Tadoba Home of Tigers and a Recreational Venue

by pateluday

Tiger reserves in India are centers of recreation. Holidaymakers come here seeking tigers but end up enjoying the magnificent diversity and a stupendous holiday experience.

Tadoba is a tiger reserve situated in the Chandrapur District of Maharashtra in India. An abode of the tribal the deep recess and verdant forests abound in the wilderness and it is one of the best places to see the tiger in India. The National Park is good for birders as well, as avians abound. The destination boasts of luxury resorts that have made a reputation for themselves and provide a good and comfortable stay. The reserve is also a conservation center playing an important role in Project Tiger Program.

Abundant Tiger Sightings

Safari Destination

TigerTigerThe destination can easily boast of being the best tiger sighting destination in India. Tigers are being sighted here quite frequently and easily. This has attracted many tourists in the last few years and wildlife photographers alike. The easy access and cordial ambiance is again a positive factor for tourism to increase. 

The big cats can be spotted during the game safaris in pairs or singly near the waterholes and the forest canopy. Day safaris offer the best chance for photography with abundant sunlight. 

Image of Tiger

Top Predator at Tadoba
Tiger photo
Tiger photo
Teerath Singh

A Diversity Hub

Forest Habitat

Tadoba is a diverse hub with varied tree species that constitute dry deciduous forests. The geography is diverse as well along with abundant sources of water which act as safe haven for many species of mammals, birds, insects, and reptiles.

This is the best destination to experience the forests of India and their offerings. Long forgotten this erstwhile hunting reserve has come into the limelight and the animals are safe from the gun and feel at home with the camera.  Grasslands

Tiger Video

Leopard Image

Leopard Photo
Leopard Photo
Teerath Singh

Avian Photo

Pied Kingfisher
Pied Kingfisher
Teerath Singh

Birds of National Park

Avian Species

Blue Bearded BeeeaterTadoba is home to many species of birds that are interesting to watch. The variety is immense and the range extends from forest species and wetland ones. The destination receives winter migrants which can be seen along with the resident species. 


The list includes 

Verditer Flycatcher (WM)
Asian Paradise Flycatcher (R)
Malabar Pied Hornbill (R)
Black Naped Flycatcher (R)
Sulphur Bellied Warbler (WM)
Blyth's Leaf Warbler(WM)
Common Chiff Chaff (R)
Black Redstart (WM)
Orange Headed Ground Thrush (R)
Racket Tailed Drongo (R)
White Bellied Drongo (R)
Common Iora (R)
Indian Scimitar Babbler (R)
Tawny Bellied Babbler(R)
Puff Throated Babbler
Tickell's Blue Flycatcher(R)
Yellow Browed Leaf Warbler (WM)
Indian Peacock (R)
Blue Winged Leaf Birds (R)
Gold Fronted Leaf Birds (R)
Crested Serpent Eagle(R)
Crested Hawk Eagle(R)
White-Eyed Buzzard(R)

More than two hundred avians can be checklisted at Tadoba National Park. The ideal time is when the migrants arrive which is the winter. But summer birding is as rewarding whence the resident species are seen due to thinning of the canopy.  

Bird Photo

Black Shouldered Kite
Black Shouldered Kite
Teerath Singh

Irai Lodge Tadoba

Teerath Singh

Safari Resorts At Tadoba

The reserves organize two-game safaris in a day and tourists stay here for at least three nights. Remember you need to book a safari permit at Tadoba for excursions in the park. There are many gates at Tadoba from where you can enter the park for safaris. Hence book the best tourism zone.

There is a good enough need for luxury accommodation at Tadoba. In order to fulfill the accommodation need plenty of luxury resorts have come up in recent times. Some of them subscribe to International Standards in terms of quality and comfort. The resorts are recreational venues as well. They organize village walks, nature trails, and bird-watching tours. Besides outdoor activities, the resorts at Tadoba National Park organize local performances and campfires. The cuisine is an experience as well with a local touch added to Indian specialties. 

Some of the reputed ones are listed below:

Resort at Tadoba

  • Luxury and Semi-Luxury Hotels and Resorts
  • Svasera Resort - Kolara Gate 
  • Irai Safari Retreat - Mohurli Gate
  • Sarai Jungle Resort - Mohurli Gate
  • Tiger Trails Jungle Lodge - Khutwanda Gate
  • Royal Tiger Resort - Mohurli Gate
  • Tiger Heaven Resort - Mohurli Gate
  • Budget Hotels and Resorts
  • Chava Kolara - Kolara Gate
  • MTDC - Mohurli Gate

Jharana Resort at Tadoba

Luxury Accommodation
Jharana Luxury Lodge
Jharana Luxury Lodge


How to Reach

Tadoba is a tiger reserve as well as a National Park. It encompasses an area of more than 1700 sq. km with a core zone of 625 sq. km. 

It is situated in the Chandrapur District of Maharashtra near Nagpur Airport at a distance of around 125 kilometers. The distance to different entry gates may vary.  The airport is connected to Mumbai and New Delhi. You can reach Tadoba from nearby towns as well.

Nagpur is also a railhead connected to Mumbai and Jabalpur. Many tourists drive to Tadoba via Chandrapur from Kanha National Park near Jabalpur and Jabalpur Airport.

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pateluday on 05/17/2021

Handbook and guides have been written for Indian birds by English/Indians hence most of the name changes taking place are universal and even Americans can recognize common names.

The birding guides, handbooks and online sources will certainly assist in recognition and nomenclature without doubt. I have conducted birding tours for Americans and quite successfully. Shikra a falcon differs from Goshawk, sparrowhawk. They differ in India too. They are related to Shikra (accipiter badius) but different species.

DerdriuMarriner on 05/17/2021

pateluday, Thank you for all the practical information, pretty pictures and product lines.
Where you list Birds of National Park: Avian Species, you mention migrant and resident species by their English names, except for the last.
The internet notes Shikra ("Hunter") as little banded goshawk, Indian sparrowhawk and little banded sparrowhawk. United States ornithology observes differences between goshawks and sparrowhawks. Which English name, if any, would be familiar in the Tadoba tiger reserve?

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