The 5 best value smartphones

by Kesken

5 smartphones available on Amazon that do a lot for the money.

Affordable smartphones

In the coming months, many of us will be inundated with a slew of new phones, making us regret that brand new(to us) phone that we spent so much on. It's frustrating how they state a phone as obsolete after a couple of months. Many of us would not care to buy new when they already have an adequate phone. Others still just want to purchase a smartphone that has features we actually use, with recent technology and to be relatively affordable. Affordability is a huge factor. For those that just want a competent smartphone without the unnecessary bells and whistles- check these phones out. These phones are listed according to my personal experience with some of them, are brand new and are each under $300.00.They are all touch screen types too. (Sadly, physical keys are a dying breed.)

Samsung Galaxy S5570

Unlocked Samsung S5570 Galaxy Mini Touchscreen, Wi-Fi, 3G, Android International Smart Phone in ...

The Samsung S5570 Galaxy Mini has a well proportioned touchscreen and compact body shape measurement with high 11.04cm 6.08cm wide and 1.21cm deep, allowing the user to hold ...


Samsung Galaxy


This is one of the more affordable ones, but a brings a lot to the table with some popular features. It can be held with one hand too.It lacks the quality of some other phones though. It seems they made it a little too entry level so it feels rather cheap. It was rendered inoperable by a pal of mine in two months. (Granted,he sat on it, but he's a skinny guy!) But that build quality still seems suspect to me. However,for those that seek a small affordable phone with decent specs, this fits the bill.

Nokia C6-01

I have always been a fan of Nokia phones for a good reason. It has some great build quality and looks expensive.I blushed while holding it! However, if you are coming from an Apple product, I can't recommend. I had to actually train my friend to use the phone when she moved from her iPhone! She got lost in the menu constantly. She was so frustrated,I washed my ears after hearing some of the expletives she aimed at the phone.

Nokia C6-01 Unlocked GSM Phone with 8 MP Camera, 720p Video Recording, and Ovi Maps Navigation- ...

Stay connected with the phone that’s as stylish as you. The stunning Nokia C6-01 features a compact design constructed from stainless steel and real glass. Plus, enjoy ...

Only $379.00

Samsung Galaxy Ace

Another phone from the Galaxy line. It brings to the table a decently sized screen, Android OS 2.2 (Froyo), and a high class smartphone look among many other features. On first seeing it, I thought it was more expensive than it is- and that's a good thing. Just don't expect fantastic pictures. it looks better than it feels though...

Samsung S5830EUBLK Galaxy Ace Android Powered Smartphone with 5MP Camera, Touch Screen, Wi-Fi - ...

GALAXY Ace takes a minimal approach in its design, resulting in a sophisticated mobile that will allure. The smooth rounded edges and slim, compact size are a pleasure to wrap ...

$349.00  $119.99

LG Optimus GT 540

LG has it's own premium smartphone line- the Optimus brand. This phone is one of the more affordable choices. It is an exceptionally stylish and unique phone and comes in varying colours. It's a great start up phone and for people who marvel at these phones as if it was shipped direct from the year 2030 makes it a good option. Don't expect too save a huge amount of apps though, space is limited.

Lg Optimus GT540

LG GT540 Optimus Unlocked Phone in Black with 3MP Camera, Android OS, Wi-Fi GPS, Touch Screen, ...

The LG Optimus (LG GT540) is a smart choice for the first-time smartphone users with access to the exciting world of Android apps without compromising on style as the handset ...


HTC Surround

Maybe it's because I like novelty in my stuff, but for me, this phone represents an excellent value buy! It has cool features all round including speakers that slide out. I have never seen that on a phone and was instantly impressed. It has a large clear screen too. Yes, it is rather gimmicky (who really pulls out speakers from their phone?) and I have heard it falls flat in speaker quality but at this price, one can't complain!

HTC Surround

HTC T8788 7 Surround Unlocked Phone with Windows 7, Surround Sound, 5MP Camera and HD Video - ...

The HTC Surround weighs 5.8 ounces and measures 4.7 x 2.4 x 0.5 inches. Its 1230 mAh lithium-ion battery is rated at up to 4 hours of talk time, and up to 264 hours (11 days) ...

Only $239.99
Updated: 01/16/2012, Kesken
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