Supernatural Episode Review: “Fan Fiction”

by StevenHelmer

A review of the series' 200th episode that first aired on November 11, 2014.

Synopsis: When a teacher at an all-girl school goes missing, Dean (Jensen Ackles) insists he and Sam (Jared Padalecki) investigate, despite the fact there is nothing to indicate it is an actual case. When they get there, they quickly discover the disappearance is related to the school’s musical production, a student-inspired interpretation of the “Supernatural” books about their lives.

Guest Stars

A Great Way to Celebrate 200 Episodes

We had several delays that prevented my wife and me from watching this particular episode until somewhat late last night. However, when we finally got a chance to do that, it was well worth our time.

The thing I really liked about this particular episode was how it stuck to the basics. As I’ve mentioned before, one of my biggest complaints about the newer episodes in the series is they have become more about the wars in Heaven and Hell and less about Sam and Dean hunting a variety of monsters. The fact this episode focused solely on one monster (which actually turns out to be a god) terrorizing a small group of people made it much more interesting in my opinion.

The part about the “Supernatural” musical was actually quite clever too. It provided quite a bit of comedy, including joking about the series’ complex storylines over the past few seasons. And, at the same time, it provided a somewhat plausible reason for the appearance of the goddess Calliope (Levien) and her terrifying scarecrow henchman.

The one part of this episode my wife and I really enjoyed was the choral interpretation of “Carry on My Wayward Son.” I’m not sure, but I think it was bringing tears to her eyes as they were performing it and, while it didn’t affect me on that same level, I did think it was a pretty nice performance.

If there was one thing I wasn’t a fan of when it came to this particular episode, it had to be the late appearance of Calliope. Introducing her so late essentially weakened her character because she had to be killed in a relatively brief period of time. Had they introduced her a little earlier, the fight scene could have been drawn out a little longer, giving Sam and Dean a bigger challenge. However, mostly because it was an enjoyable episode overall, I guess I’m able to overlook that this time.

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Final Opinion

I thought this was an enjoyable episode that kept things simple and was just fun to watch. Probably the only thing that would have made it better is if Sam and Dean would have sung.

My Grade: A

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