A Teapot to Make You Smile

by sheilamarie

A teapot makes a great gift and can be a unique expression of quirkiness and fun.

Those of us who drink a lot of tea can really appreciate an unusual or quirky teapot, especially when it carries with it the love of a friend.

I have a collection of teapots in my kitchen that inspires a conversation with visitors now and then. The gift of a teapot is always welcome, at least from my perspective.

Are you a tea drinker? Or maybe you know someone who loves to sit for a minute with a relaxing cup of tea.

I hope you can find a teapot on this page that will make a special gift for someone you love.

My Teapot Collection

Gotta Love a Teapot with Style!

In my kitchen, I have a shelf that holds a variety of teapots I have collected over the years. Some of them are quite elegant china pieces with tinges of gold coloring. Others are more everyday practical teapots that get used often. A third category of teapots that sit up on that shelf just make me laugh. They are whimsical, such as a penguin in a tutu or a couple dancing cheek to cheek (which, to be honest, I no longer have due to a tumbling accident).

I love the way teapots look, but I also drink a lot of tea. That is why when someone is thinking of me at Christmas or on my birthday, they often think of the teapot theme as a good guess for a card or a gift. I am always delighted to add a new teapot to my collection. (Did I mention that I have been known to drop or knock one over now and then? Klutsy, no?)

Bluebird of Happiness Teapot

For One Person

Appletree Design Blue Bird Teapot, 5-1/2-Inch



This little bluebird makes a very sweet teapot for someone who enjoys a cup of tea now and then. Look at the contrast between the tea bag and the pot to get a better idea of the size of this little bird. It comes in light blue, as shown, or white. Both have a little yellow beak from which to pour your tea. The wings and the little tuft on the lid are heart shaped, making this a nice gift for a sweetheart.

There's an Elephant on Your Table!

Cute Elephant in Green

Elephant Teapot in Green


Do you love elephants the way I do? This green elephant would make a fun guest to have at tea time. His trunk pours out the tea and his sage green color would look nice on the table.

The rattan handle won't heat up, making this teapot convenient to pour.

 When my kids were small we loved the Horton the Elephant books by Dr. Seuss. Having a tea party with this fella would have been a fun activity.

Do You Collect Teapots?

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No, I don't.
CruiseReady on 07/07/2015

I don't collect them, but I do have several that I am quite proud to display.

MBC on 05/23/2015

No but I do drink tea! They don't stack well.

happynutritionist on 05/21/2015

I am not a collector, but love the elephant one you featured, if my Grandmother were still alive, I'd be buying it for her.

kimbesa on 06/11/2013

But I would collect teapots, if I had more space. So many cute ones to enjoy!

Ragtimelil on 02/15/2013

I love them, but I'm not much of a tea drinker.

Yes, I love teapots!
RubyHelenRose on 02/25/2013

Funny, I don't drink a lot of tea, but I love tea pots, humm, wonder if I can find tea cups and saucers to match my love of trains?

Butterfly and Dragonfly Teapot


Porcelain Butterfly & Dragonfly Teapot Trimmed in Gold Beautiful Tea Serveware

I love the design of this teapot. The butterflies, dragonflies, and bees make a pretty pattern along with the flowers and the leaves, and the shape of the pot is truly elegant.

The gold colored accents make this a teapot you'd be proud to use with special guests. Or you may prefer to display this piece of china in a special place. I have a plate in the same pattern, given to me by a sister, on which we serve special treats. This butterfly and dragonfly teapot would match the plate nicely. 

Whimsical Teapots

For a Laugh

These whimsical teapots I've added for a bit of fun. They are definitely girlfriend teapots or sister teapots. They would make a cool gift for someone to whom you pour out your heart over a cup of tea.

They'd be fun to pull out when your sister or your best friend drops by for a chat. They'd be fun to use even if your sister or friend is far away, so that you can think about her while you're taking a break from your chores or your online writing!

The ladybug shoe design is funny, too, especially if your friend is shoe obsessed! After all, lots of women are. The words at the base of the teapot say, "Shoes were always on her mind."

The ladybug pot for one comes in a yellow with black polka dots style, too, that you can see on the Amazon site when you click on the one shown here. That polka dot teapot is decorated with a red rose on the side and has a butterfly for a lid. The handle and the spout are striped black and white. Both pots hold enough tea for one, and each is perched on top of a wide-eyed face that you can use as a cup. Does she look like someone you know?

Animal Teapots on eBay

Cute Teapots for Animal Lovers

More Teapots with Unusual Style

On both the eBay site and the Zazzle site, you can often find teapots that you won't see anywhere else. It's amazing how many vintage items that are no available in the stores pop up when someone is trying to sell off their collections on eBay.

Zazzle has so many small time designers that you're sure to find something to satisfy your individual taste, or you can even design your own teapot with your friend's name and date on it, maybe even their own cute face. The Zazzle teapots pictured below are from one of my Zazzle stores.

Teapots from Zazzle

Zazzle Has Teapots with so Many Designs -- or You Can Design Your Own!

So Many Teapots!

Did You Find One You Like?

Thanks for looking at these teapots with me. I hope you have found one you like, either for yourself or as a gift for a friend.

Please leave me a note below to let me know you were here or to let me know what you think of the teapots on this page. I hope you had fun.

Updated: 12/08/2021, sheilamarie
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sheilamarie on 07/08/2015

@CruiseReady. It is a cute one.

CruiseReady on 07/07/2015

The elephant tea pot is just adorable!

sheilamarie on 05/23/2015

Thanks, MBC. It's a hard decision.

MBC on 05/23/2015

I love both pots, can't decide between the bird or the elephant. Fun article.

sheilamarie on 01/27/2014

Thank you so much!

ologsinquito on 01/24/2014

These are so cute and they'd make really nice gifts. I'm pinning this to My Wizzley Writing Board.

sheilamarie on 02/19/2013

Thanks, HolleyT! They are fun, aren't they?

HollieT on 02/19/2013

I'm not really a tea drinker, but I have to say that I love these teapots. The elephant, bird and the boot teapots are all really lovely. I can see why you collect teapots, Sheilamarie. :)

sheilamarie on 02/18/2013

I'm glad you liked it, Katie. If you don't find what you're looking for on this page, you might find a teapot here: http://www.squidoo.com/for-the-love-o....

katiem2 on 02/18/2013

Tea is a very important part of my day everyday. In fact I've been looking for a new tea pot, I'm a bit tired of my Fiesta tea pot, it's heavy and the lid slides around a bit much. I never quite fell in love with it in terms of user terms. Great tribute to tea pots. :)K

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