The Benefits of Hand Reflexology

by MHeart

A guide to hand reflexology. Discusses how it can benefit the body and the fundamental principles.

While people frequently have heard of foot reflexology, reflexology can apply to the hands as well. In fact, some people look upon a hand reflexology chart and think that it’s a diagram depicting a practice that is fairly new. However, both foot and hand reflexology are massage practices that can be attributed to ancient civilizations, including those of the Egyptians and Chinese.

A Way to Improve your Health

So, what is hand reflexology? Look at a hand reflexology chart and you will soon comprehend the hand reflexology benefits that you can enjoy by following this ancient practice. Hand reflexology takes into account that an individual’s glands or organs are represented by specific reflex points on the hands. These hand reflexology points encourage healing, relaxation, and circulation. Therefore, by learning hand reflexology, you are availing yourself of better health.

Reasons that Hand Reflexology has Grown in Popularity

Reflexology, as it concerns the hands, has increased in popularity because people use their hands and fingers for texting, keyboarding, and gaming activities. In addition, many people suffer from carpal tunnel syndrome, which they find is relieved by reflexology.

How Reflexology Works

Hand reflexology makes use of your energy in order to optimize your health. Reflex points, as stated, are directly associated to specific organs or parts in the body. By using a reflexology chart, you can locate certain areas in the hand that coordinate with the location of the ailment that you want to treat. When you practice reflexology then, you are freeing the energy in your system which, in turn, promotes healing.

No Need for Painkillers

While doctors, in many cases, do not endorse treating illnesses using reflexology, many practitioners of the ancient process can confirm that they have seen astonishing results with respect to healing. Therefore, in order to reap the advantages of using reflexology, you have to view it with objectivity. Because the energy you possess in your body can produce a great deal of healing, reflexology can eliminate the need to take pain medications. Instead of dispensing a couple of painkillers into the palm of your hand, simply use the palm of your hand to get rid of pain.

A Way to Treat Ailments more Speedily

People who practice reflexology understand that the palm of a hand is like a roadmap that is connected to various bodily organs.  For example, the upper part of the palm is linked to the lungs and the thumb is connected to the brain and spinal cord. So, if you need to treat an ailment that needs immediate attention, using your hands for reflexology purposes can make the therapy all the more fast and easy.

Reflex Points are Massaged to Promote Healing in Specific Areas of the Body

In fact, when you use the hands in reflexology, you can facilitate treatment even while sitting at your desk or when you are stuck in traffic. Both the right and left hands cover most organs in the body. However, the left hand has hand reflexology points that connect to the stomach and heart while the right hand has meridians that are linked to the liver, gall bladder, and pituitary gland. People can gain relief then for backache, sinus pain, colds, headaches, and stomach upset when they massage certain points on the hand. 

Reflexology Works to Stimulate the Nervous System

When you press certain hand reflexology points, you stimulate the nervous system, which, in turn, releases the blocked energy known as chi. Chi is the source for pain and is generally located along the meridians of the face and hands. Therefore, when points are massaged, chi, or the blocked energy, is freed.

Reflexology Also Eliminates Toxins

 In addition to reducing the anxiety and inflammation associated with pain, reflexology also rids the body of toxins as well – good for keeping us disease-free and building up the immune system. That’s because, when you massage certain pressure points, you are able to clear out the colon and promote perspiration. Those who learn how to use reflexology to reduce pain then can effect healing in as little as fifteen minutes – a much faster way to gain relief than taking a pain medication.

Updated: 02/17/2012, MHeart
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