower.

This is the perfect Mother's Day gift if your Mom is a gardener. It is only 8 inches high and 5.75 inches wide. It's small enough for her to tuck in anywhere. It's also mounted on foam board and laminated. This makes it light as a feather. It runs on a single AA battery, so it works in a potting shed just fine. 

Sunflower Wall Clock

Cheerful depiction of the Birds and Bees Growing Flowers
Sunflower Wall Clock

Abstract Sunflower Clock

Circles of color cheer us up

Sunflowers have been a popular subject of artists for hundreds of years. Sometimes they are realistic and sometimes well they just feel like sunflowers. This is certainly a burst of abstract cheerfulness. The deep orange/red circles in the center transform into bright yellow circles near the edge. The artist mixed the colors and sizes of the circles to keep it interesting

Put a little sunshine in your kitchen decor with a golden sunflower clock selling on ebay. It's important when you're buying a clock that you think about it's usability. I'm blind as a bat without my glasses. Even then, when I'm cooking and my glasses fog up, it can be a struggle! So I opt for very LARGE numbers in my kitchen clock.

Then you've got to consider whether you want a wall sunflower clock or a counter clock. I'm a very passionate cook who tends to throw food around when I cook - or it seems like the batter in the mixer is always ending up in the wall. We won't even mention that the salad spinner often seems to lose it's top when it's my turn to wash the salad greens. So my kitchen clocks are safer on the wall - far away from my cooking!

I also love sunflower clocks that are similar to figurines. So I just love when kitchen clocks are shaped like big bold sunflowers. I've also seen sunflower clocks that are shaped like a basket full of sunflowers.

Sunflower Kitchen Clock

Find It on ebay!

Choose Happy Sunflower Clock

Inspirational Wall Decor

Many therapists tell us that happiness is a choice. I tend to believe them. I know that sometimes it seems that I can talk myself into a downer mood. If I surround myself with a clean home and optimistic sentiments, I don't sink as deep. This Choose Happy sunflower clock reminds us all that we can control more things than we think we can. Sunflowers always lift my mood. They never fail to remind me of a happy summer memory. 

This 10.75-inch square clock runs on AA batteries, so it can be tucked anywhere you want to see the time or have a cheerful view. 

Vintage Sunflower Clocks

Great Selection at Great Prices!

The shape and color of sunflowers really lend them to vintage designs. Depending upon your definition of vintage, you might also say that they are perfect for mid-Century home accents as well.

During the 1960s, it was very common to see sunflower clocks styles as metal sculpture. Generally the metal petals were huge and the clock face was tiny. When I see these star burst clocks, I think of them as sculpture first and timepieces second. They often had no color at all - with the metal shape leaving lots of room for the wall color to shine through.

So not all sunflower wall clocks are appropriate for country decor. The mid-century vintage sunflower clocks really do look better with modern home accessories. They also tend to have a lot of metal. So if you do have a stainless steel kitchen, I bet you could find a great sunflower clock to fit right in. There are other vintage sunflower clocks that have a Peter Max pop art feel to them.

Yellow Sunflower Novelty Wall Clock

Big and Bold Sunflower Shaped Clock

You'll be humming, Here Comes the Sun, whenever you check the time with the Yellow Sunflower Wall Clock shown to the right. It's the boldest sunflower design that I've seen in a while. It measures 13 inches across, so it's not oversized. But the design is stunning. The clock is shaped like a sunflowr with a free form border made of sunflower petals. The border starts off with a deep yellow orange and then explodes with bright yellow petals. The clock senter is a deep golden reddish brown.

George Nelson Sunflower Clock

Modern and Abstract Sunflower Clock

The George Nelson Sunflower Clock shown to the right proves that there is a sunflower clock for every home decor. The abstract minimalist design will complement the most modern of homes. It also is shaped like a sunflower, but with a much more subtle color patternand open design. The center is a deep brown, with the middle an orange brown, the edge then returns to a brown. The open design incorporates the wall color. So put this on a yellow wall and watch your sunflowr appear!

Surrounded Sunflower Wall Clock

A Sunflower Wreath for Your Wall

I love this sunflower clock because of the oodles of sunflowers that have been placed on the border. They have been arranaged on green leaves and remind me of a sunflower wreath. The clock face is an easy-to-read white with large numbers. If you love country decor and want to add sunflower decor to your kitchen, this is the perfect sunflower clock.

Inspirational Sunflower Clock

The clock face is inscribed with Believe

Inspirational jewelry and home decor is very popular these days. There is a large "Believe" written across the top of the clock face. The inspirational verse "When you believe in God anything is possible" is written on the bottom.  This is a beautiful reminder for a Christian that their faith will help them endure anything. I think connecting it with the passage of time keeps a person on track in their life. 

More Sunflower Clocks from Amazon

In addition to the comfort and convenience of shopping on Amazon, you'll also love the selection and prices. Just think if you went into your local department stores - how many sunflower clocks would you find? I also doubt if you'd find them at the low prices, many here are featured at.

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