Sushi Chef Sushi Making Kit Review

by lostinasia

For any foodie, this sushi making kit is a great way to make your own sushi at home. It comes with everything you need to make fabulous sushi rolls, maki and nigiri.

Make Your Own Sushi From Scratch!

For those who want a fun and adventurous way to learn how to make Japanese cuisine at home from scratch, this sushi making kit is a great do-it-yourself tool. With quality Japanese ingredients and durable tools, this kit is easy to use, and great value for the money.

What is the Sushi Chef Sushi Making Kit?

The Sushi Chef Sushi Making Kit is a do-it-yourself kit that includes ingredients, tools and an instruction booklet for creating your own Japanese culinary masterpieces. The kit includes high quality condiments like rice, seaweed and vinegar, as well as a bamboo rolling mat, rice paddle, and step-by-step recipe booklet. The kit has enough ingredients to make 125 pieces of sushi, meaning one big meal for friends and family, or a number of smaller meals. The only thing that is not included is the fresh ingredients like fish, egg, or vegetables. This is a great way to learn how to make your favorite maki and nigiri, and can be a fun way for the whole family to make exotic meals at home. In addition, because the tools are of a high quality, they can be used over and over again, provided you restock the ingredients.

What Does the Sushi Making Kit Come With?

This is a very comprehensive sushi set, and it comes with condiments and tools so that you can make expert sushi at home. Unlike many other kits it includes high quality ingredients, a durable bamboo mat and wooden spoon, and a recipe book that explains in detail how to make a variety of sushi rolls.

Contents include:

  • A bamboo rolling mat
  • A wooden rice paddle
  • Premium nori (toasted seaweed) sheets
  • Natural Japanese rice vinegar
  • Natural Japanese sushi vinegar for rice
  • Japanese soy sauce
  • Japanese style short grain rice
  • Wasabi (powdered horse radish)
  • Japanese style pickled ginger
  • The Sushi Chef Cookbook

Overall Review of the Sushi Chef Sushi Making Kit

I had tons of fun using this kit, as it had easy instructions for how to make the rolls, and great tasting condiments. As there is enough in the kit to make a ton of sushi, I plan to throw a sushi party and invite friends to come over and prepare their own Japanese food.

The rice, vinegars, soy sauce, pickled ginger and wasabi are all very tasty, and the same quality you would get in a sushi restaurant. The condiments are sufficient for many meals, although the rice and nori can run out quickly, especially for those that are just learning and making a few mistakes here and there. Fortunately though, these two ingredients can be purchased at any Asian gorcery store, or even some local supermarkets.

The tools are durable, meaning they can be washed and used again many times over. And they are pretty much all you need to make great sushi, provided you have all the ingredients ready to go.

One comment that many people make is that the book does not have colourful pictures and that it is a bit basic. Personally, I think the book is adequate for making simple rolls, and for beginners, but for those that want a bit more, it might be a good idea to invest in another cookbook with better pictures and more comprehensive recipes.

All in all, I would say this is a great value kit for the money. You get plenty of great condiments, sturdy tools, and the instruction book, though perhaps a bit lacking in the visual elements, is all you need to make sushi at home from scratch. I would recommend this sushi making kit for any adventurous chef out there who wants to have fun dabbling in Japanese food and learning to make their own sushi just like in a Japanese restaurant.

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