The Best Site for Making Money Online Is Relative: a Comparison of Wizzley and Hubpages

by blackspanielgallery

Before you can earn money from the internet you must make comparisons. So, learn to make money online by comparing Wizzley and Hubpages first.

There are many opportunities to earn money from the internet, some worthwhile and others not worth your time. Writing is one way of learning how to make extra money. No, you do not need to write a book, an article will work fine.

Several sites for online writing are available. The catch is they want original work, so you are not allowed to write one article and publish it multiple times in multiple places, even if you are the author. You must choose a site. Yes, you are allowed to write different articles and publish on several sites, but it is a good idea to become established on one site, and perhaps later have a backup site should the original choice go down. So, what is the best site to write online and get started? The answer must be made by you, but you must know the facts first.

Why Not Write Online for the Best, and only the Best?

What Is the Best Online Site for Earning Income?

In getting started you should write online for the best site, and concentrate on establishing yourself there.  Afterwards, you might want a limited number of articles on a second site. 


I started on Squidoo.  Then, I added Zujava.  Shortly after I started with Zujava the site lost its Amazon affiliate program.  It lasted a short time thereafter, then all authors were told to save their work before the site went down.  At least we had an honorable person leading it who kept the site going for about a month so we could retrieve our work.


About the same time Squidoo was having its own problems.  Again, we had time to take things down and post the articles elsewhere.  But, instead of just shutting down Squidoo sold itself to Hubpages, and we could allow our articles to automatically be transferred as an option.  I had over three hundred articles, and it seemed easiest to allow a transfer.  I did have to update them over a few months, and some were not worth updating, especially the ones I wrote very early before I developed as a writer f articles. 


I had been reading the forum at Zujava, and the owner was recommending Wizzley.  I looked into Wizzley, and liked what I was seeing, so I joined. 


What Is the Best Site for Making Money Online?

Earning Online Is Not One Site Fits All

Well, I will let you decide after you see how each will help you earn money from home online.  To help you with the decision I will discuss how these sites make money for their writers.  Then I will address some questions you should ask before making a decision.

Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate Marketing Brings in Income

Hubpages has Amazon as an affiliate program.  There are two options for using it.  You can opt to use Hubpages’ Amazon affiliate program, or you are allowed to enter your own Amazon affiliate code.  If you are unable to obtain your own Amazon account, you might opt to take Hubpages up on the option to use their account.  Even of you have your own account you might want to use their account, simply because they have so many sales that the percentage you are given goes up.  But, until you reach $50 in your account you get nothing.   Your own Amazon account will pay at $10.


Wizzley has Amazon opportunities as well, but you will need your own account.  At first your affiliate code is active fifty percent of the time.  As you publish articles this increases to fifty-five, and finally sixty percent.  This is how staying more active with one site can bring you up to a higher level of earning.  The bumps in how often your code is active are at fifty and one hundred articles.


But, with Hubpages Amazon is your main affiliate.  Wizzley offers Viglink and Zazzle.  And Viglink has Ebay as one of the affiliates that it includes.  Hubpages recently eliminated Ebay, a major problem for those writing on collectibles where new products fill the fields as old ones sell.  The same percent of time as with Amazon, the other affiliate programs will be for your account.


This may seem for some of you to favor Hubpages, but read on before coming to a conclusion.  

Earn Money Online from Ads

Ads Are Valuable in Online Earning

Hubpages will place eight ads on your articles.  If you have your own Adsense account you will have one of these ads, the one at the bottom of the page.  If a reader stops half way through, your ad just as well not be there.  There is a small, and I mean small, payment from shared revenue from the other seven ads.


Wizzley allows you to choose between Adsense and Chitiks ads, whichever is best for you.  Again the ads point to your account fifty, fifty-five, or sixty percent of the time, based on the number of articles published.  But, you are not just getting the bottom ad.  Having visible ads is worth more than having an obscure ad point to your account every time someone clicks on the article.

More Traffic Brings Internet Earnings

Make More Money by Being Read More Often

I am doing much better on Wizzley than Hubpages with traffic.  I get some action on just about all of my articles every week, and StumbleUpon gives my articles a very nice boost when I first publish.  I just added an article that is one of my best on Hubpages to StumbleUpon to check if this would happen there, and the answer is it did not.  I am unimpressed with five hits in hours.


Here is where Wizzley is really an excellent choice.  Wizzley has rules, but they are stable, and you can easily read them.  You are allowed one affiliate link per fifty words, and the word count must be at least four hundred per article.  So, if your article is acceptable, even if it is short, you get the ability to place a minimum of eight affiliate links.


Hubpages claims the same, but will remove an article for too many links even if they are few in number.  The rules for Hubpages are like a moving target, and it is not possible to read the rules once and know an article is fine because it follows the rules. 


