Thanksgiving Pilgrims Decor for Autumn Season

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This year do give an inventive twist to Thanksgiving décor with the Pilgrims. The beautiful winter snow goes well with the Pilgrim decors who braved the cold winds of weather.

The various elements of Thanksgiving include the Fall bounty, a sumptuous feast and gratitude that was taught to us by the traditions of this festive events related to Pilgrims.

While we narrate the anecdotes of yester years to our children, we should remember the struggles of existence for the pilgrims who did not know their destination and whether at all they would reach it.

No doubt, they did not have adequate clothes to dress; hence they ended up wearing the same dress every day and ate the same diminishing supply of salted beef and fish. Compared to what we have today on Thanksgiving - roasted turkeys, geese and ducks, delicious seafood of lobsters, clams, oysters and fresh fish, ice-cream, cakes and puddings; we have to remember that life was not easy for the pilgrims and good food was scarce.

Not to mention the various vegetables and salads that accompany our gourmet feast making them look awesome in the colorful celebrations. The celebrations of the Pilgrims' first Thanksgiving lasted not one but three complete days. So next time when you see a Thanksgiving Day Parade with the sluggish and vibrant bands zigzagging down the avenue, garden flags flying and zeppelin-like inflatable balloons buoyant in the sky; remember this beautiful occasion of celebration that is associated with the pilgrims and that of the gratitude.

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Harvest Man and Woman Pilgrim Carved Thanksgiving Figures

The Role of Thanksgiving Today


The ancient pilgrims would have never thought that America was destined to become the global superpower in economy and technological advancement, it is today.  In spite of the various ups and downs in the economy and hardships, the country has emerged as a Messiah to the world and has been a global best example of freedom of mankind. It has continued to remain at the forefront of global prosperity, medicine, space and research.

 The country is an example of a global economy and its citizens live freely in the real freedom of religion and culture. Nowhere else in the world, people enjoy these liberties. In the history, many individuals and families have migrated to this country from other countries, making it their permanent home.  Proud to be an American, the income and standard of living for most citizens is still relatively higher compared to other countries, despite the downturn and the impact to economy.

America is the only and the first ever country nurturing mankind helping other nations and peoples in urgency. Red Cross is funded my many countries, US being the major donator. This is the real thanksgiving, this is America and we are proud to have you in this lonely planet.


Thanksgiving Postcard with Two Pilgrims - Peel and Stick Wall Decal

Origin of Thanksgiving Pilgrim’s Traditions


The origin of Thanksgiving has its roots from the journey of Pilgrims who left Plymouth, England, on a fateful day of the 16th century. They were filled with vagueness and the insecurity of the future, and yet their destination was the hope of finding a New World. Filled with ambiguity and threats, the new world and their voyage might offer them both respite and religious liberty.

The legend has it that for almost two months, the crew onboard the ship tolerated the harsh winds and gigantic, cruel waves of the storm laden sea. With the utmost caution and hope, they continued to move forward, until they sighted the land, a convenient location to disembark upon.

They reached Massachusetts in late November, here the Pilgrims thought of making a peaceful abode henceforth. It is known that on December 11, at the time of reaching Plymouth Rock, they signed the “Mayflower Compact”. This document happens to be the first document to initiate the self-government in United States.

Doll Harvest Thanksgiving Pilgrim Boy Mouse

Thanksgiving Pilgrims on YouTube

Which is your favourite decor for Thanksgiving?

Pumpkin With Pilgrim Family

Thanksgiving Day - A Pilgrim Remembrance

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DerdriuMarriner on 02/22/2023

In particular, I appreciate the two sets of Thanksgiving figures who have the phrase "We are truly blessed."

Is the last product, described as pumpkin with pilgrim family and as 10-inch pumpkin with family scene an artwork, an object or a painted pumpkin?

NateB11 on 11/27/2013

Interesting journey into the lives and accomplishments of the Pilgrims. Also, beautiful items for the Thanksgiving Holiday.

WriterArtist on 11/14/2013

@ologsinquito - Exciting reading about the first occurrence of Thanksgiving in St. Florida. There is so much to explore about the festive event and though we do not have the information in entirety, it is satisfying to know that there are accounts of anecdotes that relate to today's Thanksgiving traditions and celebrations.

ologsinquito on 11/14/2013

My teenage children are too old for stories. When they were growing up, because we are Catholic, we talked more about a story that's been passed down about the first Catholic thanksgiving in St. Augustine, Florida. (You've just given me an idea for another article.)

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