The Billy Williams Club - A Fun Spelling Game

by bobsimpson

Join the Billy Williams Club. Guess what Billy likes and what Billy does not like and you are in the Club. A game and a fun way to see words in your head.

I wish Gepetto would make me some real boy arms.

The Billy Williams Club
The Billy Williams Club

A spelling Game

Guess what Billy Williams likes and does not like. Discover the secret and you get to be a member of the Billy Williams Club. A fun way to see words in your head. A game to play on rainy days or car trips, but especially on rainy day car trips.

Billy Williams likes swimming pools but he does not like to get wet.
He likes to eat Arrowroot cookies but never crackers at sunset.

Billy Williams likes a good root beer but he does not drink soda pop.
He likes his classroom at his school but does not like his old desk top.

Billy Williams likes to play football and baseball, but does not like to play ice hockey.
He likes to play tennis and volley ball but hates to climb where it’s rocky.

Billy Williams likes to roll and fall but never on a mountain. 
He likes to be running and skipping but never while he’s counting.

Billy Williams likes rubber balls and balloons but he doesn’t like to pop them.
He likes scooters and buggies with wheels but does not know how to stop them.

Billy Williams likes to sneeze and pick his boogers but he does not like to blow his nose.
He likes to battle in school spelling bees but he does not step on toes.

He likes the summer and the fall. He does not like the winter and the spring.
He likes to play the cello and bassoon but he doesn’t like to sing.

Can you guess what words Billy Williams likes yet?
Once you know, you won’t forget.

Read some more and be alert,
Then guess again, it will not hurt.

Billy Williams likes to stroll on down the street. He does not walk on the avenues.
He likes to shuffle through the green grass. He does not like to pitch horseshoes.

Billy Williams likes Queens but he does not like Kings.
He likes bubbles and hoops but he does not like rings.  

Billy Williams likes number three but he does not like four.
He likes number thirteen but he does not like more.

Billy Williams likes goose eggs but he does not like ham.
He likes butter and waffles but not served with jam.

Billy Williams likes to eat dinner but he does not do lunch.
He also likes supper but he never eats at brunch.

Billy Williams likes to wear glasses but he never reads the News.
He likes to wear slippers and boots but does not like to wear shoes.

I think you may have guessed the trick to this good book.
The clues will tell all, wherever you may look.

Congratulations.You are now a winner and official member of The Billy Williams Club.

Mission Fulfilled. 

Final thought:

If you still can not guess the secret to joining the Billy Williams Club, please do not get mad. Billy Williams does not get mad or angry. He likes being happy.

There is no shame in not knowing. You actually may be too smart. E-mail me and I will send you the secret. 

[email protected]




Updated: 11/09/2021, bobsimpson
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