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by Seelyon

Minecraft is extremely popular and with popularity comes dedicated websites, but which ones are the best Minecraft websites? I've collected plenty of important Minecraft links that

Minecraft is extremely popular and with popularity comes dedicated websites, but which ones are the best Minecraft websites? I've collected plenty of important Minecraft links that any fan should have bookmarked and placed them into convenient categories.

If you're searching for learning resources, places to connect with the community, reference material, popular Minecraft YouTube channels or something else you'll find it here. If you think I've missed an important resource then be sure to let me know in the comments and I'll review it for inclusion.

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Minecraft Websites - Community

Minecraft Links To Community Resources
  • Minecraft Forum
    The number one forum to get all of your Minecraft discussion. With a member base over 2 million, a blog to keep you updated on Minecraft developments and a list of servers this will be the go to website for most Minecraft gamers.
  • Planet Minecraft
    Another popular forum dedicated to Minecraft that comes in at over 1 million users. It's very similar to Minecraft forum but it's community is more skewed towards skins, texture packs and mods which the website maintains an active database of. 
  • r/Minecraft
    It comes as no surprise that reddit has it's own Minecraft community and with thousands of other users online at any time you'll always have new content to look at and discuss with other players. The subreddit of Minecraft is fairly image heavy with people showing off texture packs and their creations although the odd selfpost does make an appearance along with general game discussion.
  • Minecraft Steam Community
    If you find yourself spending lots of time on Steam and prefer to use that as your social platform then this Minecraft group on Steam might take your fancy. With a decent size community (40,000+) the focus here is on finding people to play Minecraft games with.

Minecraft Websites - Learning & Reference

Minecraft Links To Visit For Help
  • Minecraft Wiki
    The most obvious and basically the only resource you'll need in this category. The wiki covers everything you need to know with some amazing depth that it's easily the number one learning tool for both new, intermediate and even veteran players that need a resource reference.
    Minecraft Troubleshooting
  • For gamers who are having technical problems with your Minecraft install or gameplay you'll find the official troubleshooting page invaluable. You've got two pages worth of articles that explain some simple solutions to common problems right from the mouth of Mojang themselves.

Minecraft Websites - Maps & Mods

Minecraft Links For Mods, Skins, Seeds and Maps
  • The Skindex
    If you love changing your skin regularly in Minecraft then the Skindex is a popular Minecraft skins website. You'll find all sorts of skins to use and it's very easy to upload your own or vote on the current collection.
  • Minecraft Maps
    If you prefer to change up your Minecraft experience with maps that people have designed for you, then Minecraft Maps will be where you spend your time. With options to find adventure, parkour, survival and puzzle maps it's easy to find the experience you're after.
    Come across a really good seed or want to start a new game with certain features? has a great database and plenty of features that make it easy to share or vote on user submissions. With top seeds for all platforms the site will work regardless of your preferred gaming device. 
  • Minecraft Mods
    For those gamers that would rather mod their Minecraft client you'll find plenty of Minecraft mods on this website. From the simple changes to the full scale alterations the website has a good offering with details on each one.

Minecraft Websites - YouTube Channels

Minecraft Links To Channels That Focus On Minecraft
  • SkyDoesMinecraft
    One of the most popular Minecraft YouTube channels with over 8 million subscribers as of February 2014. With a mixture of content from skits to parodies to mod reviews and general gameplay you'll get a good taste of everything here. 
  • CaptainSparklez
    Another one of the big Minecraft YouTube personalities is CaptainSparklez. He's definitely known for his amazing and unique song parodies that he publishes on his channel with hundreds of millions of hits. He also does Minecraft mod coverage, some long running let's plays and plenty of random other videos.
  • BlueXephos (The Yogscast)
    A channel that always promises humour and a bubbly approach to everything that they pick up and play is the Yogscast. You'll find plenty of Minecraft adventure maps and mod content along with other indie games that are always a joy to watch.

Minecraft Websites - Other

Minecraft Links That Don't Fall Under Other Categories
  • The Shaft (Minecraft Podcast)
    Yes there is actually an entire podcast dedicated to Minecraft and it's actually very good! With a weekly release schedule and over 150 episodes this is a unique Minecraft related website if you love your podcasts and want to combine the two. 
  • Minecraft Gallery
    Minecraft might just be made of cubes but there have been some beautiful pictures to come out of the game and Minecraft Gallery aims to collect them all. Submit your own impressive works or simply take in what others have created.
  • Minecraft Quiz
    If you have ever wanted to prove amongst your friends that you know the most about Minecraft then this handy Minecraft quiz is the perfect way to settle a dispute or just test your own knowledge of the game.
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