The real problem with Hubpages is an article can be unfeatured, which means it is not likely to be found, for poor traffic.  Seasonal articles, including holiday articles, are too often unfeatured during the months they are effectively dormant.  Yes, they can be resubmitted, but can go from published and featured to unfeatured, then unpublished when an attempt is made to revive them.  How can an article be fine, then with added words or removal of affiliate links become unworthy of being published.   Wizzley has yet to take any of my articles down for traffic, nor unpublish any article because it was improved.


There are three questions you need to ask.  What are the earning opportunities?  What kind of traffic can an article be expected to get?  And, the one not often asked, but the most important question of all, how much time and effort is this article going to consume?  On Hubpages, trying to update, guessing at what is going to help, then repeating if the article fails, even after it initially reached published status, expends time I can devote to adding more articles to my total.  I like to evaluate time spent per dollar earned, and here I give a resounding vote to Wizzley.   


So, why do I still have material on Hubpages?  It takes time to deindex articles and move them.  And, until my account slowly grows to the $50 threshold for payment I plan to allow it to accrue passive income.


Should you make the same decision?  Well, if you do not have your own Amazon affiliate account, and cannot get one, Hubpages might be more appealing to you.  This was my problem when my state insisted in nexus, which means affiliates were considered to be enough of a presence in the state that Amazon would required to collect taxes.  Now that Amazon collects taxes I am once again an Amazon affiliate.  I believe Maine is still having problems with Amazon, and internationally others can be in similar positions.  As I said, it is an individual thing.   But, looking at just one thing like having higher Amazon payments per sale is not the way to make a decision, you must know how often a sale will be made.  This article is to give you an insight into the real differences.  I hope you find the right fit for you.



This article contains links to affiliate programs from some or all of Amazon, Zazzle, Viglink, and Ebay through Viglink, and Adsense advertising.  These must use cookies to allow for proper crediting.


The introduction image is allowed by an affiliate program.

Updated: 07/11/2017, blackspanielgallery
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Guest on 07/09/2017

Thank you so much for your help!

blackspanielgallery on 07/09/2017

I see you are writing recipes. Zazzle has aprns, trivets, and many other items you could promote. Just allow a lot pf time. your work needs to be found.

blackspanielgallery on 07/09/2017

You can use onl one of Adsense or Chitika here at a time. You choose the kind of ads you want. On settings you must enter your code for each revenue stream you wish to have. You can enter Amazon, Viglink and one of the two ad sources mentioned above. Alposers is no mire, but they are on Viglink. And we use ebay through Viglink. You also can enter a Zazzle affiliate code and sell products from anyone on Zazzle here.

Guest on 07/09/2017

I learned a lot from your wonderful article. I am new to Wizzley and not sure I have Viglinks and Chitika but do not know if they are working! So much to learn when you are new. Thanks for your article!

blackspanielgallery on 07/07/2017

Well, I happened upon squidoo looking for a site from which to write. I tried looking Hubpages over, but was not sure about the strict rules. It seemed ominous. When Squidoo was getting in trouble and changed, it seemed a few people were wielding excessive control;. The rules were changing to suit a select few, and they seemed exempt/. I looked and found an article on zujave, and went to it a year or so before squidoo went away. I noticed the income going away first. I liked Zujave, but they lost Amazon and refused to go to VIglink. So, their income dropped until it had to disappear. The leader recommended wizzley, a site I had not heard of. After Squidoo transferred content to Hubpages I became more convinced I did no belong there. This is a good place to write. I am slowly gaining in the money aspect from Adsense, but affiliate sales are not coming in. I know from experience it takes years to build to a point of actually making money. If only the new writers understood this they might stay around longer.

One thing that works here is it is a hands on site. The owners are active. I recently saw some questionable articles appear from new writers, then go away. They are keeping the quality up, which benefits all of us.

What brought you here? And why do you chose to stay? Probably for similar reasons.

DerdriuMarriner on 07/07/2017

blackspanielgallery, What drew you to Squidoo, Wizzley and Zujava over other writing sites?

blackspanielgallery on 06/30/2017

Yes. It is a place to, as their name implies, stumble upon articles one wishes to read. Of course others must post the articles. As fpr blog posts, they will not accept articles from Blogger. I tried, and got a message they no longer accept material from that source. A few years ago they did. I believe they accept videos in addition to articles.

dustytoes on 06/30/2017

Your explanation that SU is like Pinterest only for articles, is a good one. Makes sense. It's a promotion place for what we've already written elsewhere. Articles at Wizzley, blog posts, etc. Right?

blackspanielgallery on 06/29/2017

I am not talking about more articles, just promoting the ones that are written for wizzley as they are published. I use just about two minutes per article on this.

frankbeswick on 06/29/2017

Thanks. I don't think that I will be adding to Wizzley and Overblog, for I don't want too many outlets, as some outlets get neglected if you add too many,especially if you have other elements in your life, as I have.

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