That's a bright idea motivational stickers

by CherylsArt

Encouragement of creative ideas is a bright idea indeed. Choose from a variety of stickers here to encourage creative and solution oriented thinking.

Whether you're purchasing these stickers for students and/or adults, people like being encouraged. I've read about a boss that gave out stickers to his employees, and they liked receiving them. It's so much better to give encouragement to one another to help achieve our goals. You'll find light bulb stickers and more here; check out the creativity of ideas here:

Creative thinking is needed whether one is in school, on the job, fixing a meal, raising a family, etc.

A little encouragement can go a long way.

We've all heard that you can get more with honey than with vinegar, and when you do, the outcome is also sweeter.

Everything we have now, began as an idea. Before something can be accomplished, the thought comes first. After that comes the follow through with action.

It's good to reward achievements and positive results; and it's also good to reward the thinking process too.

Sometimes I have received my next bright idea, just by mentally asking, "What ...?"

In each moment, the rest of the quesiton may vary.

However, sometimes bright ideas come about because of the questions we ask.

Sometimes, we have to get clearer on the question though; and that comes with giving more clarity to the goal.

For instance, before creating this page, I was at a dilemma as to what my new page should be about. There are a lot of choices to choose from. At first I considered what was currently selling the most on Zazzle, the print on demand company that I work on association with. However, that can change from week to week, and also day to day. Also, what was currently selling, may not be what speaks to me.

And I've found that for me, it work's better if I do something that works for me. So I looked at the history of what one of my top sellers was, and I was motivated by that instead.

Part of figuring out our best ideas, is figuring out what works for us, as individuals. We don't want just a bunch of copy cats. We want to build on our own and each others individual strengths.

That's the purpose of fostering bright ideas.

Does a bright idea always have to be represented by a light bulb?

I say no. Let's get creative.

What do you think?

Should bright idea stickers be light bulb designs?

A quick question:

What is your purpose for using bright idea stickers?

Thank you for visiting....

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Updated: 05/30/2013, CherylsArt
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Jess on 05/30/2013

I would absolutely love a sticker that says "Your idea is awesome!"

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