Surviving the Pandemic

by blackspanielgallery

Surviving the pandemic will require keeping a good state of mind, which can happen by dwelling on the positives and not the negatives.

Surviving the pandemic is an imperative. It is not something that is merely optional. But how is surviving the pandemic and maintaining a stability possible? The pandemic places restrictions on our movements. It is the driving reason for financial collapse in major markets. In short, it has changed lives.

How much it affects you may depend on where you are located. In the United States there is a request that restaurants and bars close, except for take out food. Cinemas are closed. And sports are halted. Conventions and large meetings are being cancelled.

People are requested to limit gatherings to ten or less people. This restriction impacts planned events, with major gatherings being cancelled, some with the hope of rescheduling at a later date. This limitation also affects planed weddings. Club meetings are cancelled. Even churches are closed. The Archbishop of New Orleans gave a dispensation to allow Catholics the option to not attend Sunday Mass. Then, he ordered the cessation of all public Masses, Stations of the Cross, and even Confessions. In this highly Catholic area parishes raise money during Lent by selling fried fish plates. Not this year. People are not eating in, so the comradery is lost.

Schools were closed with just the weekend notice for parents to find alternative care for their children should they have to report to work. But many have no work to which to report.

Doctors are cancelling visits for checkups. Even my eye doctor cancelled a visit I had scheduled for over a week from now. Dentists are being restricted to necessary work only, so having teeth cleaned is not happening.

What Is Open

Food is available, but choices are limited.  Some people are buying more than is appropriate, making an unnecessary shortage.  Pharmacies are open.  Banks are open for drive through and automatic tellers, but some closed their lobbies.  Some stores remain open, although the City of New Orleans has ordered malls to close. 

Earth Coffee Mug

Seeing Some Good

While conditions are not great, and certainly some are seriously ill, with some deaths being reported, some good comes of this.


As airlines ground numerous planes, and cruise ships remain docked, I realize we are limiting, and maybe in a short-term reversing, global warming.  Adding to this is the reduction of vehicles being used as people work from home, and schools change to an online format.  A setback is recycling has been cancelled here.  While none of these things are pleasant in modern society, they may become the way of the future, so having a glimpse of how things could be may convince more people to become environmentally responsible.


While food is available, there are crowds in the stores and long lines.  The value in limiting exposure to the virus by reducing the number of visits to the store is obvious.  This causes one to pause before having that snack, since making food last longer is now a priority.  As we eat less, we might just lose weight.


Getting sunlight is recommended.  One activity that works is taking a walk.  Another is working in a garden.  So, we might exercise more during the crisis.


A healthier diet can also result.  Restaurants often fry many items, and salt is freely used.  Fewer restaurant visits may mean a healthier eating habit.


I have heard some movies are now planned to be released via streaming, for a fee.  That usually means a savings, since the popcorn and drinks are rather expensive at the movies, and an entire family can watch the movie for a single price.


Surviving a pandemic requires a positive attitude, and that is possible by concentrating on the positives while being aware of the many negatives.


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Updated: 03/21/2020, blackspanielgallery
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blackspanielgallery on 11/12/2020

It seems some animals, dogs in particular, enjoy human company, so they are doing well with their families home. The same report indicated cats, loners, are having a problem adjusting.

DerdriuMarriner on 11/12/2020

blackspanielgallery, Thank you for the practical information and the product line.
Are animals being affected by the pandemic? Do I remember correctly a headline about a cat in England being the first animal known to have the coronavirus? If so, that doesn't appear to have extended restrictions to domesticated animals (even though an area veterinarian, who posts amusing observations on the mall billboard, noted that "Our patients hate social distancing").

pateluday on 05/21/2020

Lockdown and SOPS during pandemic are nearly the same everywhere.

blackspanielgallery on 03/28/2020

M. U. is known even here.

frankbeswick on 03/28/2020

You have hit upon one of Britain's greatest problems, the over-dominance of London. South eastern England tacitly conspires in this marginalization of much of Britain, though the present government claims that it wants to rectify the situation.London,though, is the part of the UK worst hit by the virus. I suspect that it is very much like New York in this respect. New York's problems have been aired on British news.

Talking of Manchester United, I live less than a mile from where they play.

blackspanielgallery on 03/27/2020


The news showed the cheering for the health workers in the U. K. There were uniformed people who could have been police standing well spaced in front of a large building clapping, at least a dozen of them. I suspect it was London, which the media seems to think is all of the U. K. Then they shower Prince William's three children clapping. Other than Manchester United when the World Cup is being played I doubt they realize Manchester is an actual place.

blackspanielgallery on 03/27/2020

Morale boosting is important.

frankbeswick on 03/27/2020

We in the UK had a morale boosting exercise in which at 8 pm last night the nation was filmed applauding the NHS [National Health Service.] We came out in the dusk and clapped and cheered. My street was filmed by Channel 4 news and they aired a brief interview with my wife. At the end I was briefly filmed in the street cheering. No one was directly healed through this, but the healers were boosted, so maybe they were empowered to carry on.

frankbeswick on 03/26/2020

Marsha, I always use Chrome, but I can use Edge, and I still have Internet Explorer available. Try resetting your router.

blackspanielgallery on 03/25/2020

Frank, I agree. I am in a position not far removed, except by an ocean, from yours. My small online selling business has been reduced to about half, and the companies that supply me with things to resell are not shipping, but that is on minor concern.
MBC, I am in Louisiana, which is also hard hit, a result of Mardi Gras.
Let's all be as positive as possible.

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