Thanksgiving Decorations: Ceramics

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Thanksgiving decorations within the home can really add a special touch to the Thanksgiving meal. They can set a wonderful mood.

Thanksgiving is a holiday celebrated in the United States in late November, and in Canada in early October. It is a day when people gather as a family, have a feast, and give thanks for their blessings. The celebration is focused around a meal, and in many situations there are two meals. Since married children often must attend a celebration with two sets of parents, sometimes it is impossible to get everyone together at one home at a given time.

The centerpiece of most celebrations is a turkey, and there are usually many side dishes and desserts. Often cooking is done by many different people who converge on one home with each family segment bringing a dish.

Thanksgiving Decorations Are Seasonal Decorations

Fall Themed

Thanksgiving decorations are often fall themed.  Thanksgiving is celebrated when the crops should have been harvested.  It is a North American version of the fall harvest celebrations of Europe.  Outdoor decorations are sparse compared to the elaborate displays one sees at Christmas, and even the displays at Halloween. 


Indoors, the home may be decorated, but it is the dinner table, the center of the celebration, where the decorations are most likely to be found. 


Fortunately, fall décor works for an entire season, and may be used multiple times.

Thanksgiving Decorations: Serving Platter.

Fall Themed Ceramic Platter

Thanksgiving decorations might center around the turkey.  The turkey is the center of most dinners, and carving the turkey while those gathered are bathed in the aroma of the foods blending in the air increases the collective appetites.  Usually, the host carves and the rest wait, sometimes impatiently, for the meal to be served.  It is appropriate that the turkey be on a decorative platter that reflects the spirit of the holiday.  

Thanksgiving Decorations: Platter

Turkey Serving Platter
Thanksgiving Harvest Ceramic Platter

Thanksgiving Decorations: Serving Bowls

Ceramic Fall Harvest Themed Bowls

Thanksgiving decorations may include other serving pieces.  The turkey is not the entire meal.  There should be other items served.  Side dishes might include dressing to go with the turkey, macaroni and cheese, potatoes, sweet potatoes, beans, peas, or whatever vegetable and other side dishes one likes.  The variety should be wide enough to satisfy everyone present.  And, of course there is often cranberry sauce.


Many side dishes are brought by those invited.  A home kitchen is often used to its maximum capacity, so dishes cooked elsewhere are welcomed.  Even heating and getting every part of the meal to the table while still hot is a chore.


The side dishes require serving bowls.  And, since some must be heated early due to oven capacity, covered bowls are a good choice for some of the dishes.  Decorative ceramic serving bowls are a good choice for decorating the dinner table.


Sometimes the bowls are too hot for the table, so trivets are used.  Here is another opportunity for a Thanksgiving decorative item.


Thanksgiving Decorations Special Pieces

Salt and Pepper Sets, and More

Thanksgiving decorations can also include pieces that are set on the table for different functions.  Salt and pepper sets are often present, as is a gravy boat, butter dish, and if coffee or tea will be served a creamer and sugar bowl might be set out.  These small added items can add a touch of décor in place of the boring pieces normally used if they are properly chosen.  In fact, serving spoons and their cradles can sometimes be found decorated with a fall there. 

Thanksgiving Decorations Pie Plates

Covered Pie Plates

Pies are often a good final touch to a feast, and Thanksgiving decorations used on pie plates can certainly add to the occasion.  Covered pie dishes will keep the pies warm until needed, and allow them to be brought out with the meal.  That way no one will have to get up from the table and go off to get the pies.


Covered pie dishes are also easier to transport a pie, should a guest elect to bring that special pie.



Thanksgiving Decorations: Pies

Plates for Pies
Deep Dish Ceramic Covered Pumpkin Pie Plate

Thanksgiving Decorations Used as Centerpieces

Or Set Out Decorations

Of course the turkey can serve as the centerpiece, but there are other Thanksgiving decorations that can be used.  And there are even Thanksgiving decorations that can be placed on a mantle or side table.  It is nice to have the dinner in a pleasant atmosphere, and a Thanksgiving atmosphere is so easily obtained.


Some decorative pieces might even be functional, like those used to hold candy.

Thanksgiving Decorations: Centerpieces

And Candy Dishes
Harvest Tray with Ceramic Pumpkins


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Thanksgiving dinner can be made more pleasant if the mood is set with the right decorations, and the work of cleaning after the meal is reduced by using paper products.
Pies are perhaps the easiest food to bring to a family dinner. Many pies can be kept at room temperature for long travel, and can add delight to the meal. Pies are tasty.

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