Great Little Bathroom and Bedtime Book review

by bobsimpson

A book recommendation that Oprah may have overlooked. A tome for the throne.

Michael Reisig shows his funny side. A book for all times ,,, well some of the times. A book that you can hold in one hand if the other hand is busy with necessary toiletries. Introspective anecdotes on life, love, truth, faith, friendship, wisdom, women, money, and luck - interwoven with stories that will make you laugh out loud.

Great Little Bathroom and Bedtime Book review
Great Little Bathroom and Bedtime Book review

Great Little Bathroom and Bedtime Book

This book will not save or change your life. The kitchen dishwasher’s automatic soap dispenser will still occasionally not operate and you will have to rewash those dirty dishes. This book will not teach you how to cook rice that is not crunchy.

BUT … Michael Reisig’s Great Little Bathroom and Bedtime Book WILL absolutely entertain you. It is pithy, contemplative, and funny.

This is the book to keep and read in your most tiled room in the house. However, you could make a very unfortunate mistake if the most tiled room in you house is your kitchen.

I am going to let the Table of Contents tease you:

Monkey Chatter
The Christmas Story
Cell Phones
Phone Solicitors And Space People
Every Form Of Refuge
A Big Foot Love Story
To Challenge The Hawk
Pieces Of Colored Paper
The Good And The Bad Of Modern Communication
One Moment In Time
A Bear, A Dog, And A Shotgun
A Child Is Born
Equality And Democracy
Class And Classes
The Unwelcome Guest
Fate, Karma, And Destiny
Living And Dying, And 3-D Glasses
Coyotes, Ranchers, and Pointy-Headed Professors
The Greatest Generation Ever
Fun With The Phone Solicitor
The Amazing American Soldier
Schooner And Silo
If We Could Click Our Heels
Killing Me Softly
Is Anyone Out There?
Facing Death Head On
Mortality And Immortality
The Good Deed Clause

Now, the door is locked. There is a nearby window to open in case the air should turn foul. You have a new 36 family pack of double roll toilet tissue at the ready. There is warm water available for the inevitable wipes that go bad.

Close your eyes and imagine an oceangoing tanker slowly but easily edging its way through the various locks in the Panama Canal. Feel the relief as the rusty brown-sided steamer plops gently into the warm and frothy bowl that is the Pacific Ocean.

No one will be home for hours. So open up Michael Reisig’s Great Little Bathroom and Bedtime Book, begin reading, and let nature takes its course.

You are three pounds lighter and life is good.

Incidentally, you can also read this book in bed, but please, please, please … don’t forget where you are.

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Updated: 10/31/2018, bobsimpson
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AbbyFitz on 02/15/2014

This looks like it would be good!

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