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by Seelyon

Looking for the best sci-fi shooters? There are plenty of great games with science fiction elements out there that let you shoot your way through all sorts of strange enemies.

Looking for the best sci-fi shooters? There are plenty of great games with science fiction elements out there that let you shoot your way through all sorts of strange enemies.

With plenty of games in the genre and lots of long running franchises in this space it can be a tough ask to find a something that you like. Hopefully with this page of sci-fi shooters at your disposal you'll be able to find something that works for you.

I've been sure to include shooters of both the first and third person variety so all preferences are covered. You'll also find something for a variety of platforms to ensure regardless of your favourite console you have an option available.

Don't agree with this list of the best sci-fi shooters? Stop by the comment section with your own suggestions.

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Halo Series

Definitely One Of The Best Sci-Fi Shooters

It should come as no surprise to most that Halo gets an inclusion on this list, it easily takes the cake of first person shooters. It's mostly an Xbox exclusive option (although the games are generally released for Windows a few years later). The games story is just as good as the great FPS gameplay so it's a game that you want to play through from the very beginning.

If you like your shooters to have a great multiplayer environment as well then you'll be pleased to know that Halo has constantly been one of the top multiplayer games on the Xbox platforms so finding a game for your style and appropriate skill level is never too difficult.

The games follow your journey as Master Chief and takes you across the galaxy to various locations and planets as you attempt to save the human race and protect them from the Covenant (and alien race that has decided our existence goes against their religion) and the beings they consider to be their gods which is actually a plague of creatures breed for the sole purpose of removing all living matter from the universe (definitely not something we want).

The games are very linear just like most shooters but it does a great job of never feeling like it which means you've always got that drive to complete the next mission and don't feel like you're just running down endless corridors. With great weapon variety and even vehicles available you've got plenty of choice the entire way as well.

As far as Sci-Fi shooters go if you haven't touched on the Halo series yet then you're definitely missing out!

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Deus Ex Series

A Series Of Cyberpunk & Sci-Fi Games

If you want a shooter with more role playing style elements then I recommend you investigate the Deus Ex series of games. It's slightly cyberpunk but mostly a sci-fi experience and is set in the future in a world where human modification has enabled humans to improve their limbs, eyes and more through the use of augmentations.

As you would expect this world is now torn between science and whether or not we have the right to modify our bodies in such a way. In addition to this theme throughout the series questions of poverty and a growing social gap also are at centre stage. In the games players take control of a special agent at the heart of this adventure as he tries to dig deeper into the details of the story. With multiple paths to take and endless customisation waiting to be explored RPG fans will find lots to enjoy.

While the first two games are first person shooter experiences the third game in the series (Human Revolution) moves the game into a third person perspective and uses cover based systems. It's a change I didn't enjoy because I'm not usually a fan of these sort of games but based on reviews I've read it still stays true to the genre.

If your definition of the best Sci-Fi shooter involves plenty of role playing elements, the opportunity for stealth and freedom to explore the game as you want then this is the best option for you.

Dead Space Series

A Horror Filled Series Of Sci-Fi Shooters

If the standard Sci-Fi shooter doesn't interest you any more then maybe you need a splash of horror in your next experience. This is what the Dead Space series promises with a franchise set in the universe of the future as a device capable of bringing corpses back to life finds you stranded. You'll have to fix the ship and fend of these sci-fi like zombies that are as difficult to kill as they are grotesque.

The dynamic approach to these enemies is the best part of the series and it's one of the few games to feature this kind of system where you can destroy limbs and even heads of these opponents (but they will keep coming until completely destroyed). As a simple engineer it really does make you feel helpless as you only having your cutting tools and limited access to guns.

The games are a third person style experience and uses a reduced HUD to bring you closer to the experience and it's something that I wish more games would do, sometimes the HUD is so cluttered that it's hard to actually feel like you're in the game world.

If it's horror you're after then this shooter is your best option and with three games currently in the series the potential gameplay hours is very high.

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