The Best Lower Ab Workout Routine

by ered222

The most effective exercises that target your lower abs. Try these exercises and you will have great lower abs in a matter of weeks.

When people try to get their abs looking good the first thing they target, are their upper abs. They do crunches everyday and they usually never get the abs they are looking for. This is because to get rock hard abs, you need to work every area of your abs, this includes your upper abs, lower abs, inner obliques, and your outer obliques.

When it come to abs and defining them, you’re lower abs are the most important and should be your main concern. 

Your abs have many muscle areas that many people seem be oblivious about.  They include your lower, upper, and your oblique ab muscles.   Lower ab muscles are the most important area that you need to workout if you ever want to get great looking abs, because they are the muscles that actually shape your abdomen.

 If you only workout your upper abs, you will only get half of the results that you are looking for.  To get the full package, you will need to work every ab muscle.  Your lower ab muscles are the hardest to define and they are the weakest. So it takes more effort to define these muscle, but if you can put  hard work in your lower ab workouts, it will be worth it in the end.

Exercise For Lower Abs
Exercise For Lower Abs

The Best Lower Ab Workout For Men And Women

I have performed many ab workouts that included many machines and other contraptions, but in my experience, the most effective ab exercises were the ones that used body weight and nothing else. 

So let me give you some great lower ab exercises that work amazingly and will give you awesome results in your abs.  This article focuses on your lower abs only, so if you want to get a whole ab workout check out some of the articles below that go more in depth of all your ab muscles.

Hanging Leg Raise

This is my favorite exercise to work on my lower abs.  If you are just starting to workout your abs, I wouldn’t suggest this exercise because it involves a little more muscle in put than you may be used to.  But if you are advanced in your ab workouts, then this is the perfect exercise.  This exercise will make your lower abs tight and it will also help define your upper abs.

 I usually do three sets of hanging leg raises and in each set I keep going to failure, meaning I keep doing reps until I cant raise my legs anymore.  Just remember when doing these that you always breathe.  If you don’t breathe properly you could pull or strain a muscle. 

Leg Drop

This exercise is similar to the hanging leg raise, but you are performing these on the ground, with you back flat and you legs in the air.  These are simple to perform and will really help your lower abs get tight and toned. 

 It will be more comfortable if you perform these on a mat to cushion your back.  You should also keep your hands by your sides to help support your legs and maintain stability, as you do this exercise.  As you do these you should feel the burn in your lower ab muscles and a little in your upper abs. 

This exercise can be performed on the ground or it can be done on a workout bench.  If you do these on a bench or other elevated surface, you can get better results, because you will have more space to stretch your abs.

When I perform these I like to go slow as I lower my legs and when I raise my legs, I like to get a bit faster.  This forces my muscles to work harder.

Scissor kicks

These are similar to the leg drop but you are raising your legs individually, as opposed to lifting your legs together.  This is also different from leg drops because you perform these at a much faster pace.  Make sure when you perform these that you point your feet away from you to get the best results.

Updated: 04/09/2012, ered222
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