The Beatles as a Party Theme

by blackspanielgallery

The Beatles make an excellent choice as a party theme. They have music that can provide dancing, and there are many nice decorations you can use.

The Beatles Are a Natural Party Choice

A party theme should be something easily recognized by the guests. It should also be something the guests can get into easily, and inexpensively, such as by wearing a part of a costume that will be readily recognized. Parties often have food and drink, so finding something to serve on would also be a plus, but if you cannot find Beatles party supplies generic solid color plates, cups, and napkins will work well. But, and this is the real important part of a theme party, decorate with the theme in mind.

One way to get your guests right into the mood is to offer a pair of brightly colored John Lennon glasses as you greet them at the door.

Beatles Music

Dancing Can add to the Party

Music is a real nice addition for a party, and finding good music that everyone will like is sometimes difficult.  The Beatles recorded many inoffensive songs, and those songs can be easily danced to.  The music alone makes the Beatles a great theme for a party.  And, many people of all ages have come to enjoy many of these songs.


Some of us actually remember when these songs were first released.  And making your guests reflect back to a happy time will really get them into a party mood.

A Party Activity

Having some way to entertain guests is an important aspect of a party, and if the activity is within the theme of the party it is so much better.  It is possible to have a game of Trivial Pursuit aimed at the Beatles, and playing the game will give the guests a chance to show how much they really know about the Beatles and their music. Of course, once someone plays Trivial Pursuit there is an advanage.  There is a limited number of cards, and people who play often enough tend to remember answers to the questions.  So, another Beatles themed game might avoid a problem if one guest is too well prepared from playing Trivial Pursuit previously.  Perhaps a game that gives less of an advantage is Beatles Scrabble.

Beatles Scrabble

Beatles Scrabble
SCRABBLE: The Beatles Edition

Decorative Drink Aids

Yellow Submarine decorations can be used to chill drinks.  There are ice trays that can mold ice with food coloring into submarine shapes, and there are Yellow Submarines that can be chilled and dropped into drinks.  This brings a special effect, and really screams Beatle mania.


Another group of items available are coaster sets, with coasters representing different Beatles’ scenes.  They are often found in sets of several images, and will really work well as decorative pieces.

Beatles Coasters

Decorative Coasters
The Beatles Album Cover Coaster Pack

The Cake

A Must Party Food

Beatles icing that can be added to a plain cake will suddenly transform that cake into a part of the decorations.  These edible cake covers of icing can be found on Amazon.  Check the size before ordering.  It makes a better decoration if it fits the cake.

Beatles Decorations

Make the Theme Work

Several Beatles decorations are available for making the right look.  Yellow Submarine light strings are great.  They can be draped from the ceiling, or placed elsewhere.  They can add so much atmosphere.


Beatles guitar picks are also available.  They can be used to scatter on a table, or they can be used as cupcake picks.  In fact, expect your guests to want to take some when they leave.  Making an announcement that they are allowed to take the picks will make you a good host or hostess.


Beatles Guitar Picks

Cup Cake Decorations of Table Scatters
Planet Waves Beatles Guitar Picks, Albums, 10 pack, Medium

The Wall Decorations

Posters and Decals

Both posters and decals are available for the walls.  A plethora of Beatles posters are available, and many are quite inexpensive.  Inexpensive posters work well for a party, since the odds of the posters being damaged is high.  Buy one time use posters for party decorations.


Beatle sayings are also available, and can be found on decals.  Add an appropriate Beatles saying to the walls and your gusts will stare and remember.  If you have the room for it, consider adding more than one.

Christmas Ornaments Featuring the Beatles

Whether Or Not It Is Christmas Time

Beatles Christmas ornament are also available.  Consider putting out a small Christmas tree, adding a string of Yellow Submarine lights to it, and hanging a few Christmas ornaments on it.  There are Beatles’ head ornaments, Green Apples, the Sergeant Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Band drum ornaments, several old van ornaments, and many more.  Pick your favorites, or if you have an invited guest with a strong favorite look to find an ornament to please your friend.

Beatles Theme Is Safe

Children should find the party fun as well, and their parents will be thankful the entertainment is so clean, especially by today’s standards.  Yes, the Beatles were a bit controversial at one time, but looking back we might well all wonder what our parents were afraid of.  Now, they are quite acceptable.  

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Updated: 10/18/2019, blackspanielgallery
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blackspanielgallery on 08/03/2021

It was on their record label. The name of their label was Green Apple.

DerdriuMarriner on 08/03/2021

blackspanielgallery, Thank you for pictures, practicalities and products.
These are all guest-, host-, hostess-pleasing ideas.
In particular, I like the takeaway colored glasses and guitar picks and the yellow-submarine lights.
What would be the Beatles-related significance of the Green Apples you mention under the subheading Christmas Ornaments Featuring the Beatles?

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