The Best Arm Workouts For Men

by ered222

Learn the most effective exercises for biceps and triceps. Learn the best arm workouts for men.

I think for men, working out involves a few main muscles that they try to develop the most. And I think they are abs, shoulders, and of course arms. When most guys think about how to develop their arms, in order to build muscle they always assume that biceps are the answer. But, only a few people know that the truth behind building big arms is working out the your triceps. The triceps will give you the huge arms that you are looking for, although biceps are important, they just don’t play a major role like your triceps do. And most arm workouts for men aren’t designed to focus on the triceps, which is a problem if you want to get the best results.

Man With Muscles
Man With Muscles
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Another thing that most people don’t know about building muscle is that the secret isn't in your workouts.  That’s where a lot of people fail.  Most guys think that the more workout time you put in, the more results you will get, but that’s not true at all.  The first thing about that misinformation, is that you need to allow your muscles to heal, which a lot of people don’t implement properly.  The second thing, and this is the most important, is your diet.  I have said in the past, in recent articles and I’ll say it again, that your diet is the most important thing to your fitness success.  I don’t care how many bicep curls you do, you will NEVER get big arms if you don’t have the right diet. 


And to be honest it gets confusing sometimes to determine which foods you should eat and ones you should avoid.  So I suggest you invest you in program that gives you all the tips and information about the diet you need to build lean muscle, the quickest.  And one program that I suggest you look into is “The Muscle Maximizer”.  If you want everything that it takes to totally transform your body, this is your best bet.  It covers everything, including the diet program, which as I just said, is vital!  It also goes over how to efficiently workout and makes it so that you aren't spending hours at the gym. 

Once you do get a good diet plan, it is time to learn the workouts.  Over the years I have used many exercise schedules and analyzed all of the exercises in them.  So here are my favorite arm workouts for men. 

I divided each muscle group because you normally don’t workout all of your arm muscles in the same day.  So you should plan out your schedule ahead of time.  Which if you check out the Muscle Maximizer, you won’t have to do this.  I have included a video of each exercise so you can understand how to perform them correctly.


The first exercise I do when I work the triceps is the standing tricept extension.  These can be done with a dumbbell or just about any weight that you can find.  Make sure you don’t use a weight that you can’t handle.  In the past I have made this mistake and I started to notice a slight pain in my shoulders every time I performed these, so don’t make this mistake.

The second exercise I do for my triceps are skull crushers.  The name alone is pretty intimating.  And they live up to their name.  These are better if you do them with an easy bar, but you could also use a barbell if you don’t have one.  There’s a reason why they’re called skull crushers, I have learned from experience!


I usually start biceps with three sets of barbell curls.  These really work my biceps so I can gain more muscle as I perform other bicep exercises.  Make sure you keep you back straight and don’t strain your biceps by using too much weight, but don’t use too little weight either.

The second bicep exercise is preacher curls.  These are pretty self-explanatory once you watch the video.  But if you don’t want to use preacher curls in your workout, you can easily change it to regular dumbbell curls.

And the final bicep exercise I do is hammer curls.  These are good to work the width of your arm, so that your arms appear bigger if someone is looking at you straight on.

So there you have it, my favorite workouts that I do for my arms.  If you would like to create your own workout, like I have done, check out this.  There you will find a database of a lot of exercises.  But if you just want a simple solution, I strongly suggest checking out The Muscle Maximizer.

Updated: 09/28/2012, ered222
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