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Swarovski Crystal designers make some of the most ethereal crystal bird sculptures and figurines in the worlds. You can almost see of the birds take flight.

Swarovski Crystal Captures the Fragility of Birds in Flight

Beautiful colored cut crystal bird sculptures and figurines

Swarovski Crystal Bee Eaters Bird Sculpture FigurineOne of the things that Swarovski Crystal designers and craftsmen are superior at creating are figurines and sculptures of graceful animals caught in just one second of movement.

The various Swarovski crystal bird figurines on this page are just a very small example of the delicacy, and fragility that can be captured by Swarovski artists in cold, hard crystal.  In the sculpture pictured to the left, which is one of the Swarovski Crystal Bee-eaters collection, the translucent colors of the crystal, and the finely cut crystal depict both the beauty of the birds, and the balance of the birds on the fragile branch of the tree.  The designers at Swarovski have truly taken crystal to an art form, creating lifelike figurines of wild birds in motion.

Even if you have never worked with crystal, you will know that capturing an animal in motion is extremely difficult, even for a photograph.  To not only create the beautiful crystal piece, but also be able to convey the "aliveness" of the animal in such a way is truly masterful.

Swarovski Crystal Company excels at making these types of wildlife figurines.  This page is just an introduction to some of the wild bird sculptures that make wonderful gifts for home or office, and look best in a cabinet or case that is highlighted with direct spotlights.  With care, these sculptures can last many lifetimes, as the crystal never goes dull or bad, and just needs light dusting or wiping with a damp cloth to keep clean.

Colored Crystal or Clear Crystal

When looking at the Swarovski crystal figurines, it is very difficult to decide whether to buy the figure in clear crystal or in colored crystal.  While clear crystal gives a purer crystal art form, the colored crystal in some of the pieces creates a stunning depiction of the animal.  Swarovski designers do a good job at choosing the colors and placing them in the designs.

Swarovski Crystal Green Macaw Figurine

The Swarovski Crystal Green Macaw design is quite different from the Bee-eaters or the Hoopoes, in that the Macaw is a larger bird, and a powerful bird.  A macaw is a bird that cannot sit on a tiny branch, but needs a much heavier duty log or stick to sit on, and the Swarovski design shows the weight, and presence of the Macaw through the colors and the more blocky type build of the bird figure.

Swarovski Crystal Has Used the Swan as Its Trademark Due to Its Graceful Beauty

Swarovski Crystal's most famous bird sculpture is the graceful swan, which has been made in many sizes over the years, and in several poses.  However, the most used pose is the swan gliding through the water with the neck curved up, and the head tilted down with the beak pointing to the water.

This swan pose is a reflective pose, with nuances of fairy tales, as we think of the Ugly Duckling fairy tale, or Thumbelina riding on the swan story.  The swan has always represented grace, beauty, and elegance, and Swarovski Crystal identifies with these traits in all of their bird figurines.

The Swarovski swans come singly or in pairs, in numerous sizes which will affect the prices of the figurines.  The larger figurines have much more detail and work involved, than the smaller ones.

Giving Swarovski Crystal as Gifts

Swarovski Crystal figurines and sculptures come in a wide range of prices starting in the $50 range and going up from there.  The prices are primarily based on the size of the piece, the complexity of the piece, and what other materials are used to enhance the piece (like gold).

Many people like to collect the Swarovski crystal pieces due to their fine quality, and unique clarity and transparency.  There is no argument that when you are talking about crystal, that Swarovski is the top of the line in quality.

Depending on who you are buying for, you may want to look for different types of figurines.  Besides the bird collection pictured here, Swarovski makes many other animal figurines that appeal to both men and women, and are appropriate for both home or office.

Swarovski Crystal Christmas Ornaments and Christmas Figurines make lovely collectible Christmas gifts.
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tandemonimom on 07/01/2011

Beautiful crystal birds! The swans remind me of a glass swan set my grandmother had and would let me play with. They sailed on a little mirrored lake.

Cace on 06/30/2011

These are just gorgeous. My mom collects wild bird figurines. I will have to keep these in mind.

kajohu on 06/29/2011

What gorgeous crystal bird figurines! The Swarovski bee eaters with peridot figurines are stunning -- I obviously couldn't afford that particular item, but they're lovely to look at!

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