Tegg's Nose Cheesecake

by Veronica

Following on our whinberry picking up Tegg's Nose, I made this quick 7 minute cheesecake for my grand niece's birthday party today.

Whinberries are a type of small bilberry / blueberry and are distinct from blueberries but part of the same fruit family. They grow wild round here and on Monday we went to Tegg's Nose and picked some to make cordials, jams, muffins etc.. I decided to make a Tegg's Nose cheesecake for my grand-niece's birthday party today.

Bilberry is also known in English by other names including blaeberry in Scotland,whortleberry in southern England, whinberry, winberry, windberry, wimberry in Northern England or fraughans in Ireland.

The cheesecake is a quick no bake cheesecake, different in texture to baked ones but delicious too.

Whinberries grow inside the bushes
Whinberries grow inside the bushes

The whinberries grow amongst the bushes. They are very small and the wild ones have a delicious flavour. They are easy to pick but small so lots are needed to get a useful harvest.

There millions of them
There millions of them

A family event

My 3 year old grandson helped with the foraging for whinberries today. He was surprisingly  good at it and  thoroughly enjoyed it. He climbed the hill ( 3 years old ) and held his box whilst he sat and picked whinberries ... but more whinberries went in his mouth than in his box .....

small boys love picking them
small boys love picking them
"I ate some grandma"
"I ate some grandma"

Tegg's Nose (Wild Whinberry) Cheesecake

Recipe by Veronica

This is a very quick non baked cheesecake which takes about 7 minutes to make before letting it set.

Serves: 8 

1 pack of ginger biscuits crushed

3 ozs butter melted

1 pot of mascarpone cheese

1 pot of whipping cream

3 ozs of icing ( confectioner's  )sugar

1 tsps vanilla essence


8 ozs berries

2 tbs icing ( confectioner's ) sugar

1 fl oz water



  • Crush the ginger biscuits and fold into the melted butter. Press into a non stick tin and place in the fridge.  
  • Whip the cream and sugar until very thick and then add the mascarpone and vanilla and whip until thick and creamy
  • Place on top of the ginger base. Keep in fridge
  • Put the water and half the berries in a pan with sugar and boil them , mash them down and then fold the rest of the berries in. Cool slightly and put on top of the cheesecake.
  • Chill until needed so the butter has cooled and set the ginger base.




Tegg's Nose Cheesecake
Tegg's Nose Cheesecake

I took this to my grand-niece's birthday today. It was all eaten, every bit. The fruit was still growing wild 48 hours beforehand.

Updated: 08/11/2016, Veronica
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Veronica on 01/23/2017

Thank you. I thinking picking the berries ourselves and making the cheesecake whilst the berries are fresh makes a huge difference.

katiem2 on 01/23/2017

Sounds positively marvelous, we adore both berries and cheese cake

Veronica on 08/05/2016

That's good . We can use up any surplus.

frankbeswick on 08/05/2016

I sampled my own allotment-grown blueberries today, and surprisingly they have bucked the trend this year, as they have been quite an abundant crop. They are a close relative of bilberry/whinberry.

frankbeswick on 08/05/2016

No, I chose not to eat very much dessert, as I am trying to control my weight. I aiming for another ten pounds weight loss, so no cheesecake.

Veronica on 08/05/2016


did you get any Tegg's Nose Cheesecake on Wednesday ? Or had it all gone ?

Veronica on 08/05/2016

Yes that is for sure. We allowed the toddler to eat them straight off the bush as it was up on the hill an natural. HE certainly had no ill effects from it and was getting instant unwashed vitamin C !

blackspanielgallery on 08/05/2016

And if you gather the ingredient yourself it makes it taste even better.

Veronica on 08/04/2016

Ty Candy,

It was all eaten very quickly yesterday so it must have tasted OK . You are right about the smell and also the flavour of fresh berries. No wonder our grandson ate more than he had in his box.

The ginger biscuits ( cookies ) give an added flavour to the cheesecake.

candy47 on 08/03/2016

Oh! I love it! I can almost smell those freshly picked berries. Thanks for an easy recipe Veronica. (sharing)

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