The Best Ab Workouts For Men

by ered222

Learn two simple exercise that men can do to get chiseled abs.

For men, abs is the most important muscle to get. And in all seriousness abs are probably the hardest to get or at least see through that belly fat. Men like abs because they know that women like abs. It really doesn’t take that much to figure that out. So why if so many men are trying to get abs, do most of them fail? Well, the biggest reason why most of them fail is because of there diet.

Most males aren't eating the right foods, so therefore they have a layer of fat over their abs.  If you have fat you will never see abs, simple as that.  But if you can practice the right diet, a diet that is low in carbohydrates and one that is high in protein, then you will start to see your abs.  But that isn’t everything that you must do in order to get abs.  You also have to work them out also.  That is why I am writing this to show you the best ab workouts for men, so with your diet and the right workout you can start seeing results much faster than if you were to only do crunches. 

Man With Abs
Man With Abs
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But first let me clear something up before I go any further.  I want to talk about the difference between women’s abs and men’s.  The best ab workouts for men isn’t the same as it is for women.  Men typically want to get a more chiseled set of abs, while women usually like the more toned and slender look.  And this usually involves different exercises and different training programs.  Even the diet between women and men is usually different and sometimes it gets confusing to determine what foods to eat and which ones not to eat.  If you want a program that goes everything that you need to know about how to get abs, I suggest you invest in Truth About Abs.  It is truly a revolutionary training program that shows you everything you need to know about how to get abs, for both women and men.

A Few Of The Best Ab Workouts For Men

In a recent article that I wrote, which I wrote here, I gave the best ab workout for everyone.  But if you want a workout that is targeted more for men, then read on.  The best workout program that I have ever done was found in a book I read.  A book called The Four Hour Body by Tim Ferriss.  In it, was a sample of a workout program that Ferriss claimed he got a six-pack as a result of performing it on a regular basis.  I have also tried it and experienced great results.  And the best thing about it is that it only has two exercises.  The two exercises are included below.

The Cat Vomit Exercise

I agree, this exercise doesn’t have the most appealing name, but if you do this exercise on a consistence basis you will get abs.  If you can get past the name of this exercise you should perform this exercise about three times a week.  It involves you to work the muscles in your abs that you normally workout when you laugh.  Have you ever laugh so much that the next day, your abs hurt?  Well, you were working out and having a good time while doing it.  I have included a video for your convenience so you can start performing this exercise.

The Myotatic Crunch

This exercise requires you to use a Swiss Ball or something similar.  But if you don’t have one then you can just as easily use a couple of firm pillows.  Basically this works all parts of your abs and will tire you out easily if you aren’t used to working out your abs.  It’s something similar to a regular crunch, but it’s but better than doing 100 crunches, believe me.

Another ab workout that has done wonders for me is this one.  But if you truly want to get the best abs that you have ever had, I strongly suggest you check out Truth About Abs.  And you should also know that just because you workout your abs on a consistent basis, it doesn’t mean that you will get abs, you still need to implement the right diet, which Truth About Abs will give you.  

